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  1. New York State Pavilion upper tower, 226 feet.
  2. Anyway, it was a beautiful pavilion. Too bad it was closed in 1965, when I visited.
  3. I assumed the title meant the pictures were made of feathers, but if I google feather painting I find how to apply paint with feathers. Which is it? This video shows the incorporation of both feathers for texture and paint for color.
  4. if you navigate around the corner, the sign on it says Madison York Assisted Living, 113-14 Corona Ave.
  5. This may be my favorite view of the Pepsi pavilion

    The only thing missing here is the sound. How many people in this scene had "that song" circling in their head in competition with the P. A. music? P.S.: three luminaires I can't remember what color of socks I wore at that age, nor what color at age 21, when I visited the fair. But I do remember the high-water pants. I think boy's pants that draped onto the shoes would have been regarded like wearing your belt below your rear might be today, or at least an embarrasment because your mother bought your pants with excess length for you to grow into.
  6. This may be my favorite view of the Pepsi pavilion

    Gorgeous! (lousy composition artistically, but a NYWF treasure)
  7. High above the Fair!

    Always like aerial views.
  8. The display on the left looks like a cartoon Eskimo pouring chocolate over an ice cream bar (?) Also note the trash can turned to the interior.
  9. Couldn't find a footprint, but here's a visitor's-eye view:
  10. Fun Kodak photos

    Bill! Is the first picture in this thread (workers installing a Kodak picture) on one of your CDs? I'd really like to see a full-size scan, not only for that, but for the details of the exhibits below.
  11. Hi Bill, What size is the negative? It's impressive how much of the Perisphere is included from an apparently close vantage point.
  12. Normandie Bow Photo

    Just watched a documentary on YouTube aobut the Normandie and Queen Mary. The catwalk seems to be there in a short clip (at 39:11) during a segment about refitting the propellers in 1937, but there is no indication whether the clip actually is from that date. The film also mentions that the bow was a revolutionary design for speed, whereas the Queen Mary's bow was an older style.
  13. Some fun items online

    Bill, Have you found a way to save or copy an image at actual original size? It seems to save or copy the size you have zoomed to.