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  1. IBM - Think

    Thanks Randy.
  2. IBM - Think

    Analog computers are superior to digital computers. When you follow the wiffletree link there it mentions military computers. If a home compter fails it doesn't matter but for military purposes I believe wiffeltrees are still in use. About the Selectric, I have seen the same design in an early "word porcessor" at a friend's house from IBM. It had a computer screen built-in and those rounded shapes and that keyboard. I wanted him to sell it to me but he just said that it didn't work. But I wanted it since it was a beautiful thing. Now I want a real Selectric. Which ones of those IBM pavillion items are available? What Selectrics were used, so I can say this is the same Selectirc model that they had at the world's fair? What colors?
  3. IBM - Think

    And I wrote so many spelling errors, so nobody dares to try the program. But if you have a second computer in a wardrobe perhaps you can try it on that one.
  4. IBM - Think

    Hello. I have made a software program similar to the IBM pavillion mainframe as far as I could. Mine is a little better since it solves the Sherlock holmes problem I guess, while they had a doll show, if I typed it in right, although the problem is a little lame to say the least. Here is the syntax add rule watson(true) add rule london(false) :- watson(true) add rule wicket(false) :- watson(true) add rule babbage(false) :- wicket(false), watson(true) And you ask for example babbage(X)? and it shows up there on the lamp sign. But the "problem" is extremely lame the way I have interpreted it. It is also weirdly presented on the Sherlock Holmes show. They show only a triuth table for two of the places. This was how the computers were at the time, sort of. Nowadays it's called Prolog. So if you just remove add rule and add a dot it is Prolog syntax that can be typed in there. I have used two open source Prologs that were abandoned to get the IBM mainframe. I have not implemented the hand writing recognition. By the way was it really so that the IBM computer did that or was it just a guy hiding there typing it into the computer? Also, the find a date is not useful today, so why shuld it be implemented. Instead of the IBM typewriters I have included a Word processor that produces Pica (Courier New) PDF documents and some other functions. This is a computer application that is intended to work and be useful, first logic and such things and then the word processor that works like a modern typewriter. But if it should be more fairl like it can be changed of course, if someone responds to this here and wants me to do it and if it is legal, we can't iclude IBM logos and their pavillion designs I guess. Anyway if you want to try the "IBM" computer mainframe for "real" or as close as possible here it is. I have also a functional "Hugs" system built in, they allow you to do that. It works among other things like a calculator, you can try it, start with 2 + 2 for example. And it's an advanced calculator, so it's not just a simple thing, it's actually more like excel or something. http://www.jrvideo.se/?page_id=14967
  5. Mapping the Belgian Village

    These are some very simple combined photos by me from one of the official movies that I made a long time ago.
  6. June 28, 1965

    It's beautiful. Are there perhaps more details lurking in the shadows? Did you Mr Cotter take the picture? What film is it? It looks like Ektachrome to me.
  7. A Monorail Video I Hadn't Seen

    Hello, first I want to say I enjoyed the "Florida video I haven't seen". Then, I found a monorail video I haven't seen. I was going to compile a Monorail video with Swedish subtitles just for fun and then I searched archive.org and this video NY Fair From Above came up unexpectedly, it's in my video unabridged there. Yo have probably seen it all of you, but perhaps you like the idea of a monorail compilation, I'm not a trainspotter though, I know nothing about trains but monorails are very much inspired by the fairs I guess. Link
  8. I'm planning a computer game

    I like the walk it out idea. The API I use right now, Java, has no mat to stomp on and the Mac as i wrote earlier has no Microsoft DirectX functions so I have a hard time doing what I want though. The Wii is "closed" and not so fun for an open project. Can you attach the stomp equipment to a PC or a mac? I don't think you are allowed to mention Robert Moses in a game. But back to the walk it out idea, I have to check it out further, if someone who lives in the queens area perhaps a 3D game can be made out of the pictures and then when "stomped" or rather a button is pressed a pavilion appears from an old photo or if the talenetd 3D artist I have seen here who was working on a Kodak pavilion lends out his pavilions they can appear, who knows.
  9. I'm planning a computer game

    I didn't get it, are you staying here in Stockholm or what?
  10. I'm planning a computer game

    I'll be out waiving! I beileve the planes go over my apartment building pretty much where I am.
  11. I'm planning a computer game

    Thanks Randy. The heroine does not collect any prize at all, but I guess I have some code in there for coins that I didn't use. I could of course paint them red and it could be the 45 rpm there, but still nobody would notice what it is. A little problem is that the items are not in the public domain so I can't put in the cover of the album there I guess. There could be a second level where it's a labyrinth or better a map of the fair, but I don't think I'll be allowed to use an actual map. What I want to do also, if possible is that you walk around ina photo or something behind things, that would be cool. But your idea I like, Randy, though I don't know how to get stuff in the public domain. But if you post a number of prizes that is PD I'll try to put them in there one way or another. The models I used so far are PD as far as I know from Google sketchup. Anyway thanks Randy for looking at my poor attempt, keep posting ideas, critique or whatever.
  12. I'm planning a computer game

    Here is a youtube video of the very simple game. The memory game is moved into anothe game compilation "mini games" though. Youtube Video
  13. The Amphicar Found In Sweden?

    Thanks. Yes, i will wave back. Anyway I almost knew there was nothing special about it. I didn't know that they changed the steering wheel position on cars. You can still drive a car although the steering wheel is on the wrong side. People who have old cars I beleive they drive them the way they were built but drive on the right side of the road.
  14. The Amphicar Found In Sweden?

    I try to transfer some old family movies to blu-ray discs and it's not very easy dealing with my family especially my sister, but that is not what I want to write about. Anyway, to get to the "real movies I have to go through her DV tapes starting around the year 2000 and it is mostly stuff that she recorded to show what her students were doing. She founded a school with some friends for children with special needs and she taped what they were doing to show the parents and at the time she copied the DV tapes to VHS and later DVD and sent them home with the kids. Anyway, I have just copied very many hours of such material and I spotted that they were at a museum called Skokloster Motor Museum or something like that. I spotted briefly on the tape when I copied it, to my surprise something that looked like the amphicar standing there and a picture beside it that was a picture of the car in water, could have been from the 1964 fair. I couldn't go back to watch it again, since I recorderd it on disc. But it was very brief. I was thinking, did I hallucinate. Then on the net a few minutes ago I found this http://www.amphicar.com/museums.htm#Skokloster Motor-Museum It looks like the museum in deed has an amphicar according to the site. Can you help me more about this? Is the 1964 Amphicar in Sweden possibly or are there hundreds of them? I can say that the colors matched from what I saw. But anyway I will have to go to the museum myself to get a better look.
  15. Any World's Fair jokes?

    They are so fun. And they look so 60's. Thanks. They avoid to make fun of the Unisphere or that anything serious would stop functioning. They guy at the IBM computer penpal service that was sad.