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  1. Martha Woodward followed her Sunsphere book with the book Knoxville's 1982 World's Fair, in 2009 with Arcadia Publishing in South Carolina.
  2. After a long period of being closed to the public. The Sunsphere reopened in July 2007. The first floor aka level 4 is open daily for OBSERVATION and is free--be careful you are being filmed when you enter the building. The 5th and 6th floors are being rented by a man named Bob Sukenik for catering and parties, weddings, all kinds of celebrations. He has had some difficulty but keeps trying to make it. The 5th floor now has a bar and also serves munchies daily from sundown until ll p.m. weekends. The 7th and 8th floors are also rented by a local contractor for office space and meeting space and entertaining as it allows for amazing views early mornings and sundown. All in all--a good thing--the building is open and is used frequently. Martha Rose Woodward
  3. The electrial substation remained for many years. It was moved a few feet over and covered with a structure in order to provide electrial usage for the new convention center we did not need at a cost of $100 million... Martha Woodward
  4. The Sunsphere

    Jim I hope you were able to find a copy of Knoxville's Sunsphere. Let me know if not. Regards, Martha Rose Woodward
  5. The city's debt for the 1982 Fair was paid off in 2007. No one made any money except the crooks.
  6. Glad you are enjoying the photos; also, go to this web site; http://www.1982worldsfair.com/ there are more great pics of the Fair on it Regards, Martha
  7. Yes, the electrial station was right there by the Sunshere, and is still near; they put some of it inside a building.
  8. The Sunsphere

    This photo fo me in the red blouse was taken high up on the 8th floor of the Sunsphere; most people are not allowed up there, but, I have friends in high places.
  9. The Sunsphere

    If you will look at the two galleries I uploaded, you can see some of the nice photos I have. Regards, Martha
  10. The Sunsphere

    Bill, I sent you a couple of private e mails and have not heard back; hope you got them. Martha
  11. The Sunsphere

    My book is available at Amazon.com and 4 local book stores. I only have a few copies left, so I hope people from the community will order them soon. Martha