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  1. WQXR Radio-June 10, 1965 Program on Fair

    I was trying to piece together what I heard in her accent. Texas is definitely part of it (partially reminds me of Lady Bird Johnson), but there seem to be other influences too, maybe bits of the "mid-Atlantic" accent that was taught in elite New York circles and to 1940s movie actors.
  2. WQXR Radio-June 10, 1965 Program on Fair

    Sounds more like "see it while it's still here" sort of hype to me.
  3. 1939 Kodak color trifold featuring the New York World's Fair, "Just how do you make Color Pictures?" 1939 - Kodachrome has been out for over a year. 8-exposure roll $1.35 including processing, $0.17 each; (in 2019 dollars, $24.94, $3.12 each) 18-exposure roll $2.50 inlcuding processing $0.14 each; (in 2019 dollars, $46.18, $2.57 each) Kodak cameras capable of using Kodachrome: $14 to $120 ($258.61 to $2,216.62 in 2019 dollars) Kodak 1939 trifold How Make Color Pics.pdf
  4. WQXR Radio-June 10, 1965 Program on Fair

    I searched for a bio of Duncan MacDonald but was unsuccessful. If they were near IBM as described, the bells probably were the Coca Cola Carillon.
  5. Happy 80th Folks!

    Wow, what a great keepsake!
  6. A -very- quiet day in 1974!

    Well, the photogapher was there!
  7. Fun with itsy bitsy pictures

    Not bad!
  8. Excellent 1939 Link!

    Any possibiity BU has scanned a digital copy in the ensuing years? If we lived near each other I would offer to scan it, but I will not suggest you ship your only copy.
  9. The Pentagon

    https://books.google.com/books?id=5H-cfwop-jgC&pg=PA168&lpg=PA168&dq=SKF+Robot+%22World%27s+Fair%22&source=bl&ots=A-Lwg9Ld6A&sig=ACfU3U3gHYFLQNxx_BflpxtVZ7Difkctug&hl=en&ppis=_e&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi4rcz9hcDlAhWQtZ4KHU_dDTEQ6AEwEHoECAkQAQ#v=onepage&q=SKF%20Robot%20%22World's%20Fair%22&f=false I have to say, a lot of the text there seems like word salad to me, making some strained connections and mostly just spouting off.
  10. Worlds Fair House

    Thanks for posting that. The updates/decor look really great to me, even though it's no longer a time capsule like you might want to see.
  11. The Buchanan especially appears to be a building that was old enough to be partially buried when the street was filled in. The location must be somewhere south of the Space Needle, but it could be in a wide range from SE to SW. Many of the possible locations have been built up, or don't have overhead electric wires at present; or have a steeper slope, etc. I guess there's a good chance these buildings no longer exist.
  12. Excellent 1939 Link!

    For the fun of it, I have been trying to locate the viewpoint for "The Trylon and Perisphere seen in the distance from Manhattan. (Photo by © Photo Collection Alexander Alland, Sr./CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images)" My best guess is that the rock in the river is Belmont Island, and everything else you see on the riverbanks was demolished since.
  13. When Ya Gotta Go...

    A unique view, for sure. Thanks so much!
  14. Oh my, Eric, sorry to hear about your troubles. Please do check back in here to update us from time to time. Regarding the photo, not only is it a great shot, but I really appreciate the care you took to make the copyright effective but not destructive of the composition.