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  1. Hi Bill, Could I purchase all of your World's Fair photos that may have been taken in June 1964? Hi Randy, I flew on TWA Boeing 707 in '59 to from RAF Mildenhall to McGuire, then on 24 June '64 by PanAm Boeing 707 from McGuire to RAF Mildenhall. These were exciting times. It looks like we were having similar experiences.
  2. Yes, we went to McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey after we left The World's Fair. Mom and my Dad took turns to carry my Dad's USAF uniform which he intended to wear once he arrived at the USAF base. The uniform had been collected from the dry cleaners in Manhattan on the way to the Fair. We had stayed three nights at Hotel Grosvenor on Times Square immediately before going to the Fair.
  3. Hi Folks, Just checking in after an absence of five years. I hope you are all well. Has anyone found any photos taken on Monday, 22 June 1964? This was the day that I visited the New York World's Fair with my parents and two sisters. I'm interested in any photos that may have been taken on that day, but also, especially any photos that might include my family. My Mother, who took this photo was wearing a pale blue jacket and pale blue slacks or skirt. She was carrying a dark blue jacket on a coat hanger.
  4. Hello my friends, Any news on this topic? Al
  5. World's Fair pictures June 1964

    Hi scrock30, Thank-you very much for posting these photos. Have you read my post about the mystery of the missing flags in The Court Of Nations? http://www.worldsfaircommunity.org/index.php?showtopic=9668&st=15 Posts #25 - #38 deal mainly with the date range. Could you post, onto page 5 of my post, a color-corrected version of your Unisphere picture (and any others with the flags missing). This is another important piece of the jig-saw puzzle - June 4th - no flags flying - very interesting.
  6. Thank-you very much, Yadda Yadda.
  7. Brilliant. LOL. I had high hopes for 'The Blueprint Geek' - and you didn't disappoint. If anyone could get to each of the viewing platforms in each tower, today, it would be interesting to take a series of overlapping photographs, from left to right, from the northern-most, southern-most, eastern-most and western-most points of each platform. This would then provide a reference base, for comparison purposes, so that the vantage points for all of the 1964 and 1965 photographs, could be deduced. The photographer was nearly one seventh of a mile away from 'The Subject Family', when he or she took that picture - and captured an astonishing moment in time - and the only photograph that I have ever seen of my Mom (to be confirmed), on this wonderful adventure. With the benefit of my photographs, and the other information within this topic, have you been able, yet, to check all of the rest of your pictures for any other possible sightings of 'The AlTex1964 Family'? A second sighting, confirming the first, would be a clincher. Best Regards, Al
  8. Thanks, Bill. It is much sharper now. There seems to be too much blue in the picture now, though. Using your software, could you take sufficient blue out, so that the wall around The Unisphere pool is a more natural warm concrete color (as in the scan that Randy did with his software)? At the moment it appears that your software has implemented a white balance setting to give this wall a brilliant white color. As far as I am aware, this wall was not painted at all and therefore not painted hard, cold, brilliant white. I'm trying to discern the subtleties of the colors in 'my' shirt and 'my Sisters'' dresses. Could you also set the darkness and contrast paramaters to optimize the image just for 'my' shirt and 'my Sisters'' dresses? Will you then please post the image(s) produced as a result of that exercize? Could you then, using the new color settings, also, do a separate set of alterations of the darkness and contrast settings, for this image, using your software, to optimize the image of the 'U.S. Air Force uniform', hanging from 'my Mother's' waist. I am trying to discern the exact shape of the disc-shaped object near the top of the 'uniform jacket'. I believe that this may be my Dad's Air Force cap. I still have this cap, and on the rim, at the back, there are two overlapping leather straps. By pulling these leather straps apart, until they are restrained by leather 'stop-ends', sown into the ends, it is possible to form a leather loop, which allows the hat to be hung, by this strap, over a coat-hook or over a coat-hanger. I am also trying to distinguish the image of the 'uniform jacket', from the shadow underneath it. Will you then please post the image(s) produced as a result of that exercize? Once again, Bill, thank-you for all of your help. Al
  9. The more I look at this picture, the more convinced I become that this is actually my family, caught, at an astonishingly significant moment, by an unwitting photographer, hundreds of yards away at the top of one of the towers of The New York State Pavilion. Who will be first to calculate the exact distance, bearing in mind the height of the tower (and which one, and which level)? I'm not quite ready to call this, as 100% certain, as my Family, but I think that I may eventually be able to do so. I've thought of a few more details that, if they checked out, might allow me to make that call of 100% certain. Bill, could you do a few new scans, at maximum resolution, of this slide and then save them, as tiff images, at maximum resolution? Could you do one of the scans without any dust/scratch removing software and without any image enhancement whatsoever? Would you then post, in this thread, selective enlargements, of 'my family', from these new scans? I need to know for sure, now - one way or the other. I've put captions on the picture to denote the actual words that my Dad and I would have been saying, at this very moment - if indeed it was us in this picture.
  10. http://www.militaryfactory.com/ships/detail.asp?ship_id=USS-Okinawa-LPH3 "USS Okinawa (LPH-3) The USS Okinawa LPH-3 was the second USN vessel to carry the Okinawa name and the second ship in her class. By JR Potts, AUS 173d AB The Historical beginning of the LPH ship, Landing Platform Helicopter, was in WW II in the Pacific theater when smaller escort carriers were produced to augment the first line carriers to complete their mission.......... USS Okinawa (LPH–3) was laid down on the 15th anniversary of the invasion of Okinawa at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, Philadelphia, Pa. and commissioned April, 14, 1962.......... During June 1964 she sailed to New York for the World's Fair. When the gates opened for the fair 51 million people came to visit. Technology and progress was on display and into New York harbor arrived the USS Okinawa with her new technology and a couple thousand military visitors. This was also a demonstration of U.S. Naval power to foreign participants at the fair". I haven't been able to find out the exact date in June 1964, though. This is probably another question that can only be answered by searching through New York Times microfilms.
  11. Once again, thank-you Bill and Randy, for the time that you have been devoting to this. I greatly appreciate your help. I am sure that these questions are solvable. Now to research The U.S. Marine Corps!
  12. Hi Randy, Do you still have jpeg images of the slides, from box 1, taken before the photographer arrived at The Fair? Also, do you still have jpegs of the night-time shots taken after the photographer left The Fair, at the end of the first day? Also, do you still have jpegs of the pictures, from box 4, taken by the photographer after he left The Fair on the second day? If so, could you please e-mail them to me? I have a maximum attachment threshold of 10 MB, for each e-mail received, on my e-mail account. I would like to analyze these images, in order to try to deduce the exact date of the photograph, that probably shows my family. Every time I look at 'that picture', I get this sense of 'recognition'. I really think that this is probably my family, despite the implausibility, in normal circumstances, of a US Air Force uniform, being carried around on a coat hanger all day. Because of the extra-ordinary circumstances, of this case, and bearing in mind my Dad's desire to be smartly dressed (and groomed), whilst in uniform, this is, actually, not so implausible.
  13. P.S. LOL - I've just discovered that you have to scroll across to the right in your post #54. Looking at the enlargement, I can see, now, what a close resemblance there was. This counts as a 'near miss'. It still gave me a thrill, though. It gives me encouragement that a picture of my Family, at The Fair, will eventually be found. Thanks again for sharing that with me, Randy. Al
  14. Hi Randy, Thank-you very much for doing that search. I'm sure that we must have appeared in many people's photographs that day. The problem is, most of the pictures taken of The Fair, are mixed in, anonymously, with all of the family pictures of 'normal life' and people don't realize the historical importance of their own family photos, taken at events like The New York World's Fair. I have done my bit now, putting my photographs online. I would love to think that someone will click on one of my photos and see themselves, or a loved one, in the background. I have often wondered about that gorgeous blond woman that appeared in my view-finder, as I was about to take a picture of my 'last look at The Fair'. I am 100% sure that I quickly took the shot before she walked out of view. I wonder if she will ever look in here? Then there is 'Don Draper' on the right, rushing back to Madison Avenue - I love that 'Mad-Men' TV series - apart from the smoking. By the way, it's great to see our Tyrannosaurus Rex friend in real color. I had become so accustomed to seeing him, in my photograph, as a dark gray color, that I'd come to accept that as the reality.
  15. Hi Mike, When we were in The Japan Pavilion, I was totally amazed by the miniature plane that they had on display there. I think that they may have claimed that it was the smallest plane in the world - a sort of compact car with wings. So, I asked the man, by the display, if he had any literature on the plane, that he could give to me. He gave me a large glossy carrier bag (with orange background color, as I recall), containing miscellaneous leaflets about Japan and Toyota. After he gave me this, my Sister asked for a set for herself. I have seen a photograph, in this Forum, of this plane in the Japan Pavilion. You can just see part of a Toyota car behind it. Seeing that photograph actually triggered my memory of seeing the plane and asking for the literature. I have since tried to find this material and I have come to the conclusion that someone must have thrown it all away, without realizing the significance of it.