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  1. A very rare souvenir!

    It sure looks beat up - I wonder where it's been all these years. Maybe a candidate for a Smithsonian-type restoration (using authentic materials, but not restoring the function) as opposed to a TV/technology collector, who would typically like to restore it to operation. One went for $21,433.67 in January 2013 http://www.classicrotaryphones.com/forum/index.php?topic=8649.0
  2. https://montrealgazette.com/opinion/columnists/brownstein-is-montreal-ready-for-an-expo-30 Jim, just a hint - you can copy a web address in your browser's address bar and paste into your post: On a PC, put your cursor in the address bar and type CTL-A to select all of it, then CTL-C to copy; Then put your cursor in your post window on this site and type CTL-V to paste the address. This solves the whole problem of typing errors.
  3. Sitting Behind the Wheel

    What a precious pic! I forgot how clever kiddie-ride makers were to put in two steering wheels so there would be no tantrums over who got to "drive."
  4. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/attractions/epcot/o-canada/
  5. GM Parade of Progress Plus

    The special vehicles were "Futurliners." Was that your question, or something else?
  6. Anyone experiencing performance issues?

    FYI, Bill, page loads have been really slow for me in the past few days, sometimes failing due to taking too long.
  7. Hi, I'm New

    Welcome! Also, don't miss: http://nywf64.com/ http://www.worldsfairphotos.com/
  8. Can you locate the spot on Google Earth? Streetview shows quite a lot of the Expo area - so wondering if the plaza still exists and can be viewed.
  9. Super! All these years sitting essentially unprotected and never got broken!
  10. Dumont Duoscopic 1954 Split Screen TV

    I wouldn't call this "past prototype." Anyway, it must have had an extra deep cabinet, to accommodate the recessed picture tube. The idea of "we'll try anything once" didn't really blossom until the Japanese got into the business and used their "hired for life" engineering staff to take lots of oddities to finished design even when it was obvious there would be no significant sales. For example, there is the "trinescope" color set shown by Mitsubishi at the NYWF, a technique using three primary color picture tubes and mirrors, that had been used by RCA to show color pictures in the late 40s / early 50's while they were still figuring out how to make single-unit color picture tubes. Its only advantage in 1964 was that the small picture was bright enough to be seen clearly when the set was used outdoors. Its bulk and weight was totally out of proportion for a set with such a small picture, and like the DuMont Duoscopic, you had to look into a tunnel to watch it. http://www.earlytelevision.org/mitsubishi_trinitron.html
  11. Anyone experiencing performance issues?

    just now it took about 5 seconds for the initial logon and subsequent pages are under a second.
  12. Anyone experiencing performance issues?

    Seems to be responding speedily during the last 10 minutes i've been surfing.
  13. Dumont Duoscopic 1954 Split Screen TV

    Not picture in picure, but two complete sets in one cabinet. The two images have cross polarized filters and are then combined by a half-silvered mirror. They are separated again by polarized filters, either large ones on stands as shown, or by wearing polarized glasses. But you are right about it being a nutty idea! Might as well have two separateTVs, period. http://www.earlytelevision.org/dumont_duoscopic.html The other impracticality was that the two picture tubes were behind the combining mirror, so both viewers had to be close to the center line to see into the "picture cave." They should have shown them cuddling together on a sofa while ignoring each other.
  14. Anyone experiencing performance issues?

    This afternoon most page loads are fast, but occasionally one grinds for 10 seconds or so.
  15. Anyone experiencing performance issues?

    The initial page does not seem especially slow compared to other pages, but all page loading has been slow for the past several months compared to previously.