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  1. Animated shorts were big when I was a kid in 60s. Media landscape has changed dramatically. http://www.animationscoop.com/fred-crippen-1928-2018/
  2. Anybody ever take the Maroda Lake Cruise?

    They might’ve had floatation devices stowed under those benches and in the rafters under the roof. Good point about there being no sights to see! Maybe just taking a boat ride was enough recreation for that era. Today’s zip lines and parasailing would probably have been considered intense military training in 64.
  3. OK, fellow NYWF fans - where was this taken?

    Wow! 1968 must’ve been a heckuva year to have given us both BOOM! and Skidoo . https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0063612/
  4. OK, fellow NYWF fans - where was this taken?

    BLC was my first thought too. But I have to think there must be a clue there between the hyacinth, daffodil, or some N Am spring flower bas relief and the dress. So I’m gonna say US Pavilion bc of the dress color matching the glass curtain edifice.
  5. No Brass Rails in picture I remember seeing a chemistry demo in DuPont that sticks with me to this day. Two guys mixed some liquid chemicals and one began pulling some solid material out of the container that just kept stretching. It was designed to be humorous. But that was the only show I saw. Friend of mine says he was at several different demonstrations. I always wondered, with a kids’ fascination with such, why we did not visit that pavilion more. Each time my family went to the fair it was a big deal for me to draw a route where we would go, always hitting the usual suspects like Futurama, so I blame myself. Maybe audience throughput necessitated too long a wait. Hmm, thinking how many times I went to fair. I can remember 5 times but I think there were several more.
  6. Japan's rock wall

    Can’t wait to see the results of this historical sleuthing! History Detectives without the politics.
  7. Japan's rock wall

    Can’t say the same for the sidewalk / hydrant placement. Knowing the Japanese sensibility of aesthetics, that disharmonious violation of spatial balance might have driven some poor architect to fall on his sword in disgrace. Is the man on right looking for the Pamplona bull running or is he a costumed pavilion employee?
  8. Anyone know the tall ship behind Skeena? Maritime countries tend to maintain one flagship sailing vessel to show off now and then. Was it open for tours as part of Expo or just a port call? Traffic engineers could learn from this. When that many people jaywalk, and if my eyes dont deceive me, balance on a painted curb(?), something is wrong with the sidewalk/street design. I’ve noticed how commuter trains look like caterpillars when viewed from such angles. Of course, people looking like ants completes the picture.
  9. GM Motorama Exhibit 1956

    Thank Twitter user @rmsgeek for posting this YouTube showing some dioramas unknown to me. Here’s how it happened... (I am Robinson) Here’s the video.
  10. Stan Freberg RIP

    Just saw this today, Ralph, thanks for the info! I’ll have to find time to look into those pieces you mentioned.
  11. One of the stars of the Fair

    What a coincidence. Today’s Michaelangelo’s birthday. Thanks Randy. Jed Clampett had a similar philosophy about whittling. He said he whittled off anything that didn’t look like his subject.
  12. One of the stars of the Fair

    Thanks for that info, Jim. Was not aware it was his only signature. Wasn’t there a moving walkway past statue? That’s what I remember. As a kid I understood it was a big deal. Only later did I appreciate the artistry involved in making a rock look like soft, folded cloth.
  13. Rev. Billy Graham Death

    Thank you all for your insights and reflections. Younger people often have a justifiably poor opinion of preachers. Happily it took me a minute to remember the once household names of two involved in prominent scandals years back, and I will not dignify and amplify their impact by mentioning their names. Graham was cut from a different cloth. I hope history preserves that distinction RIP.
  14. Hungry? Want to enjoy the Schaefer buffet?

    Pikers! I remember this from the day... May he RIP. Had the pleasure of drinking beer w him in Wang bldg bar back in his NY Newsday days. He famously interviewed JFKs gravedigger, eschewing reporter’s predictable quotes from usual-suspect, go-to bigwigs. True to form, when I mentioned a man who swam the Panama Canal was charged a toll, he lasered in on the granular, “How much did they charge him?” We need reporters like him, not narrative engineers. Salena Zito is the only hands on reporter I know of working now. Would love to tell her my Canal story. Jim, Love that, “adult soda.”
  15. Don’t know about you, but this looks pretty “NYWF-ish prediction” to me. I’m writing this w my thumbs on an iPad in my driveway, finding it increasingly difficult to complain that the future promised to us in 1964, is not at least jiggling the doorknob and jimmying the window latch. And maybe that personal autogyro you thought you’d be ordering from Amazon is coming, but from another vendor. You may not have plans for Uber but Uber has plans for you... https://www.uber.com/info/elevate/