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  1. Brass Rail in 1964 - still clean and new!

    Any clues where this particular Brass Rail was located at the fair? I dont see any background referneces or pavilions to place it.
  2. Who's Minding the Store?

    Thanks Bill Lee Meriwether, Julie Newmar and Eartha Kit...three absolutely p-u-rrrrrrrrrr-fect "Cat Women"!!!
  3. Who's Minding the Store?

    Is that Julie Newmar (who played one of 3 Cat Women roles on Batman) playing the female scientist?
  4. Hello From Holtsville

    Hi Curly aka Rob Welcome to PTU! Let's not forget "When I nod my head...you hit it!" The Three Stooges Full Episodes, Matri Phony, EPISODE 63 1942 Moe, Larry, Curly - YouTube.url
  5. For Parker Pen fans

    Wow, that Hofstra website is loaded with great facts and photos of both fairs!! This is the first photo I have ever seen of the interior of the WF Marina administration bldg. I can see the Laguardia airport hangers in the background but what is that tall tower on the right side in the background. I walk at the marina regularly and I have never noticed it before. What's up with the kids and the fingers in the ears??
  6. I like the Fair even in black-&-white

    Never mind. I blew up the photo and I recognized the image as a side view of the Arch!!! Duh!
  7. I like the Fair even in black-&-white

    It looks like the Mormon Pavilion on the right in the background but what is the tower next to it??
  8. Anyone want a waffle?

    yes, top right just to the left of palm tree. The lettering/font is very similar to what the arches used. Maybe this is an electronic sign. I checked all my photos of any pavilion that might have a palm tree and found nothing. The scout in the back row, 2nd from right looks like he is auditioning for an upcoming "Dirty Harry" movie..."Go ahead punk, make my day!" And what's up with the one scout in the photo (bottom right) not eating a waffle? Maybe the Dirty Harry scout stole his waffle money!
  9. Anyone want a waffle?

    The palm tree leads me to think the photo may have been taken at Florida, Hawaii, Indonesia or perhaps Polynesia. I also notice that in the top left corner there is a 2 sided white frame sign with a black background and orange lettering but I can't make out the words.
  10. Anyone want an Oshibori?

    From wikipedia: An o-shibori (おしぼり or お絞り[1]?) or hot towel in English is a wet hand towel offered to customers in places such as restaurants or bars in China and Japan and in some Chinese and many Japanese restaurants worldwide. O-shibori are used to clean one's hands before eating, and have long been a common sight in China and Japan. Cold oshibori are used in summer, and hot oshibori in winter. Inmājan parlors, the words atsushibo and tsumeshibo, from the Japanese words atsui (熱い?), hot, and tsumetai (冷たい?), cold, are sometimes used to refer to hot and cold o-shibori respectively.
  11. Anyone want an Oshibori?

    The Oshibori company still exist today basically making the same kind of product. It comes right up if you google it.
  12. Anyone want a waffle?

    Was this photo taken at the BSA Pavilion or is it at the Belgium Village?
  13. Do you think they were enjoying themselves?

    These 2 fellows definitely needed a "HOOTERS" pavillion! :D
  14. His & Her shots on the Texaco map

    I wonder if in picture#2 the man wearing the black suit with his head down is a priest or a hit-man for the mob?
  15. What fun awaits them!

    What is the location in the park of this photo? I do not recognize the bridge in the background. Any ideas? Thanks