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  1. Well there is an Abbracciamentos restaurant on Woodhaven Queens NY not to far from the fair.LOL.
  2. WOW Awesome shots.Thank You.But Please be careful it is so dangerous up there.How sad to see this once beautiful structure just fade away.
  3. I say no.New York is so full of Red Tape.Lets see no Olympics out bid,no football stadium,but we have two NY football teams,cant fix roads. In my opion its a no.Sad to say. :(
  4. Do you have any photos you can post of before and after the fair.Any areas would be great .Thank you.
  5. What a fantastic video.Thank you.
  6. Great photos Bill .Thank you.
  7. Dosent the "V" line look very different from the fair ,to what it looks like now?
  8. That is great stuff fromk GM I was able to obtain all that info from GM a few years back.They were very nice to give me all this info at no charge and they were very helpful..
  9. Take a good look at It one more time......Kinda looks like Sponge Bobs under water home.just paint it yellow ad a door and windows with a pineapple leaf top and there you have it.Did they say estimate at $15,000 to $25,000.WOW..... :blink:
  10. Thank you Bill for sharing such wonderful photos.
  11. Hi Bill I cant view the photos,but in your below post I have no problem.Am I doing something wrong?l
  12. Great find. love stuff like this.Thank you.
  13. I think the ride you have circled is what they call the octopus.
  14. wow awesom .that indeed is the wild mouse.great shot.
  15. I will never understand why they took down the Belgian village.That section alone should have been kept in the park and maybe converted into great restaurants small pubs etc. and kept running year round.