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  1. Facts or confusion? Andrew Kiste book...

    I won't take time with examples of confusing writing (there are plenty), but I did find another factual error. The author says that the Soviet exhibit in Brussels included Sputnik I, which had returned from orbit after three months. Of course, it did no such thing - it had no re-entry capability and burned up. The one displayed was a copy. The author apparently read that Sputnik was displayed, and inflated that fact with his unverified idea that it was the original. I am getting an impression that the author is a poor reader/researcher as well as a poor writer.
  2. I have started reading "Walt Disney and the 1964 1965 New York Worlds Fair - Great Moments, by Andrew Kiste, Theme Park Press, 2019. I am on page 31 of 200 pages and it's driving me crazy due to its dire need of a good editor; but I plan to finish it anyway. It's full of inept phrasing that makes you read twice to check whether you understood it, incorrect word choices, poor punctuation, and just generally raises hell with my editing instincts. In some places it switches from factual statements to apparent dramatization (e.g., regarding Disney's epiphany about amusement parks for the whole family) without properly setting it off. Anyway, one particular claim that I cannot substantiate or refute off the top of my head is that federal housing Title I allowed eminent domain seizure of property for urban renewal WITHOUT compensation to the owners. This sounds like a major error in the text, as I thought eminent domain only allowed seizure with compensation. Can anyone comment on this? If this is an error in the text, I would take it as a red flag that perhaps much else in the book cannot be trusted.
  3. Not as far as anyone knows. Nor did she ever go to Montreal or New York. She never learned to drive and never flew on a plane. She was born in Chicago in 1909 (and lived there until retirement), so maybe the look of the lady in the picture is not so unreasonable age-wise. I don't know if she went to the Century of Progress, but I imagine she did. My dad was eight years younger, and enjoyed the Chicago Fair with his friends at the age of 16. She was a telephone operator, so if any of those ladies is wearing a Bell System pin, that would be a hoot!
  4. Black and white film made by Haskell Pruett documenting his trip to the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago. Title sequence claims "Member of the Amateur Cinema League" and it does show in the quality of his camera work. Preserved by the Oklahoma Historical Society, Pruett's home state.
  5. The new Pontiac is followed by a return trip starting in Michigan - seems like they may have driven to Detroit to buy it.
  6. 64-65 NYWF Video ?

    Yes, I remember that. I believe they explained that they did that in differing locations from time to time just to show their presence. I recall it made people nervous about walking in the (dry) Unisphere pool.
  7. 64-65 NYWF Video ?

    UPDATE: I searched through my stuff and found I have a copy of "Peace Through Understanding." I actually have a signed copy! It is a great compilation of interviews with people who were involved at high levels, plus archival footage, all of which I have not seen elsewhere. It bears no resemblance to the short YouTube video I mentioned above. It was released as a 2-DVD set in 2008, after 14 years of development, by "BBQ Productions." I bought it when first released, during a big WF get-together in Flushing Meadows. It's too bad copies are no longer being produced.
  8. 64-65 NYWF Video ?

    I'd like to make an unsolicited recommendation of TOTHEFAIR's DVDs. Ask for his catalog, consisting of several pages of titles, also including other fairs. I have purchased many and have always been pleased. The videos appear to be collected from as close to original sources as possible. I was not able to find Alan Wasenius's video except for a three-minute promotional piece on YouTube, and was disappointed in that, due to it containing only collected stills and a lot of fake "old film" effects. Presumably the full piece is much better, as TOTHE FAIR described.
  9. Hi Magikbilly, Do you know how to determine which is the emulsion side of Kodachrome? Once you know which side (emulsion or support) needs to be up for your scanner, you can determine the correct orientation without having any reference in the scene. If you hold the slide so that a light reflects directly off the surface, you will see that the support side is smooth, while the emulsion side has a relief pattern that follows the light and dark areas of the image. You can try it with a couple of Kodachromes whose orientation you are sure of, and then this one. Regards, and thanks again for your recent posts - they are gorgeous! Wayne
  10. This reminds me - has anyone ever seen a color shot of the Kodak interior with the panorama of multiple Kodachrome projections? I've only come across monochrome ones. I was reminded of this by proofreading a chapter of an upcoming SMPTE book that will chronicle yearly activities of the SMPE/SMPTE since its inception. Much of it is dry accounts of what committee structures changed, list of reports given at the conventions, etc. However, some of the more interesting tidbits are brief mentions of the field trips during some conventions. The fall 1939 convention (October 16-19) included a trip to the New York World's Fair on Monday evening for successive special presentations at Chrysler's auditorium, and at sustaining members' exhibits: RCA, Kodak, and American Telephone and Telegraph. A paper and accompanying stereoscopic film were presented at Chrysler; television was demonstrated at RCA. Kodak expounded on the eleven special projectors used to produce the panorama of Kodachrome pictures, and the delegates examined the equipment behind the scenes in the projection room. AT&T presented a demonstration of two-channel recording on steel tape. SMPE delegates' conversations on stage were recorded and then their conversations were played back while mannequins replaced them, to illustrate the illusion of sound emanating from the proper locations.
  11. Thanks for these - the color is gorgeous!
  12. Painting Thailand spire April 15, 1965

    This picture reminds me of something I learned about birds in the southwest desert: they have to learn how to perch on cactus without piercing their feet; it is not instinctual. http://tucsonaudubon.org/go-birding/arizonas-audacious-state-bird-the-cactus-wren/
  13. Press photo showing painter in bosun's chair at end of big crane, painting the spire of the Thailand Pavilion in preparation for the 1965 re-opening. Painting Thailand Spire 15APR65.pdf
  14. Painting Thailand spire April 15, 1965

    Nice. I wonder who took the color shots.
  15. The lady on the left could be a doppelganger for my aunt, though she wasn't as old in '71.
  16. Remember the Maine!

    image not showing
  17. Not much for Macy's, huh?

    This book notes that they were used as storage for Dynamic Maturity in the second season: https://books.google.com/books?id=NDobrjsrSXAC&pg=RA1-PA33&lpg=RA1-PA33&dq=allstate+properties+leisurama+homes+fort+lauderdale+fl&source=bl&ots=SfUVk_KtPz&sig=ACfU3U0LnNZZ9njFiFbYBfNppBj8vGsEFg&hl=en&ppis=_e&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwir7oH9ibbnAhVJHjQIHQtxCIQQ6AEwAXoECAsQAQ#v=onepage&q=allstate properties leisurama homes fort lauderdale fl&f=false Did you find this thread?:
  18. Pictures of the Day

    Bill says they were links to Randy's geocities.com account. Try messaging Randy.
  19. Pictures of the Day

    The files may have been misplaced in a long-ago server change. I'm sending a note to Bill Cotter to ask if he can determine their status.
  20. The 1915 Los Angeles Extravaganza

  21. Cathay Arts Co brochure

    From the Cathay Arts Co. store in the Hong Kong pavilion The center spread is shown two ways: top and bottom flaps folded in, and unfolded. Cathay Art Co brochure complete.pdf
  22. Cavalcade of Custom Cars

    Unfortunately Kevin's links are to the old PTU site, so no longer work. Here's the complete booklet from the Cavalcade of Custom Cars. Much of the content is on NYWF64.com, but not in full page layout. Cavalcade of Custom Cars.pdf