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  1. Where did Fair employees park & live?

    I worked at the British Lion Pub, either I would take the 7 Train or my father would drop me off and I lived in Astoria.
  2. A different angle on the Hall of Science

    Just a reality check, that child in the stroller is in his or her 50's.
  3. A peek inside the Tower of Light

    I would love to have that calendar.
  4. The Arch

    Hi Bill, yes this is the Cherry Valley one, there not taking care of it.
  5. The Arch

    You can still see the cables that once held the Peace Through Understanding sign.
  6. A peek at Avis under construction

    Colonial Concrete was used throughout the Fair. Now that was some account to have.
  7. Gotham Plaza entrance pylon

    That saw tooth roof building in the back behind the arch is where i went to show my working papers and was assigned the job at the British Lion Pub.
  8. Gotham Plaza entrance pylon

    Looks like a '61 Plymouth, '58 Chevy, 57 Plymouth.
  9. Building the United States Pavilion

    Look at that ladder with hardly any pitch, those guys had some set to do that climb.
  10. The original Roach Coach.

    Here's an early food wagon at the GM construction site.
  11. You supply the caption!

    I loved going to this off the beaten path Pavilion to play with the registers.
  12. Anyone want to go for a ride? Or a cruise?

    I would love to own one.
  13. Who were these people?

    Interesting thing about these pictures are the return and supply air vents in the ceiling, the room has the same ceiling tiles and lights as the Admin. Building but the Admin building didn't have an HVAC system, you can see the AC in the window behind the curtain.
  14. Anyone thirsty?

    Bill, I sure wish I had a picture of me working there as a bus boy in '64.
  15. 50th Anniversary of Demolition!

    The can light came from the VIP deck. One of two which flanked the entrance to the Skystreak.