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  1. Aerial view of Ford

    If only there was a readable sign. But the more I think about the roof, the more I think it was hospitality, because I picture a concessionaire doing something flashy like that along with corporate signage to put their name in front of the press. It also makes sense to me that the Fair corporation may have realized late in the game that they needed free food to keep the press happier to be there for extended periods. When I and some colleagues once got a behind the scenes tour of the ball parks in Chicago (because a fellow Zenith employee moonlighted as coordinator for internal team videos), we enjoyed the free lunch in the press box.
  2. Aerial view of Ford

    The operations manual shows TV connection pad #27 (of 30 throughout the fairgrounds) at that location. Could this have been constructed as a place for filming/televising/interviewing arriving dignitaries? Another thought: could it be a food concession for the press? Edit: that is, hospitality, as Irishcooper said in the second post.

    I sent an email to Bill Young to ask if the CD could be revived. Haven't heard back yet.
  4. Touring the American Interiors Pavilion

    Busy bold patterns were in - at least it's not the boomerang/amoeba pattern that was so popular mid-century.
  5. Got some time to kill?

    I was 21, but likewise do not remember the waits, even though I must have been in them. I wonder if GE was using the now common trick of posting wait times longer than actual along the queue, so that everyone felt they were making better than usual time?
  6. Inside the Florida display area.

    Caught the color TV - turned off. I suspect most pavilions that were coerced into having one kept it off as an undesirable distraction.
  7. Everyone ready for a ride on the IBM People Wall?

    Great wide angle perspective shot.
  8. Passing by the Astral Fountain. August 1964

    I agree. Most shots get the stars in dark silhouette.
  9. Spruce it up with paint - and haul out that trash!

    I thought it might be natural gas too, but the bag says "Stop at any of the convenient Bay State or Interstate Stations and Register!"
  10. Spruce it up with paint - and haul out that trash!

    Bay State Gas litter bag advertising their sweepstakes - 3-day weekend trips to the World's Fair for 180 families of 4. I guess it's OK that it's expired, because my car doesn't have door/window knobs to hang this on anyway. Bay State Gas sweepstakes litter bag.pdf
  11. A May 1965 view of a kitchen display

    Thanks, Randy
  12. Been busy!

    The last photo on the Festival of Gas page looks like it might be Kodak also? https://www.worldsfairphotos.com/nywf64/gas.htm I just checked the CD, and the CD definitely is a different shot, of the Gas exterior.
  13. A May 1965 view of a kitchen display

    Apparently there were two other model kitchens, Whitehall Cabinets and Yorketowne Kitchens, and both companies contributed to the Appliance Garden as well. Now the quest becomes finding pictures of the other kitchens.
  14. Do you know what a geocache is? If not, go to geocaching.com to find out. There are multiple geocaches to be found on Ile Ste. Helene, and hundreds in Montreal.