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  1. Some amateur slides on the web

    Great pics! I enjoyed the 1965 Atlantic City boardwalk shots too.
  2. Bell Telephone Stuff

    Thanks for the info - I probably got it from my dad's friend who worked for the tel co. He also gave me old non-working phones and parts, with which I had hours of fun. It probably ended up in my box of fair stuff since it was from the same time frame. I think I remember the exhibit at the fair, where one could try a picture phone, and also maybe an exhibit where one could talk over a beam of light (?) Memories getting a bit fuzzy.
  3. Bell Telephone Stuff

    Jeepers, that was swell! LOL...I love stuff like that. I didn't realize they were using "555" prefixes for fake numbers back then, but Uncle Bill's little black book was full of them.
  4. Bell Telephone Stuff

    Does anyone know if this poster is from the NYWF? I have had it since I was a kid and always kept it with my fair stuff.
  5. New to PTU

    Hi folks - I just joined the site and am really enjoying the photos and memories that people have shared. I grew up in NY and got to visit the 64-65 Fair twice as a kid. I'll never forget the experience, especially the science and engineering intensive exhibits. (I may have been a weird 6-year-old, but the Hall of Science was my favorite place) Lou - Charlotte NC area