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  1. I ran across your posts from 2007 about fair mustangs. I've been starting some research on the fair's ford falcon's. I've obtained one VIN from a 65 car and I know that the 36 falcons in 65 where sesquential.

    I'd be interested in any information I can obtain on the VINs for 64s or any other information I can retrieve from you. Perhaps one of our members is in possession of one of the pavillion Falcons

    Wally Tirado

    Internet Director, Falcon Club of America



  2. Hi Philip, I have done quite a bit of research on the Ford Pavilion, and have information on some of the events that took place there during the Fair. The first mention of the Mustang 1st Anniversary event that I've found was in a Dec. 22, 1964 memo from Ford Public Relations man Tom J. Tierney to Ford Pavilion Resident Manager John E. Sattler. This was followed by a series of internal memos in the early months of '65 leading up to the day of the event on April 15, 1965. Unfortunately, I have not seen any documentation listing Vehicle Identification Numbers of the Mustangs that were used, but hopefully this provides you with some additional information about the event that you didn't already know...
  3. Ford pavilion model in 1:296 scale

    Hey - that looks just like my avatar! Nice work Rob!
  4. New York State Pavilion Anniversary Event!

    Did anybody else catch Johnny Piro talking to Harry Smith on the NBC Nightly News tonight? http://www.nbcnews.com/video/nightly-news/55013337#55013337 Way to go Johnny & crew!!
  5. Return of Mustang to the fair

    This is obviously a different photo, but there was a small gathering of Mustangs at the Unisphere last Thursday (April 17th) to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Mustang... https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2014/04/17/ford-mustang-returns-to-new-york-to-celebrate-50-years.html
  6. Thunderbirds from the magic skyway

    Hi Mark, Yes, a photo of the door data plate (and of the radiator support as well) would be most helpful. So far, every Magic Skyway vehicle found to date has a 6-digit DSO code (beginning with the numbers "84") on the door data plate...
  7. Thunderbirds from the magic skyway

    Thanks for the photo Mark, but it really doesn't tell us anything about why you think this is a World's Fair car...
  8. Happy Birthday, Randy Treadway!

    Happy Birthday RT!!
  9. That sounds like a lot of fun, but seeing how my car is a '67, the only connection to the Fair would be through it's older siblings... :D
  10. I agree with Mike, this is great news Bill - unfortunately I've never been much of a "landfill" collector (I'm more into photos and documents), so I don't really have any artifacts to offer up for a display...
  11. Thunderbirds from the magic skyway

    Hi Mark, First - Welcome to the forum! As I stated back in Feb. '08, I have only the VINs for the six '65 T-Birds that were allocated for use on the Magic Skyway ride (only five were actually used), and nothing on the '64 T-Birds. However, I do have documentation from the Benson Ford Research Center indicating that the colors of the six cars used in the '64 season were: - Two Diamond Blue (code N) - Two Brittany Blue (code Q) - Two Patrician Green (code U) Was your car originally one of these three colors, or has it always been Prairie Tan? If it's the latter, then I think we can probably rule out your car as one of the Magic Skyway ride vehicles... However, that doesn't necessarily mean that the car wasn't at the Ford Pavilion. There were other T-Birds on display at various locations within the pavilion... May I politely ask what leads you to believe that your car was at the Ford Pavilion? - Does it have a special 6-digit DSO listed on the doortag (starting with the number "84")? - Any funny brackets on the underside of the radiator support or rear axle housing? - Any supporting documentation? I'm looking forward to figuring out exactly what you have! Best Regards, Kevin
  12. Exciting news from Ford

    Cool news Bill! FYI - In anticipation of the 50th anniversary of the Mustang this April, Ford has been posting some interesting Mustang-related photos and documents on their Media Center website: Ford Media Center I found these two entries of particular interest: Mustang Press Intro - The introduction ceremonies took place in the Product Salon at the Ford Pavilion. You can even see the Aurora show car in the back-ground in some of the photographs... Mustang Press Kit and Media Drive
  13. Blue leads the way

    Yes, there were six different "wedge" or "slice" patterns, and each was used eight times - as shown in the attached drawing...
  14. 1963 Construction Photo

    Images restored to my postings...
  15. Blue leads the way

    Somewhat related, here's a mapping of the Tent of Tomorrow panels that I did for Rob Bianco a while back...