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  1. A reference to Moses?

    Today's Non-Sequitur cartoon - a parks commissioner with too much authority
  2. Tokyu in Japan booklet

    Tokyu in Japan booklet claimed by seller to be from the NYWF, although there is no Fair mention in it. If anyone can verify or disprove, please do. Tokyu in Japan.pdf
  3. Maybe just a general compositional sensibility - usually, an odd number of elements is most pleasing, and three is the strongest odd-number arrangement, being so obvious as to be perceived instinctively. It cannot be confused with a close even number, as, for an extreme example, eleven vs. twelve. The "rules" of odd numbers and groups of three are often taught in photography courses.
  4. Very true, and when you do look at it in terms of orbital mechanics, it just verifies this and that the architect did not follow any particular actual orbits.
  5. Let's head upstairs!

    What are the things that look like aluminum stewpots in the Value Avenue picture?
  6. Hoping someone can help me with this picture!

    I sent a message to Bill Cotter to see if he can help. New members may be restricted at first to weed out bots. Welcome to the forum - we really are friendly here.
  7. Telstar 1 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telstar_1 Perigee 952 kilometres (592 mi) Apogee 5,933 kilometres (3,687 mi) Inclination 44.8° Extremely eliiptical compared to Unispher rings Yuri Gagarin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vostok_1 Perigee 169 km (91 nmi) Apogee 327 km (177 nmi) Inclination 64.95 degrees Closer and more elliptical than the Unisphere rings John Glenn: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercury-Atlas_6 Perigee 149 kilometers (80 nautical miles) Apogee 248 kilometers (134 nautical miles) Inclination 32.5 degrees Closer and more elliptical than the Unisphere rings It would be interesting to find out if any of the inclinations match or not, but the major similarity to the actual three orbits is only that there are three rings.
  8. To correlate the rings with particular satellites, you have to ignore whether they are over a launch or landing point. None of the conjectured objects were geosynchronous, so the only identifying characteristics are the min and max altitude (perigee and apogee) and the tilt of the orbital plane.
  9. Turning back the clock - Part 1

    Don't you mean all those EARS at Disney?
  10. Some views of the Chrysler Turbine Car

    My experience working at the science museum and various trade shows makes me critical of what I see. This picture illustrates a situation that is very poor operationally: The display is open on 3 (or probably 4) sides, so should have two representatives on duty to keep an eye out in all directions; one should stand while another sits outside the ropes on a stool to interact with the public. Makes me wonder if this is lunch time and this guy is just watching the car while those who know what they're doing are at lunch. There should be at least three persons rotating into the two slots at 15 minute intervals - the employees could then legitimately be chastised for leaning on the car (standing in one place for an extended time is torture). Whoever is #3 wanders nearby, or with notice to the others, takes a bathroom break (or probably a smoking break in those days). There should be signage on the engines saying something about them, and a sign directing people to get more info (like a brochure) at an info booth. (Maybe there's info on the outside of the sign panel, but from this side there's nothing). So there's my very, very late Monday morning quarterbacking. Anyone from Chrysler reading this, feel free to place a note in the World's Fair file. P.S. It just struck me that Bill Cotter might offer some comments on how Disney might have handled this.
  11. Turning back the clock - Part 1

    Great job as usual, Bill. Makes me curious about your setup - do you use a pen/tablet for cleanup work?
  12. It's time once again to play "Name That Tune!"

    I see I identified it back in December, but the page didn't get updated.
  13. It's time once again to play "Name That Tune!"

    Found another title, for a melody that I knew but could not name: Tape 2, Hour 1, Track 19: Bluebells of Scotland. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sfCSEYm4ro
  14. Another WF Flea Market Find

    Ten pics from ebay cached here: https://picclick.ca/1964-Worlds-Fair-New-York-Unisphere-Model-Award-153008636039.html Wow - without any indication of continents, I never would have guessed.