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  1. I grew up on those mushy little burgers and considered White Castle among the most missed aspects when I moved out of the city. Now they are adding waffles as buns to various products or alone as desserts. What I assume they lack in culinary excellence they may make up for in decadence, or as a stop gap until Krispy Kreme Reeses Peanut Butter donuts arrive. http://www.foodandwine.com/news/white-castle-ihop-belgian-waffles
  2. Nice construction stills, interviews with pilots and a passenger, and color film of the helicopters in service, enhance this already excellent 10 minute recap of the place rooftop helipads held in the imagination of the era, and how the accident ended all that commuter optimism. Also presented is a possible advanced tech version of the future. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-08-10/the-return-of-rooftop-helicopter-commuting-in-new-york-city
  3. Nice dissolves! Good lord I remember that T rex v. Stegosaurus... and I even remember the name!... battle from the Fair! Do you know where they got the Disneyland population number 650,000,000? Is that a total visitor estimate? I would think it would be larger, over half a century. You said the train was newly reopened. Was that a short closure to refurbish, or some major ideological revision? My first trip to Disneyland was in 1971 at 14. I remember the train ride and grand canyon dioramas.
  4. Did you see the other slide featuring two nuns? Not just ever present; they were the subject, at least their backs were. A tableau of Dali's Disappearing Bust of Voltaire?
  5. Never heard the Nuclear Ship designation before. This, the only US nuclear powered merchant vessel, intersects a number of PTU interests from liners, to modern design, to advanced tech. Interesting factoid of nuclear ship: they dont burn fuel and shed weight that needs to be ballasted with seawater. Ballasting is a tremendous logistical ordeal with ramifications of transferring exotic organisms around the world. Despite this advantage, nuke ships did not gain traction. Never thought about such as a kid. I built a plastic model and loved the stylized atomic logo on the sleek curvaceous sides. https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/07/aboard-the-ns-savannah-americas-first-and-last-nuclear-merchant-ship/
  6. Lakebear, Thanks for the suggestions and Welcome to PTU! The stars have indeed aligned and I am making the trip to Albuquerque, hopefully avoiding Bugs Bunny's wrong turn. Previous AmTrak layovers in Chicago between the Capitol Limited and Empire Builder or Zephyr allowed more time. But this trip aboard the Southwest Chief departs too early for major exploration. Great thing about trains is instead of being stuck in some horrendous airport beyond nowheresville, they drop you smack in the middle of civilization. I have my fingers crossed for connection-missing delays requiring Amtrak to overnight me in a hotel. Wayne, Thanks for correcting me. I'm embarrassed to have confused the museums. My intimate knowledge of Illinoise and Chicago sites like Kominsky Park being otherwise beyond reproach. I viewed your One Fine Day link. Liked the post apocalyptic absence of people. Scale model of the city? Color me there! I remember signs for that boat tour and will note your distinction. Thanks for the advice!
  7. If stars align I will have 10am-2pm free at Union Station Chicago on 6 September, and another similar eastbound Amtrak layover after Columbus Day. In the past I've visited the Field museum to see Nighthawks and American Gothic, and ogled the toddlin' town's river and impressive architecture. Can anyone suggest Fair-related remnants or historical locations within walking distance of the Willis Tower? My last visit I called the Fire Dept to extinguish a burning creosote laden piling beneath the Adams St bridge, no doubt preventing what would have been known as the Great Chicago Fire of 2009, so I figure, they owe me!
  8. I'm having a lot of trouble losing weight after getting hit by a car, then torn rotator cuffs, so I am not mocking people who exceed their optimal poundage. But add enough irony to the context and, well, I gotta laugh. So for anyone wanting a grin, and perhaps an insight into Brexit, google four words: BELGIAN HEALTH MINISTER PHOTOS Chocolate, anyone? Perhaps a waffle?
  9. Sheri C, thanks for all the eyewitness accounts. Enjoyable as valuable. That jazz concert lineup was some major, off the charts, 2 hour concentration of american royalty! Muddy Waters(!) to Theolonius to Brubeck WITH Paul Desmond! Herbie Mann before recording Push Push with Duane Allman. Roger, thanks for adding those pics here. What are those big silver balls next to LEM? Space balls or art?
  10. New York Times reminiscence of Expo '67, at Canada's 100th year, from 2017, Canada's 150th. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/29/world/canada/as-canada-turns-150-a-return-to-expo-67-and-a-time-of-reinvention.html
  11. Information about the Chrysler exhibits and shots of 3D specs for viewing "In Tune With Tomorrow," courtesy of David Burge, 427 SOHC fan, and boss ride enthusiast known to Twitter as @Iowahawk http://iowahawk.typepad.com/iowahawk/2009/05/60-minutes-of-magic.html LAC Museum of Art requested an image of the glasses for an upcoming exhibition so you may want to keep your eyes peeled for whatever that turns out to be.
  12. You're right about that paper mill stink! Reminds me of everywhere in Pensacola, courtesy of St. Regis.
  13. Holy cow I didn't even know they painted it at all much less back in 2015! I missed that memo! Looks like a million bucks! I can't speak for the board but it seems like a lot of the oxygen has left the debate over the TOT. Fatigue, despair and departure of Queens centric members and rabid pavilion fans have sapped the energy from a once lively discussion leaving, maybe not cynicism and utter hopelessness, but a realistic acknowledgment of the bureaucratic leviathan. You are correct: there were lots of discussions about plans. Perhaps you remember PTU people were involved in painting the white and red at ground level back in... 2000 single digits? That was about same time the map was being partly restored. Unless old posts were broken following a board revamp they should be findable, if not through the search window, perhaps by determined rooting through the pertinent forums . Thanks for posting those links! News to me!
  14. Bill, what was the purpose of the free standing poles with the stars? And for any young visitors to this topic, let me mention... the star covered drum rotated.