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  1. Hello Everyone: Hope everyone had a great summer, here is some of the latest news from San Antonio and the site of HemisFair '68 Link to a local news segment about the new civic park section: http://www.ksat.com/news/city-releases-wish-list-for-new-hemisfair-civic-park/-/478452/22621632/-/209pjw/-/index.html Link to some new YouTube videos created by HPARC about the redevlopment
  2. Happy Birthday to the Founder of The World's Fair Community!

    Happy Belated Birthday Thanks for this great site!
  3. The World's Fair Memory Project

    Really neat, I wonder how many stories this person collected? I've noticed the same thing here in San Antonio in regards to HemisFair '68, a lot of people I've talked to have great memories. About two years ago In my spare time I started my own oral history project for HemisFair '68, so far I have interviewed 7 people and have a few more interested in meeting just need to schedule times. What makes it fun is how they talk about the Fair like it was yesterday, slowly I have been working on transcribing my interviews into a basic Q/A format and uploading them to my website: www.worldsfair68.info. To read what I have posted to date, off the home page: "After the Fair" -> "Conversations". Note the pages where I have a pic only are completed interviews yet to be uploaded
  4. New HemisFair '68 website

    Woo Hoo! Just got off the phone with Go Daddy, www.worldsfair68.info is now paid in full thru 2016 VIva HemisFair!
  5. New HemisFair '68 website

    Hello Everyone: Hope we all had a great New Year Just wanted to share some great new updates to www.worldsfair68.info. Last fall I had the pleasure of meeting with a hand full of local San Antonio residents who were involved with HemisFair '68 and got to hear thier memories of the funding, construction and operation of the San Antonio World's Fair. I have uploaded several of my interviews to the site under: "After the Fair" > "Conversations". I still have one more to upload and hope to have a few more meetings in the upcomming months. Recently I created a Twitter account @worldsfair68 as an extension to my website to further share my growing collection and knowledge of HemisFair '68 as well as the city's redevelopment of the site, the plan is to post trivia / images from the Fair on the same day they occured 45 years earlier in 1968. Currently I am posting newspaper clippings of the construction of the Tower of the Americas. Sincerely, Christopher Medina www.worldsfair68.info
  6. Very cool video Bill and thanks for sharing. I have the three minute version Castle Films created for HemisFair 68 and have a digital copy on my website under Multimedia - Video. Mine even had the same problem of originally being in color but by the time I acquired it all that was left was red. When I told the guy I was going to put it on my website he made an extra copy replacing the red with blue to restore some depth. I agree with Jim, they still retain the magic of the Fair
  7. Great comparison, thanks for sharing
  8. Hello Everyone :)/emoticons/smile.png"> Here are some links pertaining to the much awaited redevelopment of the fairgrounds. Home page for Hemisfair Park Redevelopment Corporation Social Media - HPARC Facebook page, HPARC Twitter page HPARC 2012 Masterplan approved by the San Antonio City Council in Feb of 2012 HPARC Renovates 1860's house used as the Southern Baptist Pavilion at HemisFair '68 for their new offices. San Antonio Downtown Transportation Study - Video (second half covers the streets around and thru the HemisFair '68 site San Antonio Downtown Transportation Study - Presentation for the streets around and thru the HemisFair '68 site Chris Medina www.worldsfair68.info
  9. New HemisFair '68 website

    Hello Everyone: 44 years ago today the city of San Antonio celebrated it's 250th birthday with the opening of the 1968 World's Fair - HemisFair '68 and invited the world to join in the six month long celebration. Today marks the first anniversary of the launching of my own website www.worldsfair68.info sharing my growing collection of memorabilia and knowledge of HemisFair '68, from an idea in the early 1960's thru today's plans for the redevelopment of the site. Be sure to check out the site in the coming weeks as I am in the process of adding a few dozen new items as well as renovating several existing pages to better organize existing material Viva HemisFair! Sincerely, Chris A. Medina www.worldsfair68.info
  10. I agree # 12 & 13 are probably from the Spain Pavilion Chris
  11. On #5 I'm going to say it's the western side of the Halff house located near gate two, during the Fair it was the used as "Sir John Falstaff" Chris
  12. Hello again: On #7, 8 and 9 they look very similar to one of the images you have on one of your HemisFair photo cd's labeled as "HF-38 - Ceremonial masks and costumes of Bolivian Indians". Chris
  13. Howdy BIll: #6 is the seating area of the Arneson River Theatre, located next to the Hilton hotel Chris
  14. Howdy everyone and Happy Thanksgiving Day Here is a link to a blog posted by a member of the UTSA Special Collections sharing photos from the 1967 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It features a float, performers and Rosita Fernandez advertising the upcoming World's Fair in San Antonio. http://libtmp.lib.ut...-feat-68?blog=7