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  1. Very nice - thanks
  2. Claimed to be an employee's hat from the fair. What exhibit or employer? http://www.ebay.com/itm/382134699056?ul_noapp=true
  3. Thanks for posting the link. I had points sitting on my Amazon card, and ordered it. It arrived today, and I just finished listening to CD 1 (Carousel of Progress). I closed my eyes and imagined being back there! Warning: I think this will be boring for anyone who's not a nostalgic fair fan. Will be working my way through the other four CDs.
  4. Thanks, Ralph!
  5. The slide arrived today. Kodachrome processed by Kodak JUL 65.
  6. On the slide with the washed out TV screen, could you see what was playing if you didn't brighten it? Just curious if it's something identifiable from the RCA pavilion.
  7. Bethlehem Steel NYWF preview add - the same artwork in a different order was used in an ad published during the fair. Also, a Bethlehem Steel ad for hollow structural sections, used in the construction of the International Plaza carillon. Bethlehem Steel NYWF Preview ad.pdf Bethlehem Steel International Carillon.pdf
  8. Thanks - there was a bit of a dilemma over how much dirt to remove from the Brass Rail bubbles. On close inspection, the fountains looked like they were ejecting lumps of coal.
  9. Here's a 35mm Kodachrome slide developed in October 1965 at Colorfax Laboratories, which was a large photofinishing firm in the Washington, DC area. (After a lot of dirt removal in Photoshop)
  10. It looks like "Special Service" to me, as the original poster wrote.
  11. And I thought it was buried in Forest Park in St. Louis along with the central spindle of the Ferris wheel!
  12. I want to report that I bought this DVD from Fred, and have just finished watching it. It is all great stuff, the only sad thing is that it now really makes me wish I had gone to EXPO 67 myself! For those who did go, I bet it will bring back great memories as well as show you some related things you haven't seen before.
  13. Here's a slide processed JUL 65 with some pictures of some kind on display boards in front. Apparently for people in line? I don't think I've seen these before. I'm bidding on this and as usual will share a high-res scan if I get it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/382114083697?ul_noapp=true&autorefresh=true
  14. How much of the Thailand pavilion was newly constructed, and how much, if any, was saved from fair to fair and reassembled? Belgium, although a repeat fair exhibitor, apparently was constructed completely new - note the opening delay.