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  1. The business end is called a water monitor or water cannon (infamously, when used against people rather than fire). http://www.guardianfire.com/products/firemonitors/monitors.htm
  2. This is the most unusual combo of GM and NYSP towers I recall seeing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1964-New-York-Worlds-Fair-Tent-of-Tomorrow-Towers-Color-Slide-/292027861458?hash=item43fe3789d2:g:QLMAAOSwdGFYoi2R
  3. Article detailing construction of multiple major pavilions. Includes info about foundation pilings for some. Seller replied about the source: " I have no idea. It was all by it's self in a collection of architecture magazines I got from an old architect. He had someone take apart the magazines and get rid of most of the ads and staple issues back together. Luckily the person did not throw it away since it is a very cool piece of history. The collection had Architectural Record, Progressive Architecture, House and Home, and Architectural Forum. I assume it would be from one of those publications but have no way of knowing which one. " NYWF Playground for Dreamers.pdf
  4. Thanks, Bill, and Happy Birthday!
  5. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Montreal-Quebec-1967-Expo-67-Canadian-Centennial-Copter-flight-cover-/371843784764?hash=item56939de03c:g:Az8AAOSwnHZYgR75 "THIS MAIL CARRIED ABOARD THE CANADIAN CENTENNIAL COPTER"
  6. I believe the completed portion of the monorail track starts around the maintenance section and then goes clockwise from there.
  7. Well, I'm sure you will notice that the 64-65 fair gets the most coverage here, although Bill Cotter and others are striving to bring the 67 Expo up to the same level. ;>) This site developed from an older version called "Peace Through Understanding" that was very strongly aimed at 64-65. Be sure to visit www.nywf64.com also!
  8. I have this and recommend it also. My one negative comment is about some of the new footage that is inserted among the historic photos apparently to fill out the narration time, and seems really poorly chosen to advance the theme. Zoo animals and fish? Really?
  9. Welcome, Andrew. Which fair were you at (they're all here)?
  10. This shot shows runway 4/22 did not extend into the river. http://www.nywf64.com/fair_air11.shtml
  11. this reminded me of another thread where I tried to estimate the number of photos taken at the Fair:
  12. There was an excellent estimation of the number of photos taken each year from the beginning of photography until 2011 or so, on a blog on a site called 1000memories. Don't go there now, as it apparently has been infected with malware. If you do search this topic, do not click on any links to the original blog. They estimated from years in which the silver industry reported how much silver was used in analog photography, then worked backwards by means of the Kodak employee numbers and forward from the statistics of number of photos posted online. Here are the two relevant graphics. More recent estimates are that 1.3 trillion or more photos will be posted online this year.
  13. Press photo marked on back "Observer" and "N.Y. World's Fair 64" Note monorail track about 1/3 complete. GM roof is all black (after opening was black only for background of General Motors lettering).
  14. Thanks for the post - a great site; the images are decent resolution.