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  1. Better Living Center #1: Looking Around

    Bill, Randy, Are there ANY pics of the inside? I think I saw one of the massive ground floor train layout. There was a thread about Borden and Elsie the cow. I wrote about seeing the show. Nothing about the slot car rental track and Arnold Palmer mini golf? Wink drink stand?
  2. Holy kismet Batman! Lived at 64th and First Ave in NYC then. Legendary Swinging Singles Strip of bars. Used to hear Bridge Over River Kwai novelty car horn Friday nights. Thirty years later I read Pepitone’s autobiography. He used to cruise Maxwell’s Plum bar on that corner blowing his River Kwai car horn! It was him I heard! And here at Miami’s Christmas Parade on Sunday, one of the Shriner vehicles had that same novelty horn! Haven’t thought about that horn in ages and here I hear it blasted twice in two days. Peppitone would more likely be chasing girls but that could be him before he could sneak away. Is that a first baseman’s glove in right hand? It is correct side. PS As The Scooter would say, Holy Cow!... http://throneberryfields.com/2015/05/29/is-there-still-trouble-on-joe-pepitones-line/ Check out the caustic comment from Diane Pepitone.
  3. Fun view from the Bell System Pavilion

    Someone just yelled, “It’s a cookbook!”
  4. Go Go Greyhound

    Randy, Cliff Claven style anecdote here... Introduction of the 727 was a huge deal. One airline offered promotional, limited offer, sightseeing, get acquainted rides from LaGuardia up the Hudson, turn around over Albany?, and back. Remember, this was still the age of the noisy prop Constellations. Hard to believe now that people would just want to go for a spin in a new model jet but as you know the 727 was a great technological leap ahead with engines quiet in the tail and massive flap area. (Last time I was in Brazil crowds of people gathered just to watch planes land and take off. May be as close as they will ever get.) Anyway, dad took me to airport counter and the people 2nd ahead of us in the line got the last tickets. Boy was I disappointed. Always wonder if I had gotten on that plane would I not have subsequently developed a lifetime fear of flying?
  5. Nice! Understand there was a street collapse up there the other day. Must be from the massive weight of those ‘saurs.
  6. The Great Bridge

    Wow thanks for bumping that Wayne! I was reading along thinking it was posted now, wondering why I had not heard of Perisphere. I mentioned elsewhere, prob in Bill’s original post of the cable section pic, that I watched them spin cables for that bridge, a feat I always found remarkable having seen pics of such performed on the Brooklyn Bridge. I’ll bet my dad knew he was seeding lifelong continuity memories in my little head when we sat in his car and watched. Perisphere, if you’re still out there, thanks for the write up and happy anniversary.
  7. Evocative pic! What looks like stack smoke or a refinery flare is, I assume, a film blemish.
  8. A bigger than usual exhibit

    I remember that! Dad drove us down to the Brooklyn side many times during construction and we watched them pouring the pier and spinning the cable. I still have trouble believing that thing can support so much weight! I should take a remedial Strength of Materials course.
  9. TV Remote Control 1956

    Looks like cabinet had two doors that swung closed to hide unsightly screen. Mounting the motor box prevents that door from closing and leaves a tangled wire trailing to the remote. I’ll bet a lot of fuming wives folded their arms and glowered at that contraption as though it were a leg lamp. I can’t improve resolution to allow manual to be read.
  10. TV Remote Control 1956

    For those PTUers with an interest in old TV technologies.
  11. Viva Las Vegas

    To paraphrase Lloyd Bridges in Airplane!, I picked the wrong time to evacuate Miami's hurricane and visit Vegas. Was lying in bed at 9:30, after leaving a great dinner at the Venetian, like a good PTUer, at the Tropicana Blvd Motel 6 when I heard jackhammer sounds. They do a lot of night roadwork here. Guessed I'll be up all night. Then i heard a siren, and another until they were constant. I peek out the window and see people running down Tropicana Blvd. Got dressed and wandered to street. The scene was like Wall Street on 9-11 but instead of white dust people wore cowboy boots and hats as they fled. Mini panics and stampedes ensued at rumors. People ran past me asking, "Why are we running?" and kept running; overheard snippets of drama and tragedy, real, imagined and perceived. Latest local CBS News at 0119 Monday says 2 dead, 24 injured. That is real and it is dozens of tragedies. PS Watching the first Sheriff's briefing. He says over 20 dead. Looks like the rumors were correct and the TV news was wrong.
  12. Breaking Up the Fair

  13. Flushing Meadows 1972 #1

    Great photos, great descriptions. Thanks.
  14. I grew up on those mushy little burgers and considered White Castle among the most missed aspects when I moved out of the city. Now they are adding waffles as buns to various products or alone as desserts. What I assume they lack in culinary excellence they may make up for in decadence, or as a stop gap until Krispy Kreme Reeses Peanut Butter donuts arrive. http://www.foodandwine.com/news/white-castle-ihop-belgian-waffles