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  1. I haven't been on here in forever.... it's been an awful year. After my grandma passed away 2 weeks ago, we started going through all her belongings and emptying out her apt. I started scanning photos from her MANY photo albums and came across the following 2 images from Expo 67. I had no idea her and my grandpa ever went to it! They aren't very clear, but fun to look at regardless. Who knows what else I'll find! Enjoy!
  2. Update on Rocky Point Arch

    That is indeed good news! Will be nice to see it spruced up! With the summer weather arriving, I definitely need to find a day to revisit the park.... it's been 20 years since I last was there!
  3. https://savingplaces.org/new-york-state-pavilion-ideas-competition#.VtoWAU89_7w Got an email announcing the competition has begun and will run through July 1, 2016. Looks like a great way to generate further public interest in the future of the pavilion.
  4. Update on Rocky Point Arch

    Sad that it takes me 8 months to find time to come back on here, but anyways..... While I still haven't had the opportunity to go check the site out myself yet, I did find some more photos. Apparently the arch is not the only remaining metal structure left behind. The entire Skyliner ride structure remains on site as well as the base to a tall Circle Swing ride from the park's early days. It certainly makes for an interesting mix of views in the park! I love it! The following images were found on flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/judyboy/16002991338/ The arch was one of the iconic entrances into the amusement park, so I suspect that is why it will remain, as a reminder to the past. I was only 8, but I have a clear memory of walking through it to enter the park. https://www.flickr.com/photos/golden_age_gal/15442750057/in/photolist-pwC8zk-oScQF3-CycKgP-9ZKt1-f7yYeC-6C6pXL-CxiQRS-CGRWW2-C9mMG4-BKty9a-BKty64-CEyga5-CfJygN-CxiReq-CEygfW-BKm57J-CGRWQa-BKm55Q-B4sxkL-BKtyax-CEyfUA-C9mMNM-CEyfZW-CfJye3-CfJyfL-C9mMxr-x2Pixf-8pmWLP-sc5P4Z-qo8vML-BhJdz-9XrtdY-647p47-a7eptR-f7jJxn-f7jKmP-f7yYHL-dvLZgK-BhJBB-pHGm89-HWN5R-fGTEox-6WBBDK-acjE7T-BhJgm-cpjs5G-BhJhq-BhJiV-6Yp1Mx-CbQcio here is the apparent swing structure: https://www.flickr.com/photos/138700971@N05/23464472173/in/photolist-BKty64-CEyga5-CfJygN-CxiReq-CEygfW-BKm57J-CGRWQa-BKm55Q-B4sxkL-BKtyax-CEyfUA-C9mMNM-CEyfZW-CfJye3-CfJyfL-C9mMxr-x2Pixf-8pmWLP-sc5P4Z-qo8vML-BhJdz-9XrtdY-647p47-a7eptR-f7jJxn-f7jKmP-f7yYHL-dvLZgK-BhJBB-pHGm89-HWN5R-fGTEox-6WBBDK-acjE7T-BhJgm-cpjs5G-BhJhq-BhJiV-6Yp1Mx-CbQcio-6Yt2XC-643avT-x2PivS-CvX12J-8xrmbL-abJJeB-abMxLs-abMxUG-abJHSt-abJHMR a postcard for sale on ebay showing the same structure? Unless it was replaced somewhere along the way. http://www.ebay.com/itm/c-1908-Circle-Swing-Rocky-Point-RI-post-card-/231804096857?hash=item35f899d159:g:s~AAAOSwKtlWjAPV I am far from an expert on the entire history of Rocky Point. When I went in 1996, it was during it's very final weeks or week of being open. All the rides had been auctioned off already, most removed from the site. There were 4 rides running that day, maybe one coaster still on site waiting to be removed. I remember walking through the arch, going on the above skyliner ride, riding the flume right near the arch probably 3 times, plus one small bumper boat ride. The House of Horrors I passed on. And there was a huge classic car show in the parking lot. One great afternoon there left me with vivid memories! The park today looks to be a wonderful mix of a coastal state park with relics to remind of us the past. Once I go there, I will post some updated photos.
  5. Update on Rocky Point Arch

    Good day everyone! It seems like forever since I've been on here, just don't have as much time as I used to. I hadn't been up to date on the status of what was taking place at the old Rocky Point Amusement Park site, got curious and looked it up. I knew it was going to be turned into a state park, but that's the last I knew. In July 2014, demolition began on remaining structures and buildings, along with a site clean up. Of course, I was concerned as to the status of the arch from the '64-'65 fair. I found the following link, and am happy to say that the arch is one of the only structures to remain on the site! It could definitely use a facelift, but at least it's there! The pic below comes from the link posted here: http://www.rimonthly.com/Blogs/ridaily/October-2014/Reminiscing-at-Rocky-Point/ Sure is weird to see the site all grown in with trees and grassy fields... such a difference from the amusement park we remember!
  6. Good bye and thank you, Ray Dashner :-(

    Wow, I've been away from the board longer than I thought..... just read this thread. So very sad to hear about Ray. I never met him either, but always loved reading his posts and of course listening to his incredible recordings. How fitting to see that flag inside the pavilion.
  7. Titanic

    Always love your ocean liner posts!!! And that photo of the Mauretania and Carpathia is simply awesome! My interest in the Titanic started when I read about it in a history book in 3rd grade. James Cameron's movie came out the following year and Titanic hype was everywhere. I checked out every book in the library I could find about the Titanic, which wasn't many in elementary school, haha. Around that time, my aunt bought me my first hardcover, gorgeous Titanic book. I read and looked at the pictures in that book so much as a kid. I was hooked. I have mixed feelings about the artifacts taken from the wreck site. I don't mind the items taken up from the debris field, but I do object to the items that were attached to the ship and then ripped off, aka, the foremast light. I hate when salvagers pick an item they "want" and actually remove it from the wreck where it would otherwise still be attached to. That being said, I have attended 3 Titanic artifact exhibits (Hartford, Foxwoods Casino and NYC) because I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see items I'd always seen in books growing up. To see artifacts that belonged to passengers was incredible.... for example, reading Lawrence Beesley's account of the sinking and his mention of the other half of his pursers ticket having gone down with the ship. To see that half of his ticket in person was amazing. Another passenger sold perfume and that entire kit was recovered..... the display had holes in the glass and you could still smell the perfume after all those years underwater. The items from the ship I'll never forget are a complete set of whistles from the funnels, an engine room telegraph, and a lifeboat davit. The whistles were beautiful.... and enormous! I couldn't stop looking at them. I've always been fascinated with ship telegraphs, I don't know why.....so seeing one from Titanic was incredible. And the lifeboat davit left me speechless. It was standing upright, a few feet away on the floor. Standing there looking up at it was surreal. All I could imagine was the passengers that stared at the exact davit and wondering if they were scared to enter the lifeboats or maybe those that never got the chance. That davit played a role in saving lives that night, no doubt. And it helped give a perspective to the size of that ship. You always see those davits in photos from the Titanic and now I know how huge they were! My interest in the Titanic is also what started my love of all the great old ocean liners. I've got more books than I can count about ocean liners, many found at my favorite local antique store, along with quite a collection of ocean liner postcards. Titanic is in a category all of her own, simply because of how fascinated I am on the topic and how it began my interest in other liners. Separately, my favorite liners are: Olympic, SS United States, Mauretania, QM. I'll try to remember to scan my favorite pieces of ocean liner memorabilia, my favorite being one of the green floor tiles from Olympic! It took me years to find & save up for a nice one, but I love it! I also have a music program from the Carpathia, I believe pre-Titanic.... a great antique store find! Take care and thanks for your great conversation on a topic so fascinating!
  8. Another article: http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20140318/corona/new-york-state-pavilion-opening-public-begin-anniversary-events Really wish I could get to NY for this!!! Someday I hope to see the inside of the pavilion! *sigh* Great work from all involved to put this together!!! The Painting Crew did an amazing job and the pavilion looks great for the 50th Anniversary!
  9. Dick Button's Ice-Travaganza - a rare view

    Thanks Randy for the additonal pictures and the rendering.... looks like it had potential to be a great production (minus the chimp). It's fun to look back on when figure skating productions were extravegent. Figure skating is almost dead in this country with little to no television coverage and few ways to see skating live. I attended Stars on Ice every year from 2002 - 2011, back when they toured to 60 cities. 2012 saw the tour down to 10 stops and this year down to 6. I miss not having a quality figure skating show to attend and I don't think the future looks very bright. The promotional photo is definitely Dick Button himself. Fascinating information on something I knew little about. I miss Dick Button's commentary - while he could be harsh with his comments, he was usually right. With the olympics coming up next year, hopefully NBC will bring him in for extra analysis like they did in 2010. He has done so much for the sport and continued to raise the bar with his techinal ability. No male skater has won 2 olympic gold medals since he did and I doubt anyone will in the near future.
  10. Dick Button's Ice-Travaganza - a rare view

    That's the first picture I've ever seen from this! Thanks for putting this up! Judging by the picture, it's not too hard to figure out why it didn't last long.... a skating chimp probably wouldn't be at the top of my list of things to see at the fair. I don't know much about this, I've only seen it mentioned a few times, but did Dick Button actually ever skate in the show, or was it just named after him? Just curious - figure skating is my favorite sport, so I love anything about its history.
  11. Very sad story, especially seeing how it was completely avoidable.
  12. Hurricane Sandy

    Looks like the worst is over here in Northeast CT. We didn't get a ton of rain, but plenty of wind. We lost power early in the evening, but by some shear miracle, it came back on 2 hours later! What a relief.... I can deal with no power, but no running water really makes things hard. Plus we really couldn't afford to lose all the food in our fridge like we did last year after Irene. Feeling very thankful to have spared from the worst. My thoughts go out to all the folks along the CT shoreline who are getting serious flooding along with those in NYC and New Jersey. Historic flooding for sure. Hope everyone else is safe.
  13. Rocky Point Park

    Thanks for the tip... going to watch that video later. I haven't been on here in awhile and meant to post this last year, just letting everyone know that there is now a Rocky Point Walking Path. Along the path is a view of the bay on one side and the other a chain link fence blocking off the amusement park relics, the Arch included. This link has some pictures, the first showing the arch. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150243800808850.341505.94709168849 Here is another with pictures including the arch again. http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/9vhNQqkC3NrL2o7j4vwEvA?select=P6IOKZPsKwDZg-D3FCyo1A I'm hoping to check it out this summer. Last time I saw the arch was in 1996, after the rides had been auctioned. I remember walking right under it to enter the park. There were only four rides left then, but we had a great time. I lost count how many times we went on the flume! It was sad to see Rocky Point close.
  14. The swimming pool Uni

    Well, it's the first time in my life that the reflecting pool is full of water and it looks great. That being said, there are way too many people in there! I can understand cooling off by dipping your feet, but to let people swim in there.... with diapers... and bikes... is not appealing! I don't think this will last long. Maybe it'll look better during the US open, I'm sure they'll have police there then to get people out. wouldn't look as good on tv :>)