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  1. The sign for the American Express Money Tree

    An example of a shot that's much more likely these days when "bits are free." In the film days, you would have to be either deliberate or careless to spend a frame of film on recording a sign.
  2. Another cover to review

    For those who work hard correcting the color in the old slides
  3. Another cover to review

    Still the best IMO
  4. Another cover to review

    Now that I see magikbilly's cover, I like it best. The geometric forms with tiny people looks mysteriously intriguing (what is the purpose of these structures?), bringing the question of the nature of tomorrow to mind: utopian or dystopian?
  5. The (non) saga of Maryland

    Great Fair tie-in!
  6. Another cover to review

    I like it. What do you think of adding a white glow around the title block (as if the title block were hiding the sun)? The clouds are a bit too blotchy to really frame it, to my eye.
  7. A favorite shot from the Fair

    Is that a scale that prints out your weight? The printouts could have had some world's fair artwork.
  8. Someone sure had a good parking spot!

    A couple of comments: 1) I might have tried something like this myself at the time, having neither a very wide angle lens nor a way to make good panoramas. 2) This looks like a fun shot to try getting Photoshop to fill in the missing parts of the rotated level shot; easy for the sky, and at least interesting to see what it would make up for the lower left.
  9. A favorite shot from the Fair

    Re-restore again? Is that three restorations or four? Wonderful result!
  10. Seattle World's Fair illustration

    Going a bit off topic, but discussion of phone books leads to the history of R. R. Donnelley & Sons, printing giant that did phone books as well as Sears catalogs and Time and Life magazines https://www.encyclopedia.com/social-sciences-and-law/economics-business-and-labor/businesses-and-occupations/rr-donnelley-sons-company
  11. Good photo. Ugly attraction.

    Some more info on the Riverview Pair-O-Chutes: http://www.riverviewparkchicago.com/generic7.html Built in 1936 based on an existing observation tower, but according to plans for the military training model; first civilian use.
  12. Which cover do you like best?

    The Theme Center may be a cliche, but line up all three across the room and which one gets your attention? C it must be, unless Eric has something up his sleeve.
  13. It's time once again to play "Name That Tune!"

    Here's some former discussion of "Fair is Fair"
  14. A VERY different angle on the Fair

    This says placement was done by a crane, so I imagine the photos may have been from the crane rather than a drone, and that's also how they got up there. It also appears there are slack safety straps hanging behind them in the shot from a somewhat greater distance. http://ktla.com/2016/09/03/workers-place-spire-take-picture-atop-wilshire-grand-as-tower-becomes-tallest-on-the-west-coast/ Here's a shot with the crane: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/wilshire-grand-tower-in-los-angeles-becomes-tallest-building-west-of-mississippi-river/ https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-20857747-stock-footage-los-angeles-ca-usa-september-construction-worker-secures-the-final-part-of-the-spire-on.html?src=rel/8552419:0/gg
  15. A VERY different angle on the Fair

    "There’s already the prop wash and chest vibrating noise of a helicopter in their faces!" Of course, this was a drone shot. Tower inspections by drone are reducing the need for risky tower climbs, but construction is still a hands-on activity.