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  1. My brother had his wedding reception on the bottom level of the top of the fair building.
  2. My husband will never find me in here.
  3. More than likely it would just turn into a giant wading pool.Too bad because the fountains were really spectacular in their day.
  4. I was 19 at the time .I went with 4 friends. One of thought he was a hotshot with women and was talking with a group of girls while he was eating powdered sugar donuts. He didn`t realize that they only spoke French and all he was doing was getting powdered sugar all over them. I knew enough French to realize they were cursing at him although he thought he was making a great impression.
  5. Would love to be there but the commute from Queens is a little rough
  6. Each show probably loaded a few hundred people so the lines moved a long way.
  7. A sad time as the fair was nearing it`s end
  8. That wagon should hold you for a while Bill.
  9. Used to go to rock concerts in the Singer Bowl during that era. The Doors and The Who appeared on the same concert.
  10. Tonight at 8 p.m est meet me in St.Louis is on TMC
  11. It was one of the few that actually had a function.
  12. Didn`t Walt Disney envision the monorail as his main transportation system in Epcot City which was never built ?
  13. We went a school trip to Freedomland. One of the guys fell into the Chicago fire and had to climb out on his own.It would have been nice to have a local park but with the New York winters I doubt it could have survived long.