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  1. Thanks for taking the time to post and take the pics w your unfriendly camera.
  2. Alan Abel

    I read one of those books! Great! I remember on SNL his hawking the Mr Coffee spin off product, Mr. Tea, in which boiled water trickled uselessly through a machine before filling a cup w a teabag placed inside. Prior to SNL the good father added to his sharp dressed priest persona as Rock Critic and Gossip Columnist for the Vatican Newspaper in regular appearances on the Dean Martin Show.
  3. Which one of you pulled this stunt? https://nypost.com/2018/09/28/man-busted-for-stealing-150-lbs-of-waffle-mix/
  4. Alan Abel

    Interesting! Thanks, Jim. I only WISH the nonsense I hear these days was a hoax.
  5. Let's head upstairs!

    NYWF was probably the first place I saw moving walkways. A moving INCLINE must’ve been a real treat for my young self! Like kids having more fun w the boxes Christmas presents come in, some of the most fascinating aspects of NYWF were not the featured exhibits and displays, but the buildings they came in and the logistics and conveyances surrounding them.
  6. The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas has a virtual reality experience set in 1894 among the ruins of the Columbian Exposition. $33 https://www.reviewjournal.com/entertainment/vr-horror-experience-in-las-vegas-set-in-haunted-fairground/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  7. A VERY different angle on the Fair

    Argh. Thanks Wayne! I’m stuck in the past. First, I meant ROTOR wash, not prop. Second, of course it was a drone! I assumed they climbed up through the center. I’m grateful I grew up w the kind of stupid kids who would recklessly jostle you in situations like that. Such distrust kept me well away from precipices my whole life. More people than authorities publically admit end up falling from, for example, National Park cliff edges and structures. Not including those poor souls doing so deliberately.
  8. Atmoph Window

    Another piece falls into place to make that underground home a reality. https://atmoph.com/en/ Figured a flat screen HDTV was there already but this is aesthetically pleasing and specialized. Price?
  9. A VERY different angle on the Fair

    Saw this on Twitter today. There is another shot w less distorting lens. What if there was an earthquake? There’s already the prop wash and chest vibrating noise of a helicopter in their faces! Let’s not forget the Mohawk iron workers. http://www.whitewolfpack.com/2012/09/the-mohawks-who-built-manhattan-photos.html Some people just dig it. They also surf, those who stand on waves. BTW, I think we all can learn from the musings of Gomez Addams.
  10. The Avenue Of Commerce

    Wow I looked at Bill’s OP photo and thought, Gee that’s a nice photo...is that Tower of Four Winds?...those luminaires were beautiful...I should post a comment. Then I scroll down and there’s myself posting just that... in 2009!!! Nine years later and I react the exact same way! Well, if nothing else, I’m consistent.
  11. Uniroyal Giant Tire in the Wild

    Wow I forgot all about white walls being an option. My entire automotive life became a commodity since modern cars converged to look alike and be equally resistant to shade tree, under the hood, noodling by requiring bizarre tools. Ballast resistor blown? Eh, just rent a new car. Just yesterday I discovered a blown low beam on my aging Matrix. Feared I’d have to replace whole lens module. Happily only a bulb swap job using fingers. I completely forgot the post fair travels of the wheel so I posted pic here without explanation for new members and perusers. Please excuse my unwarranted flippancy. After the fair, in 1966, the wheel became a static display along I-94 in Allen Park, Michigan. I assume it was rolled from Flushing Meadow with attendent ceremony similar to transporting the statues on Easter Island from the quarry to display sites. But from headlights to tires my judgment is becoming suspect.
  12. Found this on Twitter. Don’t remember this angle. looks like my old 66 Mustang there too. I pasted this pic as text. In case it doesn’t show up I’ll add as media too.
  13. I have zero knowledge now and fewer personal memories of ska at the Fair. However shortly afterward I developed my own interest in ska, (also courtesy of Millie Small) calypso, and soca, and as an adult traveled the Caribbean and now live in Miami. Sorry I can’t help but would love to see whatever you came up with so far.
  14. Futurliner Parade of Parade of Progress

    Jeez, I missed all those posts after the 25th! I was trying to find the location too! Anyhoo here’s more bus action from a man who collects concept, prototype, and other one-off cars : http://bortzautocollection.com/cars/1955-chevy-biscayne/futurliner-buses/
  15. I remember that! Odd bit of modernity stuck tween lands and Matterhorn and Castle. Very disappointed it was removed before our family visit in 1971. But by then Haunted Mansion had arrived. http://www.yesterland.com/futurehouse.html That modular construction was new and promising back then. Has anyone been inside Polymer Pavilion?