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  1. Just to inform you that my book Inside Le Corbusier's Philips Pavilion, a multimedial space at the 1958 Brussels Worlds Fair has become available through Amazon.com : http://www.amazon.com/Inside-Corbusiers-Philips-Pavilion-Multimedial/dp/9462082073 and will also be distributed in the US by Artbook http://www.artbook.com/9789462082076.html Hope it will be of interest to some of you. Peter Wever The Netherlands
  2. Hi World's Fair Community members. I visited Expo 2000 in Hannover and Expo 2002 in Switzerland. I still have some brochures and related material that I could part with if anyone is interested. Only shipping charges apply (and I will be in Boston, USA, in September). Regards, Peter, The Netherlands.
  3. Kalwall Panels still in use

    For those interested: Kalwall also provided the translucent roof panels for the circular US pavilion at the Brussels Worlds Fair 1958. The roof consisted of 36 identical segments each constructed of 57 Kalwall panels. An information sheet containing this and additional information on Kalwall was provided at the US pavilion to those interested. Peter
  4. has not set their status

  5. Hi Bill, Thanks for compliments on the book. Because of the Euro to US $ exchange rate the book costs US $ 34,00 before shipping charges. Anyone interested in the book should contact me because I will be in Boston in September this year so we could save on shipping charges if I would mail from the US rather than from Europe. I am working on a new book devoted solely to the Philips pavilion at Expo 58. It is intended to be an English or bilangual book. Should be ready around 2011-2012 I hope. Regards, Peter
  6. Earlier there were some messages regarding postcards from the Expo 58 in Brussels and requests for checklists. I estimate to have near 1000 postcards from Expo 58. The majority of cards are from a company called Egicarte. Other big publishers are Beatic (with exclusive rights to views of the Atomium), Editions de l’Occident, Editions Best, Souvexpo and Slide Master (color slides in postcard format). But there were dozens of additional publishers with small runs of Expo 58 views sometimes exclusively of a certain pavilion (W. P. van Stockum & Zoon with views of the Netherlands pavilion, Editions Sergyesels et Dietens with views of the Japanese pavilion, Platow’s Kunstanstalt with views of the German pavilion, etc). I estimate the number of different views published by Egicarte to be at least 500 but it might be around 700. Around 90-95% of Egicarte views can be categorized using a relatively simple scheme which I discovered going through my cards. Anyone interested in this scheme and my Egicarte checklist can contact me using the Contact Information in My Profile. I also have some 150 duplicate cards so contact me if anyone is interested in transatlantic trading against NYWF 39/40 or Chicago 33/34 views. I also read a message questioning if any postcards were sold at Expo 2000. Yes, there were postcards sold in the Expo stores but indeed a limited number. There were in addition a number of postcards distributed freely or sold in the different pavilions. Of these, I also have a number up for trade.
  7. Postcard Messages from the Fair

    And IBM also did so in their 1958 Brussels pavillion. They provided two different postcards for their typewriters.