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  1. I think that tower structure is what housed the laser show assembly, which (very new for that time) showed around the park every night, along with the fireworks that were shot from the waterfront. The lasers were very distinctive. Does anyone have ANY footage at all of the shows inside the pavilion, or know where they can be found? There were two separate shows, one where you sat in bleacher-like seats and watched a multi-media presentation on the wall in front of you on a number of separate, hexagonal-shaped screens. Then you left that room and went into another room with a large, four-sided cubic screen in the center, surrounded on all four sides by railings you could lean on (similar to Reflections of China or Impressions de France at EPCOT). There was a movie that played with great (80's era) songs about modern communication, and how we had to guard against losing the human touch in favor of technology. There was also a great interior laser show that accompanied it. I remember being completely rocked by that show every time, and the Fed Ex pavilion was my must-see every time I visited (42 times that summer). Any recordings or video or 8mm home movies of either of those two shows would be appreciated and cherished Barry Wallace barrywallace@yahoo.com Knoxville, TN (on this 37th anniversary of the opening of the 1982 World's Fair)