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  1. Thanks again for the great posts! Regarding "Fair Is Fair" I'm so glad they played it as an instrumental. The lyrics were so awful IMO that I have wondered if the fair stiffed Richard Rodgers and he did a bad job to spite them. Another thing we have discussed somewhere is the amazing acoustic engineering RCA did on the sound system to get even coverage between luminaires. Even coverage between luminaires essentially requires a time delay between the multiple speakers on each pole to beam the sound more towards the space between them instead of evenly in all vertical angles. It would have been difficult to get this with analog "door spring" delays and multiple amplifiers, and of course no digital sound processing was available. Their researchers came up with an equivalent effect by mounting 16 mid-range / tweeter speakers on a cone-shaped baffle on each pole, with a single woofer at the top. By using sixteen mid/high speakers in a four by four series/parallel connection, the load was equivalent to a single mid/high range driver, and they could use an existing RCA commercial crossover network in each luminaire.
  2. Thanks for posting - great combination of documentation and artistic composition.
  3. Oh my, you now have me wondering if there are any recordings of sound and music from the 39/40 fair, other than the "make your own record" type.
  4. don't.. have...time... must... not... click... again...
  5. Would you look at those women wearing shorts! But, they are carrying purses. [35mm Kodachrome processed July 64, cropped]
  6. Bill, if you had to have only one shot of yourself, this is it. Thumbs up!
  7. Bill, it's too late to invent the wireless telephone!
  8. Despite the title "Post-Fair", this booklet is actually an optimistic presentation of plans for what would be done with the fairgrounds and remaining structures, issued during the second year, on July 23, 1965. I have seen excerpts posted, but here is the whole thing. Post-Fair Engineering Report small.pdf
  9. Thanks - this is gonna be great!
  10. Ralph, these are all great! Thanks again!
  11. Remember, there were no frequent flyer programs. I do recall National giving Green Stamps, so I think there is no obvious connection between S&H and the booklet in general.
  12. I think only National Car Rental mentions Green Stamps. Checking again...
  13. Red Carpet Bonus Book of coupons for attractions across the US and even Puerto Rico. Front cover features the Kodak pavilion. World's Fair and New York attractions start halfway through with a Free Kodak Photofile when you present the coupon at the Kodak pavilion and have your camera with you. Inside rear cover features "Take your camera where the fun is!" with a drawing of a woman using a Kodak Instamatic. This has me curious: How many coupon book companies were there in 1965? Was Red Carpet a (or the) major one? How much did companies pay to be in the book? (And how much did Kodak pay for special placement? How much did a coupon book cost? Were they distributed free to customers of some businesses (to travel agency customers, for example)? How many books were distributed? How many coupons got redeemed? I doubt any family used these coupons in all the locations included, during the time limits of April 15 to December 31, 1965. Anyone here with some knowledge of the business? Red Carpet Bonus Book.pdf
  14. Happy Easter!
  15. In this case, "custom" is just hype. RCA, on the other hand, did sell at one time sell a chassis with front panel only that could be built into a wall. Here's an ad from 1960. RCA built-in TV 1960 001.pdf If you wanted more custom than that, you could build a Heathkit: http://www.radiomuseum.org/r/heath_ntsc_color_tv_gr_53a.html