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  1. A happy surprise tonight!

    You know, I saw the same guy in Caesar’s Palace in Vegas in the fall of 2008 or 2009 or was it 2017? He would not recognize me but I recognized him from pics in PTU. He was w a jovial bunch of people in Forum Shops and I didn’t want to intrude. Maybe it was contestant in Trey Callaway look alike contest. Always wondered though. Trolling for invite to see his T&P model. Trey interviewed about Manhattanhenge ep of CSI, and NICE shot of a Life Magazine open to the undersea diorama of Futurama, in this 2017 Underground Home story: https://gothamist.com/arts-entertainment/is-the-1960s-worlds-fair-underground-home-still-there-an-investigation
  2. Recorded at the RCA Pavilion

    This post is basically for Wayne Bretl and any other RCA fans. Searched for RCA and got zero results! So appended this here. Apparently a Nipper outtake.
  3. Waiting for the fireworks, June 1964

    Perfect time of day!
  4. Interesting! I think of him more from Steely Dan. Olatunji was a big deal, at least on NYC radio, w a hit in 1960 later covered by Santana. Before satellites, only place Pocaro heard and saw exotic cultures was in travelogues and... world’s fairs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drums_of_Passion
  5. Spectacular quality early moving pictures on 68mm nitrate film, the IMAX of its day. MOMA film archives. American Mutoscope and Biograph Company. Bonus clip shot from under rail monorail! Ocean liners! (Anyone know where monorail is or name of ships?) https://aeon.co/videos/our-ideas-about-what-early-movies-looked-like-are-all-wrong
  6. Short piece on Jane Jacobs and Robert Moses

    Her NYC apt was right down from the White Horse Tavern of Dylan Thomas fame. When she died her former doorstep was full of flowers and tributes. Your wish for her to be remembered was fulfilled.
  7. Happy New Year! T&P RARE

    Great shots Eric, thanks. Happy New Year to you too!
  8. Wow! Eric really sustained the suspense with that reply! Maybe he was doing end of the year computer cleanups and squeaked that one out before the statute of limitations expired. Happy New Year.
  9. Oh, these lucky people

    Let’s not forget those boss, glass windowed, exterior, yellow, capsule elevators. I think that’s the part I liked most.
  10. As a recovering Floridian I can vouch for that fact! That’s exactly what it looks like, absent wrecking ball of course. Ice on the lake? Wow.
  11. The striking colors might BE the advertising. Maybe the design is associated w some well known area vendor and obvious to locals. Willys written on hood. Maybe a huge Jeep et al dealership uses it to ride customers around lot. At fair to shamelessly show flag. Maybe embarrassingly huge sign on rear that red sweater guy is ogling. “Follow me to Cal Worthington Jeep and his dog Spot!” Those red tires though!!!
  12. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

    Thanks for that Wayne! Interesting. Here in 84780 looks like CBS does not broadcast. I thought making signal available was some sort of FCC requirement.
  13. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

    Wayne, What kind of antenna do you recommend for digital reception? I had two of those flat, flexible ones at different indoor locations in my Miami house and I switched between them w an amplifier and a splitter. My Utah home came w a rooftop pole and a big metal lightning rod style but doesn’t get CBS so no Army Navy Game.
  14. There are two images of Midget Village and one of a Fair button. https://flashbak.com/i-married-a-munchkin-at-the-chicago-midget-club-1948-1982-421947/
  15. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

    Good observation. It’s a shame but as tv improved, my desire to watch it for news or entertainment has declined to virtually zero. Mine is used for dvds or downloaded movies, the Wii, and... The Simpsons.