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  1. Expo 2017 or Expo 2018 Bids

    Now that the deadline has passed and we have only 2 countries vying to hold EXPO 2017, Who do you think will win the contest and who do you want to win the vote? I think Leige will win the rights by the experience of holding fairs and their knowledge of the procedures to aquire it but I would like to see Astana win as the newbie plus the novelty of going to a new area of the world and a new city just beginning to spread its awareness to the rest of the world.
  2. Expo 2020 Bids

    Now that the bidding is complete and we have 5 countries vying for the rights to hold EXPO 2020, Who do you think has the best chance to win the honor? Who do you want to get the selection vote? And who deserves the rights? I think Izmir has the best chance due to runnerup status in 2015 bid, I want Dubai to get the bid as they announce the idea early to bid and despite economic downturn stood firm in making bid at the last moment. I think Sao Paula deserves the bid as the first Latin American city to bid and the chance to hold it in Brazil to fulfill the trifecta(FIFA, Olympics & EXPO) within the span of 5 years.