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  1. Esther (Judy Garland) sings "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" to "Tootie" (Margaret O'Brien), in "Meet Me in St. Louis," on a restored 1957 color TV that probably was still in use during the 1964-65 Fair. Images received through the rabbit ears antenna you see, using a digital/analog converter box, on December 11, 2019. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!
  2. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

    Most of the small signal tubes are available used or NOS (new old stock) for reasonable prices, although some of the power tubes for the sweep circuits are prized by audiophiles for tube amps, and the prices are elevated. Picture tubes are really hard to come by, as no one is rebuilding them any more. This set had its picture tube replaced once in its former life; that second one developed a leak and could not be rebuilt successfully. It was one of the last rebuilds at the last place in the U.S., Scotty's Hawkeye CRT in Des Moines IA. The current tube is a good rebuild, GE branded, though it may have actually been made by RCA. The original labels would have had a manufacturer's code. Rebuilding is a high temperature process, and all the original labels got destroyed, because no one thought preserving them would have any value. The Early Television Foundation (ETF) in Hilliard, Ohio has collected some rebuilding equipment, and are hoping to get the process going again in a couple of years. One fellow in particular studied the process at the last rebuilder in France, and has successfully rebuilt some monochrome tubes. He has set up an "ETF extension" in his garage out east, and efforts should ramp up in two years when he is out of the Navy. We now have leak-testing gear and the leak in my old tube has been identified. I've volunteered that old tube as the first color tube to be attempted.
  3. A Kodak "mystery" solved

    Wow! It's nice to see some shots from someone who is interested in the tech and understands how to document it, as well as the much greater number of snapshots that accidentally show us something. I would love to know what lighting technology they used to reach sunlight levels, but, guessing from the sign to push a button, I suppose it was simply high wattage incandescent with blue filters for daylight color balance. Bill, where did you get these? Do you know if they're from someone you would expect to have some interest in documenting details like this? I would have loved to do things like this when I was there, but I couldn't afford the amount of film needed, so ended up concentrating on my favorite, the RCA exhibit. Oh, to go back with a digital camera! How is the time machine progressing?
  4. And to get their attention to the availability of tours instead of making the assumption that all the flights went somewhere else.
  5. Futurama 64/65 Inspired?

    They never mentioned the road-kill commissary.
  6. Trylon & Perisphere Gravesite

    I can't find any reference to his involvement with the fair, but maybe a deep dive into committee rosters would reveal him. There was a Temple of Religion, so you might expect his tombstone to be modeled on that if he were involved.
  7. Trylon & Perisphere Gravesite

    Too lazy to seek out his family and ask.
  8. New York State Pavilion upper tower, 226 feet.
  9. Anyway, it was a beautiful pavilion. Too bad it was closed in 1965, when I visited.
  10. I assumed the title meant the pictures were made of feathers, but if I google feather painting I find how to apply paint with feathers. Which is it? This video shows the incorporation of both feathers for texture and paint for color.
  11. if you navigate around the corner, the sign on it says Madison York Assisted Living, 113-14 Corona Ave.
  12. This may be my favorite view of the Pepsi pavilion

    The only thing missing here is the sound. How many people in this scene had "that song" circling in their head in competition with the P. A. music? P.S.: three luminaires I can't remember what color of socks I wore at that age, nor what color at age 21, when I visited the fair. But I do remember the high-water pants. I think boy's pants that draped onto the shoes would have been regarded like wearing your belt below your rear might be today, or at least an embarrasment because your mother bought your pants with excess length for you to grow into.
  13. This may be my favorite view of the Pepsi pavilion

    Gorgeous! (lousy composition artistically, but a NYWF treasure)
  14. High above the Fair!

    Always like aerial views.
  15. The display on the left looks like a cartoon Eskimo pouring chocolate over an ice cream bar (?) Also note the trash can turned to the interior.
  16. Couldn't find a footprint, but here's a visitor's-eye view:
  17. Fun Kodak photos

    Bill! Is the first picture in this thread (workers installing a Kodak picture) on one of your CDs? I'd really like to see a full-size scan, not only for that, but for the details of the exhibits below.
  18. Hi Bill, What size is the negative? It's impressive how much of the Perisphere is included from an apparently close vantage point.
  19. Normandie Bow Photo

    Just watched a documentary on YouTube aobut the Normandie and Queen Mary. The catwalk seems to be there in a short clip (at 39:11) during a segment about refitting the propellers in 1937, but there is no indication whether the clip actually is from that date. The film also mentions that the bow was a revolutionary design for speed, whereas the Queen Mary's bow was an older style.
  20. Some fun items online

    Bill, Have you found a way to save or copy an image at actual original size? It seems to save or copy the size you have zoomed to.
  21. WQXR Radio-June 10, 1965 Program on Fair

    I was trying to piece together what I heard in her accent. Texas is definitely part of it (partially reminds me of Lady Bird Johnson), but there seem to be other influences too, maybe bits of the "mid-Atlantic" accent that was taught in elite New York circles and to 1940s movie actors.
  22. WQXR Radio-June 10, 1965 Program on Fair

    Sounds more like "see it while it's still here" sort of hype to me.