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  1. Another clue to this coming from a video orthicon tube source are the black circle shadows which appear around each firework exploding. These original video cameras had a hard time handling very bright objects. But the key clue as Wayne points out is the motion rendition. This is why video gives more of a live appearance than film.
  2. I am actually amazed how well the camera picked up low light stuff like the fireworks and fountains at night. But yes Wayne I agree that in 1964 it would have had to be still a very heavy reel to reel video recorder to lug around. BTW - it is the voices of actor Alan Arkin and his son that you hear in the narration.
  3. I recently discovered a great website containing a vast archive of material from Public Broadcasting. The website is americanarchive.org . It goes all the way back to the beginning of PBS when it was "National Education Television". In 1964 there were three 30-minute programs made by WNET under the title "As Fairs Go". The second installment is basically a 30 minute time warp, in wonderful black and white video (not film) of a walk through the Fair, narrated with funny commentary from the Second City comedy troupe! It ends with some great views of the Pieta inside the Vatican Pavilion. I don't think this program has ever been discussed before here on the Forum, but apologies in advance if it already has. Here is the link to episode 2 of "As Fairs Go". Enjoy! https://americanarchive.org/catalog/cpb-aacip_512-610vq2t21d
  4. The TWA Hotel at JFK Airport through their online store is offering an iPhone case featuring the TWA 1964 NY World's Fair poster designed by artist David Klein. It is on sale now for $9.50 https://shop.twahotel.com/collections/twa-shop-full-collection/products/iphone-case-twa-klein-twa-worlds-fair-orange
  5. RCA World's Fair "Camera Bus" Blueprint?

    Thanks - I guess another question is was this some kind of special camera equipment used at the RCA Pavilion at the Fair? The blueprints definitely make reference to that...
  6. Anyone have any idea of what exactly this blueprint is showing, and what the connection is to the Apollo program? Worlds Fair RCA NASA APOLLO DOCUMENT Blue Print Collection https://ebay.us/FMKaO8
  7. https://www.kiro7.com/news/local/demolition-begins-on-seattle-center-nasa-building-that-played-key-role-in-1962s-space-race/927339059
  8. Bill - It will be screened on March 20 at the old Helms Bakery in Culver City. Here is the link for tickets https://www.aialosangeles.org/event/wia-worlds-fair-film-screening/
  9. Mercury Capsule "Friendship 7"

    And in addition to what Randy mentions, the Mercury capsule which was atop the Atlas rocket in the Space Park during the Fair was also a real Mercury Capsule. In fact it flew in an unmanned "beach abort test" from Wallops Island, Virginia in 1960 to test the escape rocket system. When the Atlas was renovated back in 2002-2003 in the Rocket Park, the Hall of Science decided to have a mockup made for the rocket, and they moved the real capsule inside the Hall of Science where it is on display today.
  10. Space Park Caption Seems Off

    In fact the identifier code shown for the photo "255-CC-65-HC-223" indicates it was a NASA Headquarters photo taken in 1965.
  11. Presuming the winning bidder isn't going to keep them all, I would keep a keen eye on eBay in the coming weeks for some rare countries showing up. 70 countries would cover just about all of Europe, Africa and South America in 1964. $1750 + 20% commission put this over $2k. https://www.invaluable.com/auction-lot/70-1964-65-FORD-PLASTIC-COUNTRY-POCKET-TAGS-295A-c-89B4D7C8DE?utm_source=transactional&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=inv_lossemail&utm_term=2#
  12. Space Park #2: Men in space

    Here is Aurora 7 today as displayed at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry
  13. Space Park #2: Men in space

    And the capsule in the first photo above was Scott Carpenter's Aurora 7 spacecraft which was displayed at the fair in 64. In 1965 the flown Gemini 4 capsule was also on display in the Space Park briefly. GEMINI CAPSULE ARRIVES AT FAIR; Space Craft to Be Open for Visits at 2:30 P.M. Today PERMISSIONS By PHILIP H. DOUGHERTY (); August 04, 1965, , Section , Page 17, Column , words [ DISPLAYING ABSTRACT ] The public got its first look at the heat-scarred Gemini 4 yesterday, when the spacecraft arrived at the World's Fair.
  14. Space Park #1: X-15 and satellites.

    Actually only the Gemini Titan II and the Mercury Atlas remain. They were refurbished and rededicated in 2004. The Saturn V "boat tail" remained for many years, but did not survive the test of time and many years of bird's nests! The Mercury Capsule that was mounted atop the Atlas for many years was replaced with a replica, and the original is now on display inside the Hall of Science since it is indeed an actual flown capsule from an early unmanned test.