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  1. A great day at the fair

    Cindy and I wanted to thank everyone for the kind words about our T-Bird. Although our T-Bird was not at the fair in 1964, last Sunday it seemed like it belonged there. What a truly an incredible day, almost like a dream. We talked about going back when it gets cooler, and maybe less crowded. This car is what made me find PTU, as I was looking for info what T-Birds were at the fair. My dad took me to the fair a few times in 1964 and 1965, and I have memories, but no pictures, but Cindy and her family did take a few slides when they went there. We took over 200 pictures last Sunday, and a few brought back distinct memories. I think the three of us, John (Johnny at the Fair), Cindy and myself were a bit shocked that we were able to take pictures with the T-Bird around the fair. Boy, what an unforgettable day that was !
  2. A great day at the fair

    What an incredible day. It's been close to 30 years since I stood by the unisphere, and forgot how awe inspiring it really is. Never mind the great pics that we took, the great weather and our "guide" John, who knew where everything was. Today everything just fell into place. John, you are the man !! Thanks for a great day.
  3. A great car show at FMCP

    Thought I'd post a few more pics of the car show at FMCP on August 3rd, 2008. Johnny, sorry we missed you. But we did get a few pics of the NYSP and the SS still on the tower - we didn't know that it would be taken down in a few weeks from then. We will be at Nassau Coliseum on November 28, 29 and 30th. We hope to see Johnny and anyone else from PTU there. We will have a few WF items on display with our Thunderbird. Bob & Cindy
  4. Thunderbirds at the NYWF NOT on the magic skyway

    Hi Randy, Great pictures ! That white 1964 convertible is a Roadster - a carryover from the 1962 & 1963 body style. In the 2 previous years, the roadster package included a "tonneau" cover, that covered the rear seats, making it appear to be a 2 seater, real wire wheels, a grab bar on the passenger side of the dash, and an emblem I think on the front fender. The body designation on the data plate was 76B instead of 76A. Ford didn't sell that many for those 2 years, so they discontinued it for 1964. But that 1964 in the pic has the tonneau cover, but I can't see the wheels. It's been said that ford made 50 1964 roadsters, that left the factory with the tonneau cover and wire wheels. but no emblem or grab bar. Well this car proves that there was 1 from the factory. There was no difference in the body designation on the data plate - all convertibles were 76A. Some have said that the roadster option was Dealer installed, which may be possible, or they left the factory that way. I would really love to know the data plate info and if that car is still around.
  5. Thunderbirds from the magic skyway

    Thanks for the picture randy. The only difference body wise between the 64 & 65 were the front fenders. The 65, as shown in your picture, has an indent and a chrome U shaped molding. The indent was in the stamping of the fender. The 64, as my picture shows, there was no indent, and just the thunderbird script. The 65 had the thunderbird script on the rear part of the quarter panel. The 65 was the first year of the rear sequential turn signals. Also the first year for disc brakes, and a few other minor differences. 65-xx-03_Magic_Skyway_start.jpg[/attachment:quzkvyh8]IMG_1316.JPG[/attachment:quzkvyh8]
  6. Thunderbirds from the magic skyway

    If anyone has pictures of the Magic Skyway , or anywhere on the Ford pavillion of Thunderbirds, I would love to see them.
  7. Thunderbirds from the magic skyway

    Here are a few pictures of our Thunderbird, at Nassau Coliseum this past Thanksgiving Day
  8. Hello, My wife and I own a caspian blue 1964 Ford Thunderbird Convertible, that we take to car shows on Long Island. A few people have mentioned that the car may have been used at the Fair. If anyone can tell me how to find out what cars were used, by VIN number, it would be much appreciated. Thanks, Bob & Cindy