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  1. I have original and in excellent condition from Expo 70: Guide book, map and "passport" book which was stamped at every attended pavilion- I also have original magazine articles and my own scrap book with other 1970's stuff about Expo 70 I have the guidebook and lots of other scrapbook stuff from expo 67 along with original pamphlets and original magazine articles I am interested in selling these to other collectors I also have an original and in excellent condition New York World's Fair 64/65 road sign- another collector valued one like it at $750.00- I will take less and can send pictures- no rust/vibrant colors- kept out of the weather for over 40 years Anyone interested please let me know Ben
  2. Hi, I have the original guidebook and many original magazines with articles/photos of expo 67- I also have my own scrapbooks with many original pamphlets and other items from the exposition- I am looking to establish value and eventually sell them- I have not seen much on E-Bay- can anyone help me with this Thakns Ben dorbk@hotmail.com
  3. Hi, I have recently rediscovered some great items from Expo 70 which I visited as a college freshman in 1970. I have the original guidebook, map and a "passport" book which all the visited pavilions stamped. These items are in excellent condition- I also have original magazines with articles about expo 70 and a scrapbook which I compiled with many other items- I am interested in establishing realistic values for these items- I have not seen them on E-Bay- does anyone know how I can determine fiar and reasonable values?? I want to sell them now but have no real perspective on their actual current value- Can anyone help?? Thanks Ben dorbk@hotmail.com