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  1. Thanks for posting Eric! Glad you have a new favorite. And good to hear from you! Seems like it’s been a long time. Nice photo. Looks like a sea urchin. Took a second for me to remember just how big that thing was compared to Unisphere!
  2. What pavilion? Johnny Carson show

    Boy that’s a good question Wayne! I’m wondering if it’s not a Dutch angle like so many photogs seem to employ to show their creative side. Watched the vid again and there is a sparkle toward middle right. I’m hoping that’s a major clue! Are those vegetation branches on lower left? Putting text in those backlit plastic circles was a common trope back then. Maybe we just can’t see the writing? All shots are exterior I assume. My first thought was the cameraman pointed at a ceiling or awning over semi outdoor event space. Could just be a random colorful light panel some 2nd unit cameraman liked. The faint lines from upper left to lower right across the colored panels are not continuous across cross members, implying to me they are structural, not purely decorative.
  3. Just found out Wells Fargo allows you to personalize your ATM card with an image from their library of photos and designs OR... upload one of your own. Great opportunity to have a Unisphere or otherwise Fair related card in your wallet! This feature was not mentioned in the “replacement card” email they sent. Only found it by coincidentally reading a msg on their app.
  4. What pavilion? Johnny Carson show

    There was a montage of images. I recognized the Futurama “wing”, the Fountain of the Planets fireworks, et al. I believe Wayne is asking for the pavilion matching that still image he posted.
  5. What pavilion? Johnny Carson show

    Don’t know Wayne, but boy thanks for the 1964 clip! Glad he explained that topical joke about the Yankees. And all those familiar names! I had forgotten about the trademark golf swing.
  6. There’s a lot to like in this link! https://flashbak.com/the-fantastic-and-troubled-history-of-the-video-phone-404033/
  7. Having font problem. Actual turbine car was minor draw. In fact I don’t remember anything about its daily drive or if they had a static display. It was not futuristic enough for me. The whole fair was often devoid of people. I have a vivid memory of mom and I talking to the quizmaster the evening he blew off the quiz and just handed me multiple cars because the place was deserted. It was a peek behind the curtain of adulthood as well as a windfall. But mostly on those empty days I took advantage of no waiting lines, riding Futurama over and over til parent said time to go. You mentioned loyalty. I wrote a letter to GM saying their ride went too fast, can they send me pictures? Came home from school and saw a big blue envelope in mailbox. Through view hole I spied the Futurama logo building silhouette. Couldn’t wait for parents to come home and open box. Huge corporate GM had sent me two B&W, 8X10, glossies, moon rover and undersea resort, and typed narration script of Futurama. When I say GM, I mean some human being recognized a letter scrawled by a little kid and could have easily thrown it out. But did not. The significance of that act of kindness grew and evolved in my mind as my perspective on life matured. As I entered workforce, I understood my actions reflected on my employer. I always tried to remember that instance and what I would do for a little kid writing such a letter. So inspired, I once wrote a thank you note to a boss who gave me a bonus. He paraded around the lab holding it above his head like Neville Chamberlin waving the Munich Agreement, but instead of saying “Peace for our time,” he declared, “Sixteen years! Sixteen years I’ve been Director of this Division and I’ve never gotten anything like this!” Do I have those quotes reversed? No, I think I was right the first time. Anyway when I was old enough to sink big bucks into a car, a constellation of practical concerns dwarfed the emotional gravitas of a letter and the bossness of multiple turbine car toys. Clearly though, I have never forgotten that blue envelope. My, “Rosebud.” Ha! Just now I wonder in a, “The Lives of Others,” way, what became of the individual who answered my letter. Is it coincidence I am probably soon buying a Chrysler Pacifica? * I thought GM was superior in design both inside and out. Ford was interesting architecturally but I found the ride hokey...I mean at the time!...and their vision of the future... what, a buncha lights?... was pathetic. At that age I wanted to see grown up tech stuff. Chrysler was a nice outdoor seating area with fountains. (Seriously, have you seen Futurama? It was orders of magnitude more interesting for me. Of course the other thing that amazed me was the model train layout in Better Living Center.)
  8. Hope someone can translate from German but this video is a WF kid’s dream. Not familiar with the brands or models or type of train; regardless, this took some out of box thinking. By the same people who run that insanely elaborate model city in Hamburg, the engineering is impressive. On top of everything, I’m surprised how few trains it took! Probably more a testament to frictionless surfaces. ...had trouble posting that. I abbreviated title then it was accepted. Hope link works.
  9. Wow after reading Wayne’s post I suddenly remembered a huge aspect of Chrysler that hasn’t been mentioned. Your perceptions of the pavilion being designed for kids is accurate. That is a good distinction from the other auto makers. There was a quiz arena, well documented on this site, where kids would fill little desk stations of some kind and respond to questions. The prize for winning was a model turbine car. Details elude me. I bet they’re here somewhere I vividly recall being the only contestant one evening and the quizmaster giving me several cars! I was born in 1957 so this was one of the greatest things that happened in my life. As far as brand loyalty, I was devoted to GM due to their Futurama ride, and the prototype futuristic cars in the lobby following the ride. We lived in Manhattan and dad worked in Flushing so we went to the fair many times. Chrysler was one of my mandatory stops, scarfing a handful of those 1/24 scale cars over the two years.
  10. Does anyone use Facebook for access to this site?

    I logged on solely to say that I also dropped FB years ago for a multitude of reasons and since then have found a new reason a month.
  11. Don’t know if this is update or rehash but there’re some pictures I haven’t seen. Another thing I haven’t seen: customers . But like Fallingwater, I can gaze at this building forever https://www.dwell.com/article/twa-hotel-jfk-airport-eero-saarinen-open-for-reservations-d4ac1649
  12. GM Parade of Progress Plus

    Yes Futurliners was the answer to my question. Thanks Wayne. Been aware of those behemoth bus/trucks for long time but the name was not coming to me as I composed post.
  13. Came across this image on Twitter. First I’ve seen of other vehicles associated with the Parade. Usually all I see are individual shots, or caterpillar queues, of those odd one off vehicles winding through towns. Do we know what they were called?
  14. Gary Sinise CSI team not included. Under $80,000 per month! https://www.redfin.com/NV/Las-Vegas/3970-Spencer-St-89119/home/29490988
  15. TV Remote Control 1956

    Wayne, this angle is better. You’re right, this might be the tv I was thinking of! 1969. It was huge! The plastic pedestal shape was distinctive. I understand several pedestal models derived from the expensive 1969 RCA 2000 model. Itself probably derived from the 2001 A Space Odyssey aesthetic of 1968. Would fit right in on the Discovery One.