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  1. Stop by nywf64.com to read Craig Bavaro's latest essay. Craig is an avid historian of the New York World's Fair 1964-1965 Corporation and he has contributed a number of excellent essays from information he has compiled from the files of the Corporation during his research trips to the NY Public Library where the Fair's archives are stored. His latest contribution is an excellent story on the problems encountered with Unisphere's much touted innovative lighting system ... namely the fact that the lights representing the capitals of the world kept going out! Did you know that in 1965 one of the capitals was out for the entire season? Find out which one in Craig's fascinating essay titled, " I Think We Have A Light Out!" ... only at nywf64.com!
  2. I came across this today in the Chicago Tribune Archives for May 28, 1964. I thought it was interesting to find this after reading the post in "Something For Everyone" regarding the film exploring why America has lost its taste for World's Fairs. How nostalgic to look back at a time when major US cities actually VIED to host World's Fairs ... when legislatures actually allocated monies for feasibility studies to explore the possibilities. Also, I didn't know that Chicago had considered hosting a Bicentennial Exposition as well. Here is the small article: Chicago Told Need of Plan for 1976 World's Fair If Chicago wishes to hold a world fair here in 1976, the 200th anniversary of the United States, it will have to make a thoro study as to its feasibility, an official of the New York's World fair said here last night. Maj. Gen. William E. Potter [Ret.], executive vice president of the New York fair, spoke to "The Committee of '76," a group of Chicagoans seeking to bring the fair to the city in 1976, at the Racquet Club, 1365 N. Dearborn st. Travel, Housing A study would have to determine whether the people of Chicago want such a fair, who would come to the fair, how will they get here, where will they stay, and will their coming pay the costs of the fair, Potter told the group. "While many of the details of a fair so distant are impossible to plan today, administration, housing, and transportation can be presently considered," Potter said. "You can't hold back on expenses in planning because if you do, in the end it would reduce your chances of getting the fair," Potter said. He said the New York fair will pay off its 30 million dollars in bonds, sold to finance the fair, this year because it laid its plans well. State Pays for Study The Illinois legislature last year set up a state commission to study the possibility of holdin a 1976 Chicago world's fair and appropriated $40,000 to the group. Boston and Philadelphia also are endeavoring to get the 1976 fair. Potter said the talking Lincoln exhibit at the New York fair is attracting much attention and is reviving patriotism among fair visitors. He said the 1976 fair, being the bi-centennial of the nation, would have to do the same thing on a much grander scale. He suggested a square mile of dredged land in Lake Michigan, one half mile off the city's God coast as a possible fair site. He cautioned against using the fair as a slum clearance project which would require millions of dollars in roads which later would have little use.
  3. The last time I posted on this Affiliates page I was hawking a new book. This time I'm hawking 50th anniversary stuff that I've set up on CafePress. I really need to stop hawking and get busy putting some new stuff on nywf64.com! I've put together four designs to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the 1964/1965 NY World's Fair and they appear on a variety of "stuff" that you can spend a lot of money on. Seriously, your eyes will bulge at the prices, but they're mostly CafePress' prices, not mine! So, if you're interested, here are the four designs. They will link you directly to the stores so you can at least window shop. I'm going to be wearing something from CafePress on the 22nd at the get-together in the Park 50th Anniversary Celebrations. I challenge anyone else who is coming that day to dress for the event as well! Ir doesn't have to be from CafePress ... just wear your best NYWF garb! Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the 1964/1965 NY World's Fair - The Unisphere Turns 50! Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the 1964/1965 NY World's Fair - A Gold Medallion for the 50th! Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the 1964/1965 NY World's Fair - Fireworks for the 50th! Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the 1964/1965 NY World's Fair - Remembering the Fair on the 50th! As always, thank you for your support! Bill
  4. 50th Anniversary Gathering in New York

    Craig, I know you will be in New York for the 50th on the 22nd. Unless Rita tightens my chain, I will be coming out as well for the events of the 22nd. I was curious how many other people are planning to be in the Park that day? Are there any other out-of-towners planning to be there on the 22nd? If so, when are you coming in and where are you staying? I can get an early morning flight from MKE on the 21st and back out again on the evening of the 23rd. I see there's a $144 per night rate at the Clarion across from LGA which, believe it or not, isn't much more than what you'd pay to stay in Sheboygan! Who says NYC is expensive?!? I had pretty much decided that coming out for any anniversary event was just not in the cards this spring/summer. Rita and I have a trip planned to The City in early November with two other couples and I had told myself that two trips to New York in one year just wasn't possible. But after having shared this bizzare interest in an event that happened 50 years ago with so many good people over the past decade or so, I think I would regret it forever if I didn't come out for one of this year's events. And even though I couldn't be at Flushing Meadows 50 years ago on the 22nd, I can at least say I finally made it to the Fair 50 years later. I do hope the weather is better this time around. Bill Cotter ... we're finally going to get to talk after all these years. Do we let everyone in on the secret that we've produced three books together and have only met face-to-face for about a minute at the first Saturday in the Park? For anyone who was kind enough to purchase any of our books, it looks like you will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get them signed by BOTH authors which will make your books rarer than hen's teeth as we say in the Midwest! So please anyone/everyone let me know if you're going to be in or near Queens April 21st to the 23rd. My flight would get into LGA around 9:30AM on the 21st and I probably won't leave until around 8PM on the 23rd so I'll have some time to re-acquaint or get-to-know! I hope as many of you as can make it will be there on the 22nd. Looking forward to the Celebration, a walk in the Park, checking out Mitch & the Gang's hard work on our beloved NYS pavilion and visiting the inside of the NYS Pavilion without having to look over my shoulder to see if anyone from Parks is watching, a great presentation by Bill C. and good times with old and new friends. Come to the Fair! Bill
  5. Hello Everybody! I recently installed some new software that sends email mailings to subscribers to the "What's New" at nywf64.com service. The new software lets me know when an email address has bounced (undeliverable). Below is a list of "bounced" email addresses. I'm only showing a partial address for security reasons. Even though these are probably "dead" email addresses, I don't want to take a chance and expose someone's entire address. The list is alphabetical so that's helpful. If you've subscribed to the service, are on the list, and you'd like to continue receiving emails from nywf64.com when there's something new to be seen there (I know ... doesn't happen a lot, does it? :() please sign up again for the service on the "Notify Me!" page. If you haven't signed up, please do. It's a nice service. If you are signed up and didn't get last night's email "blast" concerning the new Arcadia book, please sign up again. And, of course, if you did get the email you're good to go! (Or if you HATE getting them, just send me an email at webhost@nywf64.com and I'll Unsubscribe you.) Thanks a lot! I hope you enjoy the service. Everyone on the imported list has been set up to receive HTML email that's a lot "flashier" than the old emails. If you prefer to get text only emails, there is a link on the email that will allow you to update your email profile to change your preference to text emails. There's also a link to "Unsubscibe if you'd like. :( I'd hate to see you go though! Thanks! Bill nywf64.com Here's the List I promised you: afisher423 agip55 alan amsterdam20022002 andover6 andrew.r.rizzi angel2precious anthonymyers antne7s apvp44 artakyjr aswiston autumnwheat bandpins bandpins baschif belkin bgbrady bior9 bmbtotmc bobgrupe bonzilla boompk bradds01 bronxboy35 camphawkeye59 carriage194 chesterburger cmad cmehrmann coasterhahner darion.melito darkstorm3000 dave david davidjcorky1 davykr1 dbloomfi dcweiss602004 dfroth dijessoe dinarichter dm.funk donaldewhite dougls dreamchaser1 drojas2 drx515 e.brennan echobunny eleanoregenchur ellisbaumel em1969 eng_rehamnewish2000 enrightnyc eros999 etnier fabosco fkatske frankmaryanne fullilove garyfritzen gbmax gbresettt gdarke gil.i.koenigsberg gillman1954 gjohnson gk gladys100 grabowski greatlakesv greggodfrey groeder gwangi69 hecctorluisvega hectoluisvega henry.stronski hvogel iceplayer10 ilovepebblebeach jacar001 james.spellman jash76 jb2750 jccoo jdm482 jeanufo jettmiester jetvd jferro jfg69 jgumber jgumber jhall22 jimccfd74 jimgm4dhj jnerb johnp jpteacher jscardigno02 jslack junglero justin.d.beckert kennytpix kingofsmithville lberry lench1 lightningstripes marie.prego markb marston119t mc108 mchristolear02 mdqe miller99 mjseto mschrisr2000 mum119 nancy new.gojira noah2 northhuniorhigh ntummins ofkugler ohiostatefanscott ohiostatefanscott onevalentine optisonics pandrews paratime98 pastreflect pattersont paulf petemc1969 phowland56 podge podgealex r.j.domin-first rafy424 rbednar rdubois redleg28 retro50 rex rgail2 richie01 ricsroute66 rjladylak rkemins rknoell robert.j.yowell robintravels rocketthrower sbarsky scottmessall sdm_unisphere6465 shuttlesrus simon skip5629 slason1 sleddog smithdrum sonnytfox spies71 steveboucier steven.kesses susanjweber tavoni terry00seven texsportpub tfredmondjr thardy274 thebiancofamily tia11710 tim.weghorst timbabcock timbrown tinaz tommy.ludwig tom_urquidez tower0000 tranxpo travmatte triplets uncleal923 unisphere ver10 vkielpinski warmbaby wf64-65 william.wein wrnglrjac www.rbrtnewyork www.wb2kdg zasu zimehrmann
  6. What do you think they were doing?

    I did a feature on the T&T Pavilion last year at nywf64.com. I think I would have headed to the TWA exhibit and the United Air Lines theater. http://www.nywf64.com/trantrav01.shtml
  7. Good luck Matthew and Mitch and to all of the good people who are helping with this project. Simply, Thank you.
  8. One of the lesser seen pavilions

    Thank you for this photo, Bill. Note the gold plaques on the pillars? They are NY World's Fair legacies. They were donated to the Amway Corporation in Ada, Michigan, a small little burg outside of Grand Rapids. From nywf64.com: The Ten Pillars of Economic Wisdom that stood in front of the Hall of Free Enterprise were donated to the Amway Corporation. Mr. John Faye of Amway's Visitor Center writes "You are right they were on the ten columns (pillars) on the front of the Economics Building at the NY World's Fair. When we were offered the building when they were dismantling the Fair we couldn't use the building, but asked if we could have the plaques. When we received them we had them flattened out and mounted on a sculpture we had in front of our World Headquarters building in Ada, Michigan. We remodeled and re-landscaped a few years back and moved the sculpture to another location and at that time we moved the plaques out along the 53 flag poles that we now have in front of our World Headquarters building. The plaques are now mounted on pedestal inclines among the flag poles with glass covers to protect them." - April 28,2000 I hope they are still there!
  9. Can anyone ID this mural?

    Hello All... Following up on this post from a couple of years ago... The panel belongs to Mr. Alan Hill of Vero Beach, FL. Mr. Hill wrote to me recently, also asking if I had any information on the panel. He wrote... Bill, Hello, I am getting very frustrated. My Name is Alan Hill, And I live in vero beach, fl. I have been trying to find pictures taken of the inside of the pavilions for over 40 years with no luck.The reason is that I have a 5' X 4' section of a series of Murals that I think would be out of the Transportation & Travel Pavilion or Space Travel Pavilion? I Lived in Miami at the time in a douplex. This is about 1966 or 1967..My Neighbor one saturday morning was out early cutting things up with an electric skill saw..To make a long story short i watched this man cutting up these Beautiful pieces of art all different pertaining to the flight of man?Or Travel?I asked him why he was destroying them and he said he was told by his uncle that was part of the destruction crew after the 1964 Fair ended.I said what a waste of such beautiful art..He said I could have one if I wanted and I jumped at the opportunity..Then I personally saw the others destroyed..The one I have has the zodiac/Solar System/Space Station/Rocket/Earth/Infinity Sign/IBM Data Punch Card/E=MC 2/Jet Engine/Radar Dish/Slide Rule/Man Holding Atom/ and Molecule behind him...All I need is Documentation by finding Pictures of the insides of of what ever pavilion it came out of..I Think it would be very important to document this,since it the only one in existence..Any advice would be helpful..If you need me to send you a picture of it let me know. Thanks Alan Hill If anyone has come across any information about the panel, please post it here. I'm going to send Mr. Hill a link to the page. Thanks!
  10. Come to the Fair! Stop by nywf64.com to check out the lastest Feature Presentation on the Transportation & Travel Pavilion. The T&T building was unmistakable with its giant green "Moon Dome." The pavilion as originally conceived was much different from the colorful landmark structure that was eventually constructed. You can view the original design, and there are a number of articles within the Feature that will give you a glimpse into some of what was inside, beneath the craters of the moon! Be sure to check out the section on the Cavalcade of Custom Cars where you can read about the "Air Car." George Jetson would have felt right at home driving one of those! There are also two smaller Feature Presentations that have gone online since the Clairol and Spanish Pavilion Presentations. Read about the Swiss Skyride and the Pennsylvania exhibit which first appeared in 1965. As time permits, we plan to add a few more Presentations before the summer weather sets in and the computer work gets left behind. So be sure to check back frequently to see what's new in the next few weeks. nywf64.com is your online source for information on the 1964/1965 New York World's Fair. Just go to: http://www.nywf64.com/index.html Bill Young webhost@nywf64.com
  11. It's been a while since any new updates have been posted to nywf64.com (the 1964/1965 New York World's Fair website), but there are a few new things online that you might be interested in checking out. Come and visit us at www.nywf64.com/index.html nywf64.com has a new look! Drop-down menus at the top of each page make for better site navigation and allow you to easily see all of the content available that we have on the Fair. Drop-down menus also appear within each topic with multiple pages. These allow you to see the contents of the topic quickly and easily. Look for the "Topic Content" tab under the title of each Feature presentation. We have two new Feature presentations on line: The Clairol Color Carousel was "for women only" at the Fair but everyone's welcome to take a spin on the Carousel at nywf64.com to enjoy the hair styles and fashions of the mid-sixties. Life Magazine called the Pavilion of Spain "The Jewel of the Fair." Come to nywf64.com to see why the Spanish Pavilion is considered to be the most important International presence at the Fair. We also have a "World's Fair Marketplace" bar located on the right-hand side of the Home Page. Here you'll find 1964/1965 New York World's Fair related merchandise available for purchase. T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Caps and more with the Fair's logo and highlited pavilions ... Books ... BBQ Production's fabulous Documentary Film on the Fair ... custom-made World's Fair Pavilion models ... and much more. nywf64.com is your online source for information on the 1964/1965 New York World's Fair. Just go to: http://www.nywf64.com/index.html Bill Young webhost@nywf64.com
  12. Optical Player from the '64 World's Fair

    Rich, I was hoping that when I sent you the link to the posting that you'd take up the cause and join the folks here at the Community. I knew there'd be questions that only you could answer and enough people interested to give you some ideas. Glad you're here!
  13. A New Legacy Discovery shared at nywf64.com

    Craig, that list is a great discovery. I'm assuming you found that in the NYWF archives at the NY Public Library? We know that some of those entries did not happen. It's been confirmed that the West Virginia pavilion never made it back to West Virginia because of the expense involved. Manhattanville College may have gotten the stones, but Gary Holmes has scoured that campus and they are no where to be found as a wall, however, there are some decorative stones scattered about the campus that look like they may have come from the walls of the Japanese pavilion. The Parker Pen pavilion ended up in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. Gary has also looked for the Danish Pavilion in Bridgeport, CT and he can't find it there -- at least not on the road that it is mentioned as being relocated to.
  14. Optical Player from the '64 World's Fair

    I'm not sure, Doug. He didn't tell me anything about his research with his buddies into what the thing was. You can tell from the video that he surmised it was like something that you'd hear at Disney World. There were two different recordings of the show ... one with the intro recorded by the "Time and Temperature" lady which he has and the other with the intro of "Please hook your seat straps" ... I have one of them on nywf64.com and Kevin Carsh was kind enough to redo the other soundtrack for me (but I haven't gotten that online at nywf64.com yet -- along with a ton of other stuff that I keep procrastinating on). I'm not sure if he listened eventually to the soundtrack at nywf64.com or not. He did find the site eventually and must've looked at part of it. He asked about other legacies and I directed him to the Legacies page. I also showed him the "Farewell to the Fair" pages and the copy of the Fair auction catalogue that listed a number of projectors for sale from the pavilion (but no soundtrack equipment). Interesting find after all these years and he was so surprised to find out it was something he'd heard almost 4 decades ago and, after having this thing for 30 years, finding out what it actually was. It's a neat story, no? I sent Rich a copy of this topic and it would be fun if he'd join the Community and share some of the research and story with us and maybe be able to answer everyone's questions. Bill
  15. On April 30th, I got the following email. I'll let you have as much as fun as I did, watching the Youtube video and guessing at what major exibit of the 1964/1965 NY World's Fair this equipment is from! Hi Bill: Excellent site! Just this morning I solved the mystery of what the strange optical player I have owned for 30 years, actually is. It seems to be the controller for the... I discovered this when playing the sound track of the optical tape, as you can hear in the below video: It was very exciting, and almost eerie, to realize that I heard this very same unit, playing these very same words, 47 years ago. I found it in Putnam County, NY, in the 1980's... I suppose someone involved in the demolition of the exhibit had picked it up years earlier, then finally just dumped it. I guessed at many things it could be all these years... a siren controller, traffic light controller, church bell carillon, and so on... never would I have expected that it was a one of a kind bit from one of the most interesting and influential places I was as a child. When I got it, I don't think there was any other associated equiptment with it. I'm sure this plugged into some sort of switch box with relays, before the lines went out to the ride motors, the amps and speakers of the media show, and so on. I guess all that is lost to history. At least the "heart" survives. I thought you would be interested in seeing this. If you want, you can link the video to your site. All the best, Rich.