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  1. Undeveloped film from 1964

    I have slides from the fair taken by my brother who passed away last month. It is great to see him as a happy 13 year old enjoying the fair. When I`m gone I doubt that my own kids and grandkids will want to keep these pictures of us at the fair. Sad indeed.
  2. There is a limit to how many Casinos can survive .Atlantic City learned that lesson the hard way losing half of their Casinos. A saturation point has already been reached as the amount of gamblers is not infinite.
  3. Anyone up for a Monorail Safari?

    Maybe you could see the animals outside the circus tent.
  4. 1st Hand Memories of The Fair

    My mom attended the 39 Fair also at the age of 12. Her middle school had an autograph book with a picture of the perisphere and trilon on the cover. After she passed away I gave the book to my son who has it somewhere among his treasures.
  5. Sitting Behind the Wheel

    Mobil ?
  6. I was lucky enough to attend the 64 fair dozens of times as a teen. I joined this website in 2004 and have been here mostly in the backround ever since.
  7. Very nice shots.Strange how Russia would be invited and within a short time be at war with Japan.
  8. Two men were hit by lightning during a pick up soccer game near the zoo in Flushing Meadow Park yesterday during a sudden storm. Both sustained injuries but, are expected to survive. During the 64 Fair the area was the automotive zone.
  9. Robert kopple

    The Robert Kopple that first proposed the 64 Fair ?
  10. Which cover do you like best?

    My mom rode the parachute ride at the fair so I would choose E. Besides the ride is still in existence at Coney Island ,one of the few remnants left from the 30 fair.
  11. Uniroyal Giant Tire in the Wild

    Could this be taken after the giant wheel was moved from the fair ?
  12. Ironic that New Orleans would host another fair in 1984 100 years later.My ex and I had plans to attend on our honeymoon but the costs were excessive so we opted to honeymoon in California instead.
  13. Another visit to the park

    Used to go to the park a lot but I haven`t been in a few years. Where was the luminiere located ?
  14. Concert Time

    The other big DJ in that era was Murray the K.I think he was on WINS AM before it changed its forum to all news
  15. Happy Birthday to the NYWF!!!

    Hard to believe 54 years have passed. We will never see an event like this in N.Y.C. again in the near future.