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  1. Spruce it up with paint - and haul out that trash!

    "Film World and A-V news magazine" May 1964 Film World.pdf
  2. Pratt & Lambert, and REO Pratt Lambert ad June 65.pdf REO truck ad Feb 65.pdf
  3. It turns out that AMPEX made some "portable" video tape recorders (less than 100 pounds) in the years prior to the fair that recorded by helical scan on the 2-inch tape made for the big transverse-scan quadruplex studio recorders. It's possible one of these was used for this video. I am emailing labguy, a collector of extinct video tape machines, to ask for his thoughts.
  4. Spruce it up with paint - and haul out that trash!

    New Jersey Bell magazine, February 1964 New Jersey Bell FEB64.pdf
  5. Spruce it up with paint - and haul out that trash!

    "AMERICA'S ONLY MILLINERY MAGAZINE" "hats" May 1964/One Dollar Cover features the unisphere (without U.S. Steel copyright) and a hat said to reflect the architectural lines of the AMF monorail. I have included the contents page, two pages looking back to the 1939-1940 Fair, and the only other page that refers to a fair (64-65), in a hat for dining at the Top of the Fair. hats magazine.pdf
  6. World's Fair Show and Tell - May 30 - 10 AM Pacific

    It was great! And thanks to everyone for keeping an eye on the space launch so we didn't run over and miss it. Any plans to do it again? I'd sure enjoy it.
  7. World's Fair Show and Tell - May 30 - 10 AM Pacific

    Sounds like great fun. I have two things that should take less than 4 minutes in total. Also something that might take 5 minutes by itself, if we run out of stuff. (Ha! Wanna bet if that will happen?)
  8. Spruce it up with paint - and haul out that trash!

    Do you mean not at all, or just not under their own banner?
  9. Spruce it up with paint - and haul out that trash!

    White Trucks - saving the Fair from dire thirst White Trucks ad.pdf
  10. Spruce it up with paint - and haul out that trash!

    "Only contact lens at the NYWF" - wonder where that was? https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-York-Worlds-Fair-1964-1964-65-Vent-Air-Contact-Lenses-Ad-Eyeglasses-Chamois/202900093428?hash=item2f3dc9b9f4:g:HbYAAOSws25ePan3
  11. The Fair From the Air

    Periscope films just posted "The New York World's Fair From the Air." At 1:30, while the narration is about Japan, you can see the General Cigar smoke ring actually working in the background.
  12. Remembering Tomorrow - a free Zoom presentation

    Oh sure - I bet it really was because you were afraid of being overheard by an ever-present nun.
  13. Free talk tomorrow on Spain Pavilion from NYWF64

    Thanks for the heads-up. Have to make sure I'm up and out of the shower by 8:00 am local!
  14. The Fair From the Air

    It looks suspiciously like they did a restore (at least a neutral balance), but failed to recover anything from the cyan layer, and ended up with a red/green rendition. I have seen a similar effect on a film about the CBS network color studio in 1957. Camera viewfinders, which must have photographed bluish, are reproduced as green, and the performers' colorful costumes are either red or green.


    I'm curious about the uniforms - were they assigned specifically to each person, or was there a wardrobe department with an assortment of sizes that got rotated out? When I worked for the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago (in the same time frame), it was a wardrobe department, and you got a freshly dry-cleaned uniform in your size or close (if I recall correctly, once a week? - but that was in an air-conditioned building). I and one other college student were the two smallest guys, and it got so we could recognize which pair of pants and which jacket we got out of the four or so sets in our size each time. Another question, if you please: what did you do for meals?
  17. Another Photo Connection

    That's marvelous, Ralph! Your blanket photographic coverage has been a great plus to the WF community.
  18. Regarding recording, it occurs to me that RCA had introduced a portable vidicon camera with backpack transmitter at the political conventions in 1952. So, it would not be necessary to lug a recorder around for this program - a "small" relay transmitter would do the trick.
  19. I disagree: it looks like video and not like film at all. Clues: 1) Motion rendition 2) Gray scale / tone rendition 3) Image orthicon dark halos on bright highlights 4) In the GM pavilion, when the camera pans across the underwater safety cages, you see typical live video camera horizontal non-linearity at the extreme left
  20. I don't see any Vidicon smear, even on the GM ride, so I am really wondering what kind of camera it was. The apparent sensitivity and lack of smear would say it's an image orthicon, but even the field models of those were big and power-hungry. GM publicity says 23 guards rode the ride, so I suppose if there were special platforms for them or for wheelchair accomodation, that's how a large TV camera and "small" tape deck could be accomodated. Edit: I think this production should have received some kind of technical award.
  21. Thanks for posting. I'm really scratching my head about how they managed to get video gear into the moving parts of the pavilions in 1964.
  22. Remembering Tomorrow - a free Zoom presentation

    Thanks for doing this - it was super!
  23. A catalog of Goldfarb souvenirs is here: The files had disappeared, but had a copy and up uploaded a text-searchable version today. Unfortunately, the item you seek was not supplied by Goldfarb. I have done a bit of searching, trying to identify the Asian language characters at the lower left, but so far, no luck. Searching for "image of Asian man with long pipe" leads to China. It also leads to Korea, with pictures showing hats similar to the one on the tray. https://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/common/printpreviews.asp?categoryCode=721&newsIdx=256845