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  1. My wife and I will be heading to Gatlinburg at the end of September. We are planning on taking a day for a trip to Knoxville to visit the fair site again, which will be my third visit in the past three years. I wanted to ask members of this site if there are any particular areas of World's Fair Park or of the surrounding area that is connected to the fair and it's history that you would like for me to photograph and post on this forum. I have all of the pictures from my past two visits and can post any of them upon request. I'm not sure of any work that has been done to the park since my last visit in December of 2008, but I will try to take as many pictures as I can. The trip is two months away so be thinking of areas you would like for me to photograph and post here on the forum. Thanks.
  2. Just wondering if anyone has made any recent visits to World's Fair Park. As for me, I have not returned to either Knoxville or World's Fair Park since December of 2008. The other day I found my XD card that has pictures from my December 08 visit and I will post a few pics that I didn't get to put up on the site earlier. If anyone has been to the park as of late and has discovered any remaining "artifacts" from the 1982 fair, then please share them on the site. I would love to see them. Take care everyone.
  3. Just a quick question, has anyone heard of any plans for a 30th Anniversary of the fair? It would be nice, especially since I missed the 25th. :( Anyway, just thought I'd bring this up even though it is a few years away but the time for such an event will sneak up on us and pass us by if we let it. I will be posting more pics from my visit on the site soon. It looks like we haven't had any activity for a while on the 1982 forum and it would be good to see it active again. Until next time.........
  4. Welcome to the site, Sherri. It is always a pleasure to welcome new members and it is also great to see a wonderful site like this grow. I hope you enjoy posting here and I hope that you are able to find fellow employees at the fair. I did not work there but did visit a couple of times when the fair was in town. I have even enjoyed two visits to World's Fair Park in the past year. I've posted several photos on the site. Again welcome to the site.
  5. While visiting the fair site this weekend (12/13/08), I re-examined the location of the Australia and Canada pavilions. In my original post, I had asked for positive ID on the concrete pylons and metal posts that I discovered on the hill just above the modern walkway. After two visits to the park, extensive viewing of photographs and a survey on Google Earth, I have come to the conclusion that the objects are what remains of the supports of both pavilions. I have three pictures that I would like to share. Two are closer photographs of the concrete pylons mentioned in the original post. And the third, shows the metal post sticking out of the ground, with the concrete base of the support exposed. I guess recent rains have washed away the surrounding dirt. Let me know what you think.
  6. Green Gate ticket booth

    Awesome post, Bill. That is the picture of the green gate I had seen on line before. Can we do the same thing with the Yellow Gate posting? Thanks again.
  7. During my visit to the site this past weekend, I decided to investigate a tip from a fellow fair goer concerning a remaining relic from the fair's green gate. Up the hill from the location of Australia and Canada, I found one of the remaining ticket booths from the Green Gate entrance, sitting in a parking lot. It looked as if it was being prepared for a new role, maybe to be used as a gate box for the parking lot itself. It was a great find and it was good to find another remainder from the fair. I have uploaded two pictures of the booth and one of the current condition of Green Gate, which is now a staff parking lot. Warning: you can walk through it but you have to have a permit to park there or you will be towed. So keep that in mind when you visit the site.
  8. I had some business to take care of this weekend that brought me very close to Knoxville. And as a result, I got the unexpected but pleasant opportunity to return to the site of the fair. I have some updated pictures of my previous posts as well as some new finds, that will be posted at a later date. Going there in winter is a challenge due to the temperature and the unpredictable weather in the mountains but it does have it's rewards as well. Due to the cold, most of the undergrowth and other vegetation had cleared out, making for better picture taking while revealing some things that I missed in warmer weather. You also can bush whack a little more in cooler weather without having to worry about insects and poison ivy. The down side is the cold and it was freezing this weekend. No worries though, because there is a YMCA located just across the street from the park and I was able to revitalize myself in the Sauna and Steam room and also enjoy a hot shower. I guess being a member and an employee of a local Y here at home does have it's advantages. Anyway, just wanted to send word that I will be posting the newer pics soon. Thanks.
  9. Thank you for your replies. Just wondering on your website where the picture CDs are for sale, do you have any of the interiors of the pavilions. I saw a couple of shots from the interior of the US Pavilion but do the CDs have interior shots from the other fair pavilions? Let me know. Thanks again.
  10. Just thought I'd share a couple more pictures of my visit to the fair site on 10/03/08. I took a snap shot of the spot where the US pavilion was once located. Of course there is only a bridge running over a small cascade now but just imagine what was once standing there proudly. It's sad to see the site now and dream of the glimmering US Pavilion. However, they did a nice job renovating the former site of the pavilion but I sure do miss it as it was in it's former glory. The first picture was taken at the base of the sunsphere. For comparison, I uploaded a pic of what the same spot would have looked like during the fair. The vintage fair picture is not exactly in the same location of the modern one, but you can still get an idea of how much it has changed. I like what is there now but nothing can make up for the loss of the pavilion, which was one of my favorite structures at the fair. Enjoy the pics.
  11. Bill, thank you for that post. I used to have the 20th Anniversary site bookmarked on my PC but the last time I checked it, it was taken down or disabled. Good to see that it's back up again and those pics were good to see again. I really appreciated that.
  12. Food at the Fair

    Thank you, what software did you use? I would love to install a restoration program on my PC. By the way the picture looks great. Very good job.
  13. Food at the Fair

    My wife and I ran into a friendly employee of the park who gave us a bit of information about the site. The base of the Sunsphere experienced major renovations, especially during the construction of the new convention center, which included removal of most of the old Hardee's resturant. The size of the circular area at the Sunsphere's base was once much smaller and enclosed with a fence around the dining area. Of course, the waters of the world were much more wider then and covered more of the park than they do now. During the fair and for a time afterwards, the Sunsphere sported a blue and yellow theme which was representative of the Sun Company (now known as Sunoco) and the company is one of the sources for the Sunsphere's name. The tables and benches at the base were also sporting a blue and yellow color scheme. As far as the different door colors in the two photographs, from what we were told, the elevators on the Sunsphere were completely renovated before it was reopened. I do not know what became of the substation that used to sit next to the Sunsphere base, though there are a couple of posts on this website that suggest it is still in Knoxville somewhere. The large rubiks cube is now located in the lobby of the Holiday Inn. All in all, it was a very interesting visit to the site. Hopefully, if all goes well, I will return sometime next spring to investigate somemore in areas such as the location of the China exhibit and to take a closer look around the former sites of Australia and Canada's pavillions. Thanks for your reply. Take care.
  14. Food at the Fair

    Thank you for the additional photo of Hardees from 1982. After viewing it, I came to the realization that the picture I took last month is the location of the exit of Hardees, not the entrance. Anyway, it's good to have websites like this where we can all share our memories of the fair. By the way, if you haven't done so already, it is worth the effort to make a trip to the site. I am planning another one possibily in the spring. Take care.
  15. Food at the Fair

    I was only seven when I visited the fair on the first two days, but I do remember eating our lunches at the Hardee's at the base of the Sunsphere. I also remember having to opt for a hotdog because the Hardees did not have a plain hamburger at the time. I was not too keen on hotdogs then but I had no other choice. Our breakfasts and dinners were off site, due to having to book a hotel a good distance from Knoxville. Still it was a good time and I've included pics of my grandmother and I sitting at one of the tables that were at the base of the Sunsphere then. The third picture is the location of the Hardees as it is now. Enjoy. This is a photo taken on opening day of my grandma and I eating lunch at the base of the Sunsphere. Here is the same location 26 years later on my first return to the site since the 1982. A very emotional return for me since grandma passed away two years ago.