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  1. Don’t know if this is update or rehash but there’re some pictures I haven’t seen. Another thing I haven’t seen: customers . But like Fallingwater, I can gaze at this building forever https://www.dwell.com/article/twa-hotel-jfk-airport-eero-saarinen-open-for-reservations-d4ac1649
  2. GM Parade of Progress Plus

    Yes Futurliners was the answer to my question. Thanks Wayne. Been aware of those behemoth bus/trucks for long time but the name was not coming to me as I composed post.
  3. Came across this image on Twitter. First I’ve seen of other vehicles associated with the Parade. Usually all I see are individual shots, or caterpillar queues, of those odd one off vehicles winding through towns. Do we know what they were called?
  4. Gary Sinise CSI team not included. Under $80,000 per month! https://www.redfin.com/NV/Las-Vegas/3970-Spencer-St-89119/home/29490988
  5. TV Remote Control 1956

    Wayne, this angle is better. You’re right, this might be the tv I was thinking of! 1969. It was huge! The plastic pedestal shape was distinctive. I understand several pedestal models derived from the expensive 1969 RCA 2000 model. Itself probably derived from the 2001 A Space Odyssey aesthetic of 1968. Would fit right in on the Discovery One.
  6. Not fair related; for those tv history fans among PTUers.
  7. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. https://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/jetpack-aviation-racing-test-flight/
  8. Don’t specifically remember this particular engine but at 7-8 yrs old I do remember being enthralled by shiny, moving, planetary gears and turbo hydramatic transmission cutaways as well as full internal combustion suites of visible rocker arms, camshafts, valves, pistons and drive shafts all moving in concert. Yet another thing to love about the fair. https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2018/12/24/display-engine-from-1964-65-ny-worlds-fair-illustrates-a-short-chapter-in-corvette-history/
  9. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the PTUers who over these many years have enriched my life with their knowledge and observations. As well to any guests perusing the site. My best wishes to you and yours.
  10. Welcome! Sorry about your mom. I’d love to see a pic of the 7Up uniform!
  11. The Jaycopter Quesions

    Not too late! Glad you found us! Like Wayne I have nothing to add, but second his emotion about keeping us informed. I well remember the Jaycopter from many visits to the fair.
  12. 23 1/2 Degrees

    Embarrassed I don’t remember a definitive answer. I always thought the empty South Pacific was placed rightly, facing the fewest viewers at the NYC pavilion. That put the more interesting Africa and Europe and the Greenwich zero meridian facing the long promenades to the Bell System. The sphere also tilts down at a point allowing a view of Europe which would otherwise be obscured from the ground, way high in northern latitudes. Europe is easier to see the further away one stands. But then the asymmetric weight distribution of the continents may also come into play making the orientation at least partly an engineering solution.
  13. Mold-a-Ramas chugging along

    Thanks for posting. Can you provide the aroma?
  14. Chrysler Turbine Car Model Cameo

    Wayne, The plot sickens. A Twitterer says his model came in a different box. I Tweeted whether the shelf holds the box the model came in, or harbors a second turbine car? Not sure if your Twitter machine will let you view this link, but the thread has some other turbine information you might find interesting, or dubious. My Twitter handle is @heartadarkness, using the Burma Jones pronunciation. https://mobile.twitter.com/tyffaniharvey/status/1046934049250529280
  15. Stumbled on this random You Tube and noticed the car to the right on top shelf. I was convinced it was the turbine car even before I spied the BOX beneath it!