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  1. More than likely it would just turn into a giant wading pool.Too bad because the fountains were really spectacular in their day.
  2. I was 19 at the time .I went with 4 friends. One of thought he was a hotshot with women and was talking with a group of girls while he was eating powdered sugar donuts. He didn`t realize that they only spoke French and all he was doing was getting powdered sugar all over them. I knew enough French to realize they were cursing at him although he thought he was making a great impression.
  3. Would love to be there but the commute from Queens is a little rough
  4. Each show probably loaded a few hundred people so the lines moved a long way.
  5. A sad time as the fair was nearing it`s end
  6. That wagon should hold you for a while Bill.
  7. Used to go to rock concerts in the Singer Bowl during that era. The Doors and The Who appeared on the same concert.
  8. Tonight at 8 p.m est meet me in St.Louis is on TMC
  9. It was one of the few that actually had a function.
  10. Didn`t Walt Disney envision the monorail as his main transportation system in Epcot City which was never built ?
  11. We went a school trip to Freedomland. One of the guys fell into the Chicago fire and had to climb out on his own.It would have been nice to have a local park but with the New York winters I doubt it could have survived long.
  12. Yes Happy birthday Bill.
  13. I`m pretty sure this building was declared a landmark building so, it cannot be demolished.