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  1. Elsie the Cow

    In my serach for more info about Elsie and the fair, I can across the following: "Paul Charles Castellanos Jr. died on Apr. 3, 2000, at Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center in Plainfield, N.J. He was 71. After graduation from Princeton, class of 1950, Paul served in the navy for four years and then joined Borden, Inc., in marketing. He was Elsie the Cow's road manager for the next 16 years, including the 1964-65 New York World's Fair. Paul, a member of MENSA, also worked for Public Relations Society of America and was self-employed for 10 years. Paul was a widower and is survived by three daughters, Karen C. Badalaty, Sandra Owen, and Diane C. Joest, and eight grandchildren."
  2. Elsie the Cow

    Here is a bit of history, my mother worked at the Borden pavilion and sent me this picture and some info about it, which I will share with you. “I believe that this was taken at the grand opening of Shea Stadium in April of 1964 and the Borden people supplied a parade of sorts, it was all televised. Elsie the cow actually gave birth to a calf at the World’s Fair and she was named Fair Fancy and that is her in the picture. The guy in the glasses was the vet’s assistant and he took care of all the Fair Fancies. They grow so fast and Borden wanted to have a baby so when they got too big we traded them out for newbies.” Shea Stadium Borden.jpg[/attachment:3812b]
  3. Elsie the Cow

    Does anyone have any photos / videos of the pre-show entertainment that you saw while waiting online at Borden's?