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  1. Great story, Jim. Thanks for sharing that!
  2. A different sort of view of the US Space Park

    This is a heartbreaking photo, Bill. To think what the Hall of Science could have today if only this stuff had been taken care of. I know some of the stuff, like the Saturn V rocket section were just plywood covered with sheeting. But if only NYC and the Parks Department could have had the foresight to maintain this stuff for future generations. The few rockets that stand today outside of the HoS are bittersweet. "Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone."
  3. Need Help From Former and Current PTU Members

    Craig, you crack me up! I've always thought that if we could just live our lives like we were in a musical, the world would be a lot better off (except if the musical is "Sweeney Todd" maybe). I guess you're living proof! "I'm Still Here" too at PTU and love that song from Follies.
  4. 23 1/2 Degrees

    Thanks everybody! Craig, I just ordered the book. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. I've been sprucing up the UNISPHERE pages at nywf64.com and in the process I came across in interesting quote in a February 15, 1961 article from the NY Herald Tribune (article is titled, World's Fair gets a Symbol) that said, The globe will be tilted 23 1/2 degrees from vertical because, one official said, this will permit a better view of the United States and "we're all interested in the United States, aren't we?" The earth is tilted 23 1/2 degrees on its axis. I'm wondering if the "official" didn't know that and was speculating about the positioning of UNISPHERE or if there really was some thought put into how to tilt the sphere so that the US was more prominent. I've read a number of articles about the creation of UNISPHERE and the work and calculations that went into fabricating it and always though that possibly the stress of the winds on the open globe might have had some affect on how UNISPHERE was positioned. But I've never read or seen any discussion on how the placement of it was decided. I look at photos of UNISPHERE from the Court of nations and North and South America are lined up perfectly with the court. Just an interesting observation from an obscure article from the early days of the Fair. I'm wondering if Craig Bavaro has ever come across any discussion of UNISPHERE placement whilst pouring over the records at the NY Public Library? Craig?
  6. Need Help From Former and Current PTU Members

    I recently joined or re-discovered a couple of the Facebook groups regarding the Fair so it was interesting to me to read the comments about Facebook. I was surprised to see how little has been posted on the Facebook groups in the past few years. On the other hand, this bulletin board is alive with continuous postings from people with an interest. I don't think a day goes by that I check here that I don't see and read something new. So LONG LIVE the World's Fair Community! In this day and age of Facebook, it is still THE PLACE to go for people who share a love of World's Fairs! You all make this a great place to visit.
  7. Need Help From Former and Current PTU Members

    Hi suguar! I have a feeling a number of us have become "lurkers" more so than "posters." In my case, I still watch "the board" but just don't post often unless I have something to advertise that's new at nywf64.com The names you mention go "way back" to the early days when "PTU" as it was called then was a part of nywf64.com. "Way back" is going on 19 years ago! It's hard to believe that this bulletin board in one form or another has been around for that long! Some of the names you've mentioned I've lost track of as well. Others, like Mike Kraus, Liz Klug and Ken Thalheimer, Mary Ellen Coughlan, John McSweeny still have an interest in the Fair but just don't post here often any more. Interests change over 19 years too. I also think that part of the reason why you don't see some of the older names posting any more is that the "newness" of it might have worn off for some of them. You have to realize that 19 years ago, discovering that there were actually other people "out there" who share this interest was a big thing to us. All those years ago there just wasn't that much online that you could explore about the 1964/1965 New York World's Fair or other Fairs. Now, search Google for "1964 York Fair" and you will come up with a myriad of links to places to visit on the web that have a connection to the Fairs, be it UTube or any number of places where folks have posted their photos and memories. In 2000, PTU was actually a bit like a social club where people with a fascination for World's Fairs could "hang-out." It's still that way today but maybe just not as shiny and new as it was nearly two decades ago.
  8. Hello everybody! I just sent out a MailChimp broadcast to subscribers to nywf64.com about some of the new things that I've put online at the website these past few weeks and wanted to inform everyone here as well. Because the sections below are screen shots of the MailChimp email campaign, you can click on the screen shots to be taken to those featured items at nywf64.com. The documents screen shot will take you to The Fair, The City and The Critics document. If you'd like to read HOW TO MAKE A UNISPHERE, the title here is the link to that document. As always, thanks for visiting nywf64.com. I truly hope you enjoy the presentations. Like Bill Cotter's fabulous website, it is always a work in progress and I am adding new things quite often (but I'm sure I'll be slowing down over the Holidays), although they are not always easy to find. I'm hoping that the Home Page will direct you to some of the things that I think are most interesting and enjoyable. But, please, don't neglect to use the Navigation Bar at the top of the website to find many of the hidden attractions. There's a lot of stuff that's gone online in the last 18 years and you will uncover many of them by using the Navigation Bar to access the drop-down menus leading to the presentations. Best, Bill
  9. I've long wanted to post to nywf64.com my collection of commercial slides of the Fair. My collection is incomplete so I turned to Bill Cotter who very generously provided the missing slides so that there could be a relatively complete collection of them on the website. The slide sets are those produced by Photo Lab of Washington, D.C. and Blackhawk Films of Davenport, IA under the United Air Lines MAINLINER Vacation Series title. Click on either of the images below to visit the featured presentation at nywf64.com. Many thanks, Bill, for allowing me to use your slide images for these features! I appreciate it very much!
  10. New for 2018 at nywf64.com

    Jim & Wayne, thanks for finding the errors. The flash-card set is not a part of the postcards. But, it is online at nywf64.com. You can view it at http://www.nywf64.com/educards01.shtml
  11. New for 2018 at nywf64.com

    It's been a while since I posted the new items that have shown up at nywf64.com. I thought I'd take this opportunity to let you know what's new at nywf64.com over the past year, including the latest presentation of For Those Who Produced the New York World's Fair 1965-1965 -- the presentation book given to those in the World's Fair Corporation who were instrumental in the creation and operation of the Fair. Please enjoy these featured attractions at nywf64.com ... Click on any of the photos below to go to that feature:
  12. The Look and Feel of nywf64.com

    I've been working over the past year or so to standardize the "look and feel" of nywf64.com ... Every page has a navigation banner near the top with topics that have drop-down menus behind them directing you to the various features found on the website (for example: "Attractions", "Maps", "Artifacts", etc.) Each page now has a secondary banner giving a brief description of what you are looking at (for example: "1964 & 1965 Official Guidebook & Souvenir Map Entries") The secondary banner is headed by a Table of Contents button. Clock-on the Table of Contents button to get a drop-down menu of the various pages that can be found within that topic (see below). For Attractions (such as IBM, Eastman Kodak, Republic of China, etc.) the first few pages have been standardized whenever possible. The first page will always contain the 1964 & 1965 Guidebook entries along with a link to a map showing you the location of the attraction. The next page contains the page from the World's Fair Information Manual for the exhibit or attraction (presented courtesy of the Gary Holmes collection). The World's Fair Information Manual was the book that the guides in the information booths used to reference for visitors what was contained in each attraction. The next page features Postcards issued for that exhibit. The following page features any advertisements that were done for the exhibit and the page following that is a gallery of photographs and miscellaneous items. Pages that follow those contain brochures, magazine articles, booklets, etc. in no particular order. The website is always a "work in progress" so certainly not every artifact from the fair is online. Maybe someday... There's a lot of stuff at nywf64.com and because of that it's not always easy to find things there. One always has to second-guess how the visitor navigates the site. If you have any questions about site navigation or comments about the material or errors that you find, please contact me and let me know. The Search Feature is not working at this time. I hopefully will be able to get that back up and running sooner than later. As always, thanks for your interest in my website. I hope you find it entertaining and educational. Best, Bill Young -- Host, nywf64.com
  13. Hello Everybody, Bill Cotter or Randy, I'm thinking you might have information, or anyone else who collects the Fair... I recently purchased some Blackhawk Films / United Air Lines MAINLINER Vacation Series of slides from the '64 Fair. What information can you give me about the series? How many slides were in the series? How were they numbered? Anything else about the series that you might be able to share? Actually I've been doing some searching of posts here at the Community and I did find a bit of information on the slides. Also have found that Bill Cotter has wonderful list of them on his website! Thanks very much for any additional info. There are some really beautiful shots in the sets I purchased. One box is a set of masters of the slides that came from Davenport, IA. The box is labeled 6/25 and 350-633. According to Bill's website, this is the "633" set of slides. Of them the seller said, "I went to Davenport, IA to buy a large storage locker full of books,(over 240 boxes). While there the owner(a house flipper/real estate agent) asked me to look at another storage locker full of stuff. Located in this mess of boxes were 3 Large boxes of slides and ephemera of Blackhawk Films Slides and materials. When I finally got home and looked, I realized I stumbled across thousands of amazing originals/masters. The woman’s house where these items came out of was the film editor/negative dept. head for Blackhawk Films. Her name and picture are actually in the back of the catalogs. Also, in the box were “sample copies” or what I believe were back-ups to each of the masters." Bill
  14. Passing the baton

    That was the second logo the Fair used. It was during the time that the Unisphere was supposed to have actual round objects circling the globe. After the design was changed the logo changed to the one we all know and love. See: Evolution of the Unisphere as Theme Center / Evolution of the Fair's Logo at www.nywf64.com I went to the '62 World's Fair in Seattle and I'm pretty sure we never got into the exhibition building that had the '64 World's Fair exhibit. I think it was right behind the Space Needle. My parents are lucky I didn't see it or they would have been pestered non-stop for two years to go to it! To my great regret.