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  1. What's going on at the Canada pavillion? What kind of things is happening?
  2. Postcards

    Any kind. Probably, Montreal, Vancouver. How about aichi? Or possibly some recent postcards. I haven't seen any expo postcards.
  3. I'm doing my best to find out more about this site. It will take time for me to get acquainted. I like to something new.
  4. Postcards

    How many postcards are there?
  5. I'm beginning to like world expositstions. I want to hear more about it. I can find out the world

  6. former pavillions?

    Sorry, I should of ask more clearer. Are some of the pavillions (like Italy, Morocco, or Brazil) have been renovated or torn down?
  7. Are some of the pavillions being changed over the years?
  8. Can I see where I would find Canadian Pavillion on the map?
  9. Sad News about the Expo 2010 United States Pavilion

    It's too bad that US is unable to make a pavillion for the upcoming expo in shanghai. I hope to see the United States pavillion in 2015.
  10. coins?

    Is there going to be an Expo commerative coins for Shanghai?
  11. Expo Zaragoza 2008 Visit

    I wish I went to see Zaragoza for expo 2008.
  12. More photos of Expo '86

    Hi, Thank you for showing me photos of Expo 86. I'm interested in Vancouver expo, too.
  13. Some photos of Expo '67

    I haven't been to an expo before, but I like to know more about it. I saw a book about Montreal 67. I saw lots of countries in every pavillion.
  14. Some photos of Expo '67

    Hi, I'm a bit nervous, because I'm new here. I like seeing any photos of expo67. I saw some of them in the library and here too. I saw some pavillions with names of countries.