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  1. Hi all. This is the first time I have posted on the forum in a long time. I just wanted to ask is anyone aware what is the latest news regarding the World's Fair towers and the future of the structure? I am starting to think the towers and the NYSP may never be refurbished or restored to their former glory by the Parks Dept. I would appreciate any information. Thanks fellas. All the best for the future. -Nick
  2. Im Back

    Sorry for the delay in responding. Thanks for the link.
  3. The New York State Pavilion -==- State Landmark

    Good news indeed regarding the state landmark status of the pavilion. However, is it too early to begin thinking about the NYSP being granted National landmark status? And on the topic of the NYSP state landmark status, when will government grants start pouring in to restore the NYSP before it is to decay beyond repair? Much appreciated. Cheers.
  4. G'day folks. Its been a long while since i've been on the forum. After recently hearing the good news that the NYSP was granted state landmark status, is anyone familiar or aware regarding how the public can nominate a place or structure (such as the NYSP) for national landmark status? I think in order to preserve the NYSP, we must try to get as much funding for rehabilitating the pavilion, such as by getting the structures both state and national landmark status and make the most of the government grants to restore the NYSP. Thanks fellas. Cheers.
  5. Im Back

    G'day all! After a long break I am back. What have I missed? Anything been done over the past few months at the NYSP? Cheers.
  6. McBarge!?

    Anyone think we should alert Mcdonalds that the ship still exists and is worth saving? Any suggestions.
  7. Christmas

    Check this out! If you have kids, try this Santa tracking website http://www.noradsanta.org Starts online from Christmas Eve night. Time zones may vary different times. Merry christmas!!!!! nick
  8. Merry Christmas

    Gday all! Hope all memebers have a safe Christmas and a happy new year 2009!!! Just asking, i haven't been on in a while, so has there been much activity around the Tent or the Towers lately? Merry Christmas to all. Nick
  9. I've been wondering what's happening with this "stablization study' that the city of new york and Parks keep mentioning. When will we know the results of this study? Merry Christmas everyone! Nick
  10. Prayer Time

    Stay Safe, All the best. Nick
  11. Morgan Freeman dancer at NYWF?

    Well Molasses, i think you've found the quote "cause-celeb" Eh? Nick
  12. If you all want to nominate me, i'll contact her? Nick
  13. Stupid Topic I Know

    Nah, i am now in Perth, moved just a week ago. It's quite a thousand kilometers from where i used to live. Nick
  14. Stupid Topic I Know

    Hey guys, Just thought i might let you all know i have now completed moving to Perth in Western Australia. Random topic i know, but thought you might be interested. All the best, Nick