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  1. What cafe?

  2. What cafe?

    One of a set of slides currently on ebay. Anybody recognise this cafe?
  3. Lighting at the Fair

    Shown in what offices?
  4. Lighting at the Fair

    I recently acquired two comprehensive booklets on the lighting for the Fair, and will also repost here an article that has been posted before (in other places) by myself and Bill cotter, to have everything in one location. Light Magazine v33 no3 1964 was published by the Large Lamp Department of GE. It contains an amazing lot of details of lighting of pavilions, signs, the Unisphere, walkways, etc. Most striking is the number of interior shots of pavilions that I have not seen before. The Magic That Is Light at the New York World's Fair also was published by GE Large Lamp Department, and is a very fancy piece with translucent pages that overlay the pavilion/feature pages. The translucent page has text about the lighting and colored dots that overlay the location on the pavilion/feature showing where each type was used. I have scanned each such page twice, with and without the overlay, so it can be viewed as you would turning the pages. The Electrical Construction and Maintenance article "Lighting at the Fair," by Berton C. Cooper, is the one that has been posted before, and also contains a great deal of detail. Light Magazine v33 no3 1964.pdf Electrical Construction and Maintenance.pdf The Magic That Is Light.pdf p.s. - check out the details of the vertical luminaire panels at gate #1 (as well as the regular luminaire construction), shown on page 10 of Light Magazine.
  5. Please do me a favor

    That's great!
  6. OK, does anyone else think "volcano" when they see that building?
  7. USA Pavilion construction

    Spaceship Earth = 180 ft tall, 165 ft diameter
  8. 126th Anniversary of the World's Columbian Exposition today. A triumph not only for Chicago, but for the dazzling presentation of electric lighting and one of the first skirmishes of the Edison vs. Westinghouse and Tesla, DC vs. AC wars.
  9. Ahh, spring, the season for opening great expositions - Today is the 168th anniversary of The Great Exposition
  10. You beat me to it! The RCA exhibit for me, of course. Then, I think, the Perisphere.
  11. RCA World's Fair "Camera Bus" Blueprint?

    As I read it, the deceased owner once worked for a NASA subcontractor, which has nothing to do with these drawings. What I think they are are the electrical diagrams for one or two (camera/ control and video tape) of the big RCA color remote semitrailers or buses. The power draw (less than 18 kw) is far too small to be for the pavilion. The info also states that the "bus" was used later "for the Apollo program." Well, of course it was, as part of network coverage. A closer look shows the ground is labeled "TRUCK CHASSIS" Color snaps courtesy Herb Kircher, who worked at the RCA pavilion.
  12. "Hazel" TV Show with New York World's Fair Storyline

    The same thing goes for the pavilions that were selected ahead of time for depiction on souvenir plates, glasses, etc.
  13. "Hazel" TV Show with New York World's Fair Storyline

    Thanks for posting that! It's always interesting to see what attractions get mentioned in media at the time and compare to what is most remembered now.
  14. Press and Sun-Bulletin (Binghamton, New York) · 12 Aug 1939, Sat · Page 17 Downloaded on Apr 13, 2019 Is there any chance more extensive pictures of the Washington State exhibit interior are archived somewhere? The lack of comprehensive interior pavilion shots is a recurring frustration in both 1939 and 1964.
  15. Looks like the Kautz Glacier route.