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  1. When Ya Gotta Go...

    A unique view, for sure. Thanks so much!
  2. Oh my, Eric, sorry to hear about your troubles. Please do check back in here to update us from time to time. Regarding the photo, not only is it a great shot, but I really appreciate the care you took to make the copyright effective but not destructive of the composition.
  3. A lot to ponder in one photo

    Here's another look at unknown monorail pipes, from one of Bill's new discs. These seem to have a different mechanical connection dangling out the bottom, with an attachment that looks like it's meant to take a through-bolt, plus what looks like a chain and handle to maneuver the whole thing. Put on your thinking hats! Do we know where the cars were kept in the winter? Is it possible these fixtures were used to position the cars away from the station as a precaution against trespassers?
  4. Finally! New CDs available!

    I just browsed through #66 - #68, and I'm looking for that time machine again. So much I didn't have time for when I was there.
  5. Finally! New CDs available!

    Here is the updated index to disks contents, a searchable pdf file to help find which disks have a photo of a desired subject. Bill Cotter photo CDs index OCT 2019 - Discs through number 75 - sorted.pdf
  6. Undeveloped film from 1964

    at 06:28 "Due to the age of the film and the chemicals he was using, he was only able to develop a black and white image." [emphasis added] I take that to mean it was color film.
  7. Finally! New CDs available!

  8. Pratt & Lambert, and REO Pratt Lambert ad June 65.pdf REO truck ad Feb 65.pdf
  9. Spruce it up with paint - and haul out that trash!

    Typographers Association of New York, Inc. Type Face Directory 1964-1965 World's Fair Edition The only apparent connection with the NYWF is that they decided to name this the World's Fair Edition. It consists of 336 pages, plus front and back covers in NYWF orange and blue, with orange Unisphere logo on the front cover. Most of the pages are alphabetical lists of type font examples followed by the members who supply that font and the sizes they supply. The font listings are divided into sections "Linotype and Intertype," "Ludlow,'" "Monotype," and "Handset." There are ads for many of the members plus equipment and material suppliers. Interesting to me, and included in this scan, are the listing of a typemetal remelting service and the association's rules for return of metal from printers. The back cover lists 75 members. An April 20, 1998 New York Times article by Lisa Napoli, headlined "Mourning the End of a Printing Era," tells of the final meeting and dissolution of the association, which had dwindled from a high of 180 to 14, due, of course, to the introduction of computer typography. 1964-1965 Typeface Directory.pdf
  10. Spruce it up with paint - and haul out that trash!

    Foto Finish free tickets punchcard. Free child's ticket with $10 in photofinishing products (or free adult ticket with $20) No printing on the back. Front says "Finished by Foto Finish" and "issued and redeemed by B.P.C. dealers only" I can't identify either of these - anybody have any memories of "Foto Finish" or "B.P.C. dealers"? Foto Finish free NYWF tickets punchcard.pdf
  11. Any photos taken within the Entrance Building?

    See the operations manual drawing, p. 47, that Bill Cotter posted on his site: http://www.worldsfairphotos.com/nywf64/operations-drawings-manual/sheet-47.pdf The front doors were for the restrooms. The sides of the entrance building had multiple doors for offices of Police, Pinkerton, New York Telephone, Allied Maintenance, record storage, R.E.A., and so on. Unlikely to find photos of these areas, I think.
  12. I can't recall seeing this angle before

    With gas torches - learn something new with every picture you post, Bill.
  13. Night comes to the Fair one fine evening in 1964

    I love dusk shots. There's only about 15 minutes where the light is best, so they are rare - even rarer in '64, when few people would have a camera and film capable of capturing this so well.
  14. Facebook Madness

    Makes me want to say "Thank you for your service." I have no plans to get into that fray.
  15. It does look empty. It's possible this was a long exposure that blurred out anything moving - but I'd think that would have blurred the GE roof animation. Three vehicles in the picture and one Brass Rail with roof lights out - maybe shortly after closing time? Also, wasn't the veranda under Bell usually lit brighter than this? Now that I look closer, the nearest stationary vehicle has a blurred one next to it that left headlight trails. 15 mph = 22 ft/s Seems about right exposure length for a night shot.

    Still no reply.
  17. Montreal Then and Now

    Your link works, but their link on their page goes only to an article on the history of the Metro rather than the promised 14 comparisons (?) Edit: Never mind - now seeing the comparisons on the page you linked to.
  18. Get your tickets right here!

    He's one of the things that makes this an amateur shot - prominent person in image paying no attention to the main subject. By the way, I'm curious as to what kind of camera he's got.
  19. Playing a merry tune

    Grant, thanks for joining and bringing all the info.
  20. Get your tickets right here!

    Thanks, Bill. Not the most attractive arrangement, with those ordinary booths not integrated into the architecture. Seems like one of those snapshots we are glad to have, because anyone with an artistic eye would have thrown it away.
  21. Playing a merry tune

    Schulmerich history: http://schulmerichcarillons.com/about/
  22. Playing a merry tune

    Don't know if this look inside the works has been posted here before: http://www.grantbob.com/2007/05/inside-carillon.html I looked up the Grommes-Precision amplifiers shown in the grantbob.com photos and see that they specialize in public address amplifiers and also in lightning protection for PA systems. Of course! Never thought about that aspect before. https://www.grommesprecision.com/index.html