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  1. PETA would never let that happen today.
  2. Any idea what the red line that is painted on the walkway is for? Maybe a guide for vehicles?
  3. Yes. It looked better at night with all the panels lit up.
  4. I'd love to see a POV video of the presenter coming through that opening and looking down at all the people in the grandstand.
  5. Odd EXPO 67 pic about smoking

    Id' like to think that that this was just a joke picture and the kid really didn't smoke at that age.
  6. Another WF Flea Market Find

    Since it was called "Salute to the World's Fair Flower Arrangement" maybe a florist could arrange flowers in it some way???
  7. Got some time to kill?

    It' funny. I was six years old when I went I very clearly remember the attractions but I have no memory of waiting in lines.
  8. I was only six years old but I remember the entire show vividly. The tuxedo clad emcee coming down on that little platform, the entire grandstand rising up into the dome and all the screens inside. What I'd give for just one more ride! Surprised this hasn't been somewhat duplicated in a theme park somewhere.
  9. Been busy!

    Hey Bill, have you ever considered the option of being able to click on the pics to make them larger?
  10. Charles & Ray Eames Exhibits at IBM

    What exactly did the Probability Machine do? Besides looking like it was picking the Powerball numbers.
  11. I'm still waiting for underwater hotels

    Not quite like the Futurama but in the Maldives...
  12. Lighting at the Fair

    This may be off topic a bit but, was the nuclear fusion demonstration real? Or was it just theatrics? This was Disney after all.
  13. USA Pavilion construction

    How does this one compare in size to Spaceship Earth at Epcot?
  14. Poland - 1968

    What are the objects in the foreground under the clear domes? Lighting?