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  1. There are two images of Midget Village and one of a Fair button. https://flashbak.com/i-married-a-munchkin-at-the-chicago-midget-club-1948-1982-421947/
  2. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

    Good observation. It’s a shame but as tv improved, my desire to watch it for news or entertainment has declined to virtually zero. Mine is used for dvds or downloaded movies, the Wii, and... The Simpsons.
  3. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

    Over the air broadcast digital signals! Free. No compression like cable tv does. Funny to see how narrow the image is. Like viewing through a paper roll tube.
  4. They did look sad after a while.
  5. A different angle on the Tent of Tomorrow

    That is a great shot!
  6. Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Noticed on bottom of Trey’s linked story about the Trylon and Perisphere headstone, there was a photo of NYSP and a blurb about this weeks NYC events. Which one of you guys is moonlighting as a tour guide? https://untappedcities.com/tours/tour-the-remnants-of-the-worlds-fairs-at-flushing-meadows-corona-park/
  7. Futurama 64/65 Inspired?

    Wayne, there’s a recipe book for cooking road kill in your engine compartment called Manifold Destiny. Kind of ironic that all the enviro-hand-wringing generated by the ecological damage of the Jungle Clearer led to the idea of, among other things, wind turbines. That’s... avian cuisinarts by any other name. Seriously, there’s a lot of data about their impact on birds. Literally. Mass solar mirror arrays in the desert have more of a searing effect on flying wildlife and shading effect on plants and ground dwelling animals.
  8. Futurama 64/65 Inspired?

    Laser model still in prototype. There might be a road builder just off camera to the right.
  9. Digging that trench good and deep to bury the Futurama dioramas?
  10. High above the Fair!

    What great memories.
  11. Imaginary Photographs 1939/64

    Funny seeing that photo. I sat on a bench between the Unisphere and NYC bldg w AWOL PTUer Don Cavoli when he pointed out how impressive the larger Perisphere must have been. I had not given it much thought, but just then I had a time travel moment and imagined the 1939 scene all around me.
  12. Re that poster: Eddy Duchin was no slouch himself. He was a popular NYC bandleader. Son Peter also had a band and ran w the high society, pinkys up, crowd and was basically a prototype pre-2016 Trump.
  13. Normandie Bow Photo

    Thanks Eric! That is one slick bow design. The reverse sweep on top looks like a cow catcher.
  14. Normandie Bow Photo

    Never saw a bow like this! Is that permanent or temporary catwalk? No other info on pic. Eric?