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  1. Stegosaurus Sighting

    Not kidding when I say the lifetime Senior Pass was the last straw convincing me to sell my Miami house of 30 years and move to Utah. When you turn 62 you are eligible to pay $80 and get a credit card sized pass that allows free admission to all National Parks and National Monuments, and 50% discounts at campgrounds and other in-park facilities. With entrance fees of $35 for some high value parks, that card pays for itself quickly. Some local venues may also give you a price break with the card. I got mine in person at Big Bend NP as I was driving west, but I’m sure they’re offered online. Annual and other levels of pass are available. https://www.nps.gov/planyourvisit/senior-pass-changes.htm
  2. Stegosaurus Sighting

    Dinosaurs have been much revisited since I was a lad; mostly the heads, the coloration, and the presence of feathers. Basic shapes are the same but more species have been revealed. Besides all the old school mini-brontosaurs I see guarding Sinclair stations now that I live in the Mountain West, I discovered a familiar friend on my recent month long camping trip wielding my new Lifetime Senior National Park Pass. Can’t say I remember that as the original paint job as sign says. Dinosaur National Monument is a great stop. There are two parts. A 30 mile drive through beautiful rugged scenery to an overlook of the Green River. And a museum sheltering an exposed vertical outcrop dig of multitudes of dino bones. Nearby Vernal has dino attractions as well. Sorry, no cloning. Yet. Paleo-PTUers may be interested that current dino era research is focused on smaller plants and animals. Apparently the big boys are understood well enough to devote resources to less imposing but more interesting life in those same strata. ...actually that’s a 30 mile drive through beautiful rugged scenery to A TRAILHEAD that leads to a one mile hike to the overlook. Ranger told me it was only a 70’ elevation change and encouraged me to go. Haha, funny guy! My Garmin Montana GPS told me it was indeed only a 70’ change, but that you make it TEN TIMES.
  3. Found on Twitter. Don’t know if posted here before.
  4. Erik! Haven’t seen you around in a while. Was hoping a “stick and ball” ‘39 fan such as yourself would see this pic. I know nothing more about pic. Does look familiar though. Maybe I saw the original. I’m not a knowledgeable photo collector but it seems that “colorization” has come a long way since the controversial days of Turner colorizing old black and white movies. In fact there’s a woman now gaining kudos on Twitter for lovingly and believably colorizing 19th century stills. Sorry, don’t remember her name.
  5. Copied from Twitter... One of the legendary "Dreyfuss Hudsons" (J-3a), which powered the original version of New York Central's streamlined "20th Century Limited." The locomotive is seen here on display at the New York World's Fair in 1939. Photo colorized by Patty Allison. Tweeted by: https://www.american-rails.com/
  6. Houston, we have a tourist attraction. Opening 1 July, the $5 million(!) redo boasts great attention to detail. Yes, that does mean cigarette butts overflowing ashtrays. https://arstechnica.com/science/2019/06/behind-the-scenes-at-nasas-newly-restored-historic-apollo-mission-control/
  7. Tweet with pics of several Homes of the Future relocated post 1933 Chicago Cent of Progress Fair to Beverly Shores, IN, and available to tour one day per year. https://mobile.twitter.com/iowahawkblog/status/1141343726071140354
  8. This is a Tweet showing four photos of exhibits Tweeter David Burge says appeared at IBM pavilion in 64 NYWF. They were seen this week in a museum somewhere in midwest, possibly Henry Ford or close to. https://mobile.twitter.com/iowahawkblog/status/1140969757413453827
  9. Eric, you’re absolutely right. I’m just so completely used to the media treating me like a piñata that I hold my nose and pinch media links between my thumb and forefinger at arm’s length when pasting to PTU. I think Ben Rhodes’ quote holds up... “The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns… They literally know nothing.”
  10. Yes it is. I see the tweet specifically mentions book, not video. They’re probably trying to hype the sales.
  11. True. The child and name were hypothetical.
  12. Peg and Al Bundy had a child named Seven. He disappeared. They’re probably somewhere with Ritchie Cunningham’s older brother Chuck.
  13. Have you heard the one where an author, an astronomer, and a director walk into a... NYWF Sermons from Science pavilion? https://mobile.twitter.com/chasingmoonbk/status/1136619822979125249 I guess to hear about the disastrous dinner you have to watch the film or read the book, Chasing the Moon.
  14. Up, Up, and Away at TWA Hotel

    I encourage you to do so, speedwell! Wherever you stay will be pricey but won’t have the spectacular space of this unique venue. I was there many times as a kid; even before my cocktail swirling days I felt I was in another world. Plus you get to go inside a Connie! Please go and report back!