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  1. Facebook Madness

    Makes me want to say "Thank you for your service." I have no plans to get into that fray.
  2. It does look empty. It's possible this was a long exposure that blurred out anything moving - but I'd think that would have blurred the GE roof animation. Three vehicles in the picture and one Brass Rail with roof lights out - maybe shortly after closing time? Also, wasn't the veranda under Bell usually lit brighter than this? Now that I look closer, the nearest stationary vehicle has a blurred one next to it that left headlight trails. 15 mph = 22 ft/s Seems about right exposure length for a night shot.

    Still no reply.
  4. Montreal Then and Now

    Your link works, but their link on their page goes only to an article on the history of the Metro rather than the promised 14 comparisons (?) Edit: Never mind - now seeing the comparisons on the page you linked to.
  5. Get your tickets right here!

    He's one of the things that makes this an amateur shot - prominent person in image paying no attention to the main subject. By the way, I'm curious as to what kind of camera he's got.
  6. Playing a merry tune

    Grant, thanks for joining and bringing all the info.
  7. Get your tickets right here!

    Thanks, Bill. Not the most attractive arrangement, with those ordinary booths not integrated into the architecture. Seems like one of those snapshots we are glad to have, because anyone with an artistic eye would have thrown it away.
  8. Playing a merry tune

    Schulmerich history: http://schulmerichcarillons.com/about/
  9. Playing a merry tune

    Don't know if this look inside the works has been posted here before: http://www.grantbob.com/2007/05/inside-carillon.html I looked up the Grommes-Precision amplifiers shown in the grantbob.com photos and see that they specialize in public address amplifiers and also in lightning protection for PA systems. Of course! Never thought about that aspect before. https://www.grommesprecision.com/index.html
  10. Playing a merry tune

    Really arranged so an organist can play it - even has expression pedals.
  11. What pavilion? Johnny Carson show

    Bumping up this topic to see if anyone gets a new inspiration. The crossed line structure always reminds me of the Christian Science skylights, but the only thing I know of documented to be there is an abstract tree sculpture in the main unit, and from the photos I've seen it may have been too low to be visible from outside. Criss-cross bars, round "plates" and external foliage... still not ID'd.
  12. Aerial view of Ford

    Would the stripes be visible from the ground?
  13. Aerial view of Ford

    If only there was a readable sign. But the more I think about the roof, the more I think it was hospitality, because I picture a concessionaire doing something flashy like that along with corporate signage to put their name in front of the press. It also makes sense to me that the Fair corporation may have realized late in the game that they needed free food to keep the press happier to be there for extended periods. When I and some colleagues once got a behind the scenes tour of the ball parks in Chicago (because a fellow Zenith employee moonlighted as coordinator for internal team videos), we enjoyed the free lunch in the press box.
  14. Aerial view of Ford

    The operations manual shows TV connection pad #27 (of 30 throughout the fairgrounds) at that location. Could this have been constructed as a place for filming/televising/interviewing arriving dignitaries? Another thought: could it be a food concession for the press? Edit: that is, hospitality, as Irishcooper said in the second post.

    I sent an email to Bill Young to ask if the CD could be revived. Haven't heard back yet.