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  1. Inside the New York State Pavilion

    Small plaque reads "Terra Pennsylvania"
  2. Inside the New York State Pavilion

    Could it be that an information booth or such was sometimes there?
  3. A nice home movie from the Fair

    It looks the same to me. Perhaps Super 8 taken at 18 FPS and run at 30 FPS (0.6:1)
  4. A nice home movie from the Fair

    Hilton International Cafe in the Better Living Center.
  5. A nice home movie from the Fair

    Nice - thanks for posting
  6. A different angle on Switzerland

    It looks to me like it was meant to represent working sketches, which are an art study subject in themselves. The "different angle" made me think about the need for all angles of most world's fair pavilions to be decorated, unlike a movie set or even a theme park, where the public never sees the back side of things. The unfinished side was a topic of many "behind the scenes" newsreels and photos over the years. It also was/is the case for museum exhibits that have back access for the staff (for light switches, etc.). Royal Crown Cola machines - have we seen any before?
  7. Also, perhaps, the Chicago Tribune.
  8. Have you tried the Chicago History Museum? https://www.chicagohistory.org/
  9. Guess where I am

    Thanks for the great pics! BTW, I will be in Columbus next month with a couple of free days; now know what I'm going to do. Edit: Darn, COSI is closed Monday and Tuesday, my free days.
  10. A Glide-a-ride WAY after the Fair ended

    Not a clue. Trying to think what sort of place would have a campground, some permanent buildings, and have use for a Glide-a-Ride. A state fair, maybe?
  11. Guess where I am

    That's my guess too. And if I recall correctly, against the rules to take a photo inside?
  12. The content is just great. Makes me wish we had similar video discussions and tales from a variety of NYWF employees (and similarly from my fellow employees at the Museum of Science and Industry in 1960s Chicago). --- I wish they had a better transfer of the 8mm film, though - it obviously was overexposed during transfer to video and was passed through VHS tape at some point in its life. The original had to have been much better. Also, scratching my head over the strong blue/magenta balance of the studio shots.
  13. The Streets of Paris

    Pretty sure that IS an oil derrick, at the Petroleum exhibit.
  14. Spruce it up with paint - and haul out that trash!

    Allied Van Lines postcard featuring the Travel and Transportation building. Allied Van Lines TnT postcard.pdf