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  1. Check out the story from today's Newsday: https://www.newsday.com/classifieds/real-estate/mattituck-house-sale-1.19577805
  2. So there have been a couple of events at the park and I kept waiting for someone to post a recap but nothing yet....so....yesterday (5-18) I took the family for a stroll around the 50th Anniversary celebration. Now - a brief disclaimer...this happened to be the day that my wife was really NOT feeling well but wanted to come to support my interest - as a result - I didn't get to do all the things we planned nor spend even a fraction of the time I hoped so my overview is somewhat limited: We arrive around 1:15pm and the parking was already so jammed in the park that we were directed to park at Citi Field and walk over the bridge/boardwalk to enter the park: Here are the pole banners that were at the entrance: They were handing out these flyers to everyone who entered the park: Here's the scene as we entered...not terribly busy but still - it's usually empty: As we walked along a path I noticed these signs leading us to the Unisphere: The closer we got - the more I realized that the fountains were on! - Check out the washed out area at the top of this photo - that's water: We got to the Unisphere and, boy, those water jets shoot really high! Just as I was lining up a photo....they shut down the fountains to a collective disappointed "Awwww" from everyone around the pool :(. I never did see them come back on. Sooo...off to the Queens museum to find a bathroom for the wife and munchkin. While there we took in the Andy Warhol "10 Most Wanted" display and visited the museums W.F. collection - now, on the second floor. The wife had never seen the Panorama and she was quite impressed - then off to the gift shop where I picked up this nifty patch: Then it was time to visit the NYSP - as we walk up I am amazed - not only by the amazing state of the re-paint but by the replaced blue globes! I am going on and on to the wife how my friends on this site have worked so hard to restore what they can, but the globes are a total surprise. Now, understand, she not only does not understand social networking but she hates that it exists and goes on to tell me that I don't really know anyone here - it's just an internet thing. Then, like on-cue, Richard Post walks up and slaps me on the back: His timing couldn't have been any more perfect - Rich took us around to the entrance and as we walked past the huge line waiting to take a tour of the Tent of Tomorrow he tells me that Mitch and Johnny are also there - both came out to say hi....Boy, was my wife apologetic for doubting our community...lol. The globes are visible in the below shot. I won't spoil the magic by telling you what they used to replicate this detail but, either way, it was spot-on for the originals: Then it was off to get some waffles. My wife and step daughter have heard me gushing about how these are supposed to be legendary and we MUST try them...then we saw the line. After 40 mins waiting...now I have a headache and am dizzy with hunger. We guessed that we still had a 1/2 hour wait ahead of us so we gave up on the waffles. There were a good many display tents and stages...THEN we saw this from AT&T: I have to say that I get to the park, probably, twice a year and it is NEVER this packed - it was just great to see so many people come to enjoy the park on such an occasion: We had hoped to ride the carousel and check out a few more exhibits and some music but my hunger and my wife's general bad health got the best of us and we headed back to the car ....BUT...on the way past the Unisphere...what to do we see? Straight from the set in Canada: It was a great day, though, I know, it still could've been so much better. I hope you have enjoyed my little tour. Hopefully the terrific public reaction to this and the event held on Aprill 22nd will be the catalyst to some real revitalization of the NYSP
  3. If you look at the park through google earth there appears to be a very large blue structure in the lake - any ideas what that is? Its an old photo as it was taken before the crown repainting project so who knows if it's still in the lake
  4. Who doesn't like a good fireworks show?

    ...and that hat - where could you wear that EXCEPT at the fair...talk about a limited shelf life
  5. I am constantly doing the same thing - no family members as of yet have turned up in others photos. I lost my Dad in 73 and my Mom in 81 so I'd love to see shots of them that I have never seen.
  6. MadMen

    I watched the show for the first time this past Fall and am in the middle of a re-watch. All along I kept waiting for something about the World's fair but all we got was a mention: “Madison Square Garden is our way into the World’s Fair. The largest trade show in history. Plus there’s the Garden itself. Hotels, concerts, sports. This could mean 30 years of business.” I think they could've done so much more with the fair...meetings with Moses, The building of bridges and roadways...day's out with the family...
  7. What's in the lake?

    I guess it is the boats but they appear to be submerged. Must be an optical illusion Could this image be showing the remnants of the Pepsi Pavillion's Disney 4-winds sculpture?
  8. Twelve figures for the US Royal tire toy

    so...does the "Dad" have a deformed, huge hand or is he supposed to holding a hat?
  9. Kodak pavillion model

    Definitely a fair price. For me...I'm in a tight spot, financially, right now so no go but surely someone else will grab that up.
  10. Kodak pavillion model

    Ohh - that is too cool! Did you ever find a new home for it?
  11. Anyone ever hear of the Love Tree before?

    I wonder if it still grows in the park today...?
  12. Chrysler #3: The Auto Zoo

    Prelude to Transformers....
  13. I posted this a few years ago but just recently cleaned it up a bit. This won Honorable mention in a national photo contest. It was entitled, "Fountains of Light":
  14. Hey Whoopsie - see my earlier post about this with some photos...actually, I am the guy that suggested this project at the paper (I work in the PR dept.). I am on a committee rolling out reprints of classic papers in the months to come, - this was our kick off - gad you enjoyed it. It's rare that I get to combine one of my personal interests with work.
  15. Some of you may or may not be aware that I work at a New York newspaper (Newsday). We have been publishing since 1940 and a lot of history has happened over those years. Last November we did a re-issue of our first Thanksgiving edition from 1940 and surprised subscribers with it, as a gift, rolled into their normal paper. The feedback was huge. People loved reading the old news stories, looking at the classic ads and trying to match classic locations with what is there now. This led into a creation of what we are calling The Vault project. Being a history buff, I was placed on the committee to explore further reprints delivered to subscribers. We plan to issue classic editions on a regular basis for subscribers who Opt in. The first two are, however, being included in all editions as an introduction. Last January we started meeting to select dates of papers to re-issue. For the kick-off we wanted something up beat on the cover. Not an easy task as most cover stories are hard news and rarely good news. I came up with a list for the committee to consider, Apollo landing on the moon, World Series editions, stories about the old Grummen Aircraft Factory. But, topping the list, the opening of the '64 World's Fair. That's what will be reprinted for this weekend, our first edition of the new program! It's been a real chore sitting on this info since the decision in January but now I can tip my hand. I'm working to have a very limited supply to offer to our community though those details are still being finalized. Check out these quick photos I took of one of the first prints:
  16. The Fair Lives again! Sort of...

    Shoot me an email at steve.morris@newsday.com
  17. Some great photos from Newsday

    More Fair memories from Newsday coming this weekend. See my post from earlier today.
  18. Unisphere + fountains + night = memories

    The US Pavilion behind it almost looks like a waterfall
  19. last I checked that booth was on Long island. I am on long Island. If it can fit (Utilizing the old cut lines) in the back of standard GM work van I'd consider working to take possession and store it in my basement till a permanent, public home could be found
  20. Anyone For A Phone Booth?

    You are on Long Island...correct?
  21. Not nearly as cool as what actually was presented - usually it's the other way around.
  22. Hall of Science finale

    I wonder what ever happened to these large props...
  23. Is anyone watching the Amazon Prime show, "Mr. Robot"? It's very cool and original in execution/story. Last night, while watching one of the episodes, there's an entire scene shot at the Panorama. There are no World's Fair references but it was cool to see it used in a show.
  24. I just discovered the show last week so I'm in catch up mode...thanks for the head's up
  25. NYS lit?

    Apparently, last week, there was a one-night-only lighting of the NYS Pavilion for the outdoor screening of the latest documentary about the structure. Anyone have any photos? http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/queens/new-york-state-pavilion-light-one-night-event-article-1.2666427