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  1. Wish I was there that day. The lines at Ford, GM and the G.E, Pavillion were the worse. Of course it was a Saturday in the spring of 1965 which did not help. But the NYS Pavillion, NY City Pavillion, Hall of Science, Bell telephone and Underground World home, we walked right in. Right after dark, the crowds thinned right out.
  2. One for the equipment fans!

    Was this the pavilion that had the microwave antenna tower to beam programming back to Manhattan, or am I thinking of Bell?
  3. I noticed at one time orange and blue steel plates hanging on Shear Stadium. Would this of been in the World's Fair era?
  4. "Your Steel Thruway to the Fair Gateway"

    No bar car, but notice in my photo 50 years later, all the so called "helicopter parents" in the cars who hover over their every child's move. Thank god, something my generation didn't have to put up with.
  5. "Your Steel Thruway to the Fair Gateway"

    Bill, I rode it last summer at the Riverhead Railroad Museum on Long Island, after having visited the LIRR Pavilion at the fair 50 years earlier. I have posted a video grab I took. You can still see the same lettering on the car. The locomotive has an enlarged crowling to handle a replacement engine they installed later, otherwise all the same. The tracks came from Grumman Aerospace in Calverton, Long Island, after the plant closed. The museum runs the train on weekends, but not all the cars are used as I believe some are still being restored. Someone here may know about it. All in all, a real trip back in time man!
  6. His & Her shots on the Texaco map

    I read somewhere slight changes were made between 1964 and 1965 to the map. Would a new square/s have been made off site to replace the map sections affected, or would have someone have come in during the winter of 64-65 and actually worked directly on the portion/s of the map that were modified. I seem to recall it had something to do with a name of a town that might have been somehow omitted in the original 1964 map.
  7. Underground home

    Great picture scrock30. This corridor was the one you took if you did not want to pay the admission and exited back up via the other set of stairs shown in the picture. I was down there 49 years ago. This is as much of the underground house I saw.
  8. Aerial View 1966

    Upon looking closely. I can see some construction equipment in the photo, so maybe it it is fall of 1966. Interesting view from this era!
  9. Aerial View 1966

    Someone posted this areial photoof FMCP on my facebook account. Supposely it's 1966. but it must be later in the 1960's.
  10. UFO at the World's Fair

    Thanks guys, for the info. The person who took the picture was no doubt mistaken. (It's only 1/2 century ago) Freedomland, USA the defunct, Disneyland of the east, operated from 1960-64 in the Bronx. Actually it's the first time I have heard of this place. Has an interesting history on google and youtube that I am reading about. Bruce
  11. I am told on facebook that the photo below is from the 64-65 NYWF. I say no way! I don't remember seeing any spaceship, other than rockets near the Hall of Science when I was at the fair in the spring of 1965, or in any later photos. Or has my mind finally failed from old age! Please advise if you ever saw this UFO at the fair.
  12. What is this a picture of?

    Wild guess. Maybe inside Jaycopter in amusement area.
  13. Abandoned WW II USAAF hospital

    The WWII stuff was excellent. Thanks for posting!
  14. Photo credit: AP | Robert Moses, president of the New York World's Fair Corporation, is seen as he breaks ground for an administration building at Flushing Meadow Park. (April 4, 1960)
  15. You can actually climb the NYS towers, using a ladder, not stairs, in GTA 4 from the inside, and once at the top walk around and jump off in real time! Splatt. FMCP is actually well laid out in this game. My 8 year old son plays it all the time on Sony's Playstation 3. Bruce