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  1. This is a tweet and pic from Railroad Heritage @railphotoart: “Happy Valentine's Day! Red is the color of passion and this observation car from the 1984 World's Fair Daylight train. This image by J. Parker Lamb shows ex-GN car "Appekunny Mountain" dressed in the colors and drumhead of a SP Daylight car to promote the World's Fair.” Apparently it ran from Portland to N.O. and back at least once
  2. What if you threw a party and nobody came?

    One man’s ceiling, another’s floor. Days like that meant I had Futurama on continuous loop and pwned the Chrysler quiz, walking away with multiple turbine car model prizes. No elbowing to see the SKF ball bearings bounce or for the driver’s seat in a Mustang. Although I do recall even at 7-8 years old, one day (Dad took me so it had to be a weekend) in particular in front of NCR, looking out at the empty space between the few people strolling by and grasping in my young mind the shaky feel of something being wrong with that picture. Desolate. I remember the same thing at Palisades, having the run of the Fun House on a beautiful day. Nice, but, Where is everybody? Like the foreboding cowboy remark, “Yeah. TOO quiet.”
  3. Anyone know what that girder structure is on the right? While I’m at it, the spiral antenna looking thing on left?
  4. That pesky gypsum

    I sat there in front of the Unisphere once w Don Cavolli and he remarked, Imagine what the T and P was like, several times (was it 4X?) the size. I had never thought of that before. In 1939 it must’ve been massive well off the scale of anyone’s frame of reference. Like red giant stars compared to the sun.
  5. Scrock, My fingers are crossed. Hope that is your mother in the frame. Always thought finding myself or family was the Holy Grail in PTU pics. Good luck!
  6. Thanks, Trey! I missed this thread first time around. And thanks, Speedwell for re-upping! Big Panorama fan here.
  7. Let’s not allow our jaded old selves to forget that in 1964 exterior elevators were themselves an attraction. Now glass elevators are de rigueur in any hotel atrium, and outside in Vegas and Honolulu that I’ve been to, and no doubt a zillion more. They are hardly worth noting. But speaking from experience as an 8 yr old, those yellow pods appeared right out of some Gerry Anderson epic like Stingray or the earlier Space Patrol which seemingly was entirely based on pods swooshing through tubes among purposelessly rotating buildings. Look at some of those old Supermarionation sets and the NYS pavilion fits right in...AND is probably why it was also chosen for MIBlack. I would say the observation towers were, at least partly, a, “ride,” which, together with the interactive map and stage shows, made the whole NYS pavilion a kinetic experience, the structure being almost a minimalist skein loosely ringing the events within. I bet people looked up at the colored panels and columns as well as down at the map and exhibits.
  8. An unexpected mention of the Fair

    Nice surprise. Had no idea where that was going or which fair was involved. In many ways that same Fair is my Rosebud. Thankfully my life wasn’t as unfulfilling as Kane’s apparently was.
  9. That the one with the rubber wheels? I remember that being a big deal for me, my sensitive 10 yr old eardrums otherwise enduring the squealing subterranean hellscape of the NYC subway system.
  10. Twelve figures for the US Royal tire toy

    Good deal! Always liked that, hate to call it a “toy.” Are the figures meant to be put in the buckets, as ride passengers, or around the base?
  11. Forms in Space, October 1965

    Bill, do you know what the plaque said? I looked online, didn’t find anything. Looks like a series of photos from different angles. Does the work represent different things depending on where you view it? What would be the purpose of those images?
  12. Sir Vival car brochure - which fair?

    I will say, That monstrosity was not at the Fair. I remember all kinds of military vehicles, prototypical hang gliders, Polaris, that ski simulator thing, Sea Hunt. NOT a two part civilian car. Odd name doesn’t ring a bell either.
  13. Kodak pavillion model

    How did I miss this thread? Yes, any updates?
  14. Hi Tom, Glad you found us! Futurama was the most important thing in my 7 years of life and years after. My dad worked nearby near that green tower. Went to fair many times. Where did you live while working there? Please don’t be overwhelmed by our questions. Futurama is popular here and we’d be grateful for any recollections you have.
  15. Quit clowning around!

    Sting Ray knock off.