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  1. It's time once again to play "Name That Tune!"

    1-1-track2.mp3 The United States Army Band March
  2. It's time once again to play "Name That Tune!"

    I downloaded a couple of music ID apps to my phone, but they managed to come up with only one title on the easy-listening tape: 2-1-track19.mp3 - The Bluebells of Scotland (identified using phone app Soundhound) (composer: Leroy Anderson, Orchestra: unidentified) Surprisingly, a couple of march IDs popped right up. Will have to try more after lunch: 1-3-track5.mp3 The Conqueror (ID via Soundhound) 1-4-track3.mp3 Billboard March - John Klor (ID via Soundhound)
  3. Ad of the Day

    Ad copy "model electronic roadway" says to me that the diorama was not itself electronic, but was depicting an electronically guided road. This was a common futuristic idea trotted out by the big electronics companies (RCA in particular) as well as auto companies at the time. If RCA was doing it, Norelco likely would have also. The mention in Boy's life sounds like something different, perhaps TV projector based displays, as Randy surmises.
  4. "...one of the big hits in New York was a theatre, Circarama which was a Hungarian design originally and it was really good and the film that showed in there was really human and about people and everything else like that." I'd guess this is a confused memory of the Johnson Wax film "To Be Alive," which certainly fits the description of the content, and was directed by Alexander Hammid, who was born in Austria-Hungary: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0352413/bio?ref_=nm_ov_bio_sm The Johnson Wax theater was not a circle, but a wide three-panel screen. The Golden Rondelle theater is now located in Racine, Wisconsin, and is open for public tours and showings of "To Be Alive," now remastered and preserved in digital high definition. http://www.scjohnson.com/en/company/visiting.aspx Search "Golden Rondelle" on this site (worldsfaircommunity.org) for more info in past threads.
  5. For the Von Roll fans!

    Now that I look again, I see three men lined up with a woman in front of them, but on the other hand it doesn't look like there is anything preventing the general public from wandering by them.
  6. For the Von Roll fans!

    Thanks for relaying the info. (I have no intention of joining Facebook.) Did Albert say how he knows this shot is of opening day?
  7. My understanding is that wood pilings are extremely durable if submerged in fresh water (the portion below the water table) - like, hundreds of years. A brief online search seems to confirm this.
  8. Go Go Greyhound

    I don't actually know the law, but I suspect this is standard procedure to protect the greater corporation from liability suits. If so, I'd bet Disney does the same thing. "We have insurance, but little assets that anyone could sue us for."
  9. For the Von Roll fans!

    Quite possible. The special was produced on color film, which easily could have been done out of a truck like that. Edit: it probably could have been done from the red station wagon, for that matter.
  10. For the Von Roll fans!

    Well, that is really interesting. It's NBC, not from a particular station, an older monochrome truck, and apparently in use, not just a prop for a colorcast. The way RCA/NBC were promoting color at the Fair, this boggles my mind. With the rain, could it be opening day? Edit: it occurs to me that if this is opening day, all the color trucks could have been tied up at the opening ceremonies.
  11. Fun with Photoshop

  12. For the Von Roll fans!

    I'm interested in the truck. I don't think I've seem one painted exactly like it. It may be a 50s vintage TV truck or a radio truck. I wonder if the finer lettering says "television" or "network" or something else. Edit: are the big letters NBC (as it seems to me) or ABC or?
  13. A shame it didn't survive

    The designer, Rolly Crump, was disappointed that it was not as airy as his model, but the engineers said it had to be sturdier. Here, he talks about the decision not to take it back to Disneyland, and mentions that some of the propellers fell off during the Fair.
  14. https://www.ebay.com/itm/142607687173?ul_noapp=true No markings, apparently. Has anyone seen one of these?
  15. Go Go Greyhound

    This falls somewhat in the "Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM" category.