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  1. Check out the story from today's Newsday: https://www.newsday.com/classifieds/real-estate/mattituck-house-sale-1.19577805
  2. Who doesn't like a good fireworks show?

    ...and that hat - where could you wear that EXCEPT at the fair...talk about a limited shelf life
  3. I am constantly doing the same thing - no family members as of yet have turned up in others photos. I lost my Dad in 73 and my Mom in 81 so I'd love to see shots of them that I have never seen.
  4. MadMen

    I watched the show for the first time this past Fall and am in the middle of a re-watch. All along I kept waiting for something about the World's fair but all we got was a mention: “Madison Square Garden is our way into the World’s Fair. The largest trade show in history. Plus there’s the Garden itself. Hotels, concerts, sports. This could mean 30 years of business.” I think they could've done so much more with the fair...meetings with Moses, The building of bridges and roadways...day's out with the family...
  5. What's in the lake?

    I guess it is the boats but they appear to be submerged. Must be an optical illusion Could this image be showing the remnants of the Pepsi Pavillion's Disney 4-winds sculpture?
  6. Twelve figures for the US Royal tire toy

    so...does the "Dad" have a deformed, huge hand or is he supposed to holding a hat?
  7. Kodak pavillion model

    Definitely a fair price. For me...I'm in a tight spot, financially, right now so no go but surely someone else will grab that up.
  8. Kodak pavillion model

    Ohh - that is too cool! Did you ever find a new home for it?
  9. Anyone ever hear of the Love Tree before?

    I wonder if it still grows in the park today...?
  10. Chrysler #3: The Auto Zoo

    Prelude to Transformers....
  11. If you look at the park through google earth there appears to be a very large blue structure in the lake - any ideas what that is? Its an old photo as it was taken before the crown repainting project so who knows if it's still in the lake
  12. I posted this a few years ago but just recently cleaned it up a bit. This won Honorable mention in a national photo contest. It was entitled, "Fountains of Light":
  13. Hey Whoopsie - see my earlier post about this with some photos...actually, I am the guy that suggested this project at the paper (I work in the PR dept.). I am on a committee rolling out reprints of classic papers in the months to come, - this was our kick off - gad you enjoyed it. It's rare that I get to combine one of my personal interests with work.
  14. The Fair Lives again! Sort of...

    Shoot me an email at steve.morris@newsday.com
  15. Some great photos from Newsday

    More Fair memories from Newsday coming this weekend. See my post from earlier today.