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  1. Great!
  2. You guys got it all wrong! That's the Glide-a-Ride route to the Hall of Higher Education. It even says "Yale" on the side!
  3. A few cameras had motor drive or spring-wound drive, but most required a stroke of the winding lever; so getting one picture per second was pushing it. Also, it was unusual to take so many shots because of the cost of film and developing. The high vantage point may be from holding the camera overhead, which would explain the multiple shots as "insurance" - hoping one would work.
  4. A 40th anniversary retrospective of 1964-65 and 1939-40 in the Times Ledger. 80 pages, 43 MB pdf file TimesLedger40th.pdf
  5. Hi, I don't know the answers to your question, but I wanted to let you know that it is not being ignored. Maybe someone else can help. I do have some questions: 1) Do you have a more specific concept of your thesis? What you have stated seems quite broad. 2) Is enough known about the proposed architecture at this time to make this thesis possible? It seems to me a thesis regarding architecture of a past expo would have more source material to work from.
  6. Hi Ralph I just realized I didn't quite follow your answer. Are the pictures you are posting the Canon scans from some years ago, but cleaned up in Photoshop? BTW, can't repeat often enough how much they are appreciated!
  7. That is Spain on the left and Seven-Up on the right.
  8. Not possible to read what's written on the yellow ribbon?
  9. It looks to me like they also moved them outside the railing.
  10. Did this contribute to Pluto's demotion to a minor planet?
  11. According to several on-line sources, http://showmensmuseum.org/international-independent-showmens-museum-exhibits/museum-features-actual-carnival-rides/ http://www.app.com/story/news/local/eatontown-asbury-park/asbury-park/2015/08/24/asbury-park-birthplace-ferris-wheel-william-somers/32067533/ Atlantic County carpenter William Somers built three 50 foot amusement wheels for different locations on the Atlantic (Asbury Park, Atlantic City and Coney Island) in the Summer of 1892. Ferris rode on one, getting his inspiration for the huge wheel in Chicago. A patent suit failed, as it was ruled that Ferris's wheel had significant differences. I have not yet been able to find if an amusement ride business continued under the Somers name until the 60s.
  12. I'm guessing it's the band organ for the kiddy carousel next to it.
  13. According to Wikipedia, the death of a current or former Prime Minister is an occasion for flying the Japanese flag at half mast: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Half-mast#Japan
  14. Here's a large foldout brochure for Latvian Day, July 5, 1964 Latvian Day foldout s.pdf
  15. OK, fess up - ever take a selfie with T-Rex?