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  1. My Journey To The Top Of The Nysp

    Those views are really harrowing. They show how neglected the NYSP has become in 45 years. What bridge is shown in the background of the picture Bill posted a little while back?
  2. Heinz pins

    Thanks for the picture Wayne! It really helped me! I have the pickle pin from 1933. It is pretty amazing what kinds of neat things you can find at a flea market! WorldsFairEnthusiast
  3. My Journey To The Top Of The Nysp

    Johnny, Your views are INCREDIBLE! Can you see Manhattan from there at all? WorldsFairEnthusiast
  4. Heinz pins

    Hi all, I have two questions: 1. Is there a way to date pickle pin? 2. One day about a year ago, I found and eventually bought a Heinz pickle pin presumably from a WF. However, it was brown and was a little bigger than the normal pickle pin. Was this from an early WF? Did it belong to a pavilion host? Or, was it from somewhere else? WorldsFairEnthusiast
  5. Mercury Spacesuit Mock-up

    Hello SSC, At the NYWF, NASA had a pavilion called the U.S. Space Park. Within their exhibit there were many different mockups and models. If NASA made your spacesuit and actually exhibited it at their display, there are a few possibilities of where it could've been in the Space Park. One possibility, is the LEM Mockup... ...or the Gemini Capsule Mockup. Hope this helps, WorldsFairEnthusiast
  6. The skystreaks control board

    Johnny, VERY neat control panel! May I ask how you stumbled upon this one-of-a-kind relic? WorldsFairEnthusiast
  7. Andy Warhol Painting

    Bill, Could NYS have left the Warhol painting simply for public relations? Perhaps they didn't want to risk the fact of being lambasted for removing Warhol's work. WorldsFairEnthusiast
  8. Fun Free Fair Find!

    Glen, It is so funny that you mention this find. I had a similar experience not too long ago. While on vacation in Upstate NY, I found a 64/65 guide book at a used bookstore for $2.00 (not exactly free, but a reasonable price). While in the car on the way home, I discovered that the guidebook contained other papers and notes from the original owner about which pavilions he visited. Inside, I found an IBM printout card from the "optical scanning and information retrieval" computer dated "5/15/1964" and a "behavior quotient" computer printout from the New Jersey pavilion (any more information on this?). For me, this was a neat experience. WorldsFairEnthusiast
  9. Some views not seen before

    Kevin, The Bison is a completely different show truck than the Turbo Titan. But they both were supposed to contain turbine engines. In reality, the bison was a "pushmobile" while the Turbo Titan actually had an engine. Here's an article about the truck: http://www.sporttruck.com/featuredvehicles...icle/index.html WorldsFairEnthusiast
  10. Some views not seen before

    Kevin, The name of the show car was the Chevrolet Tornado. "Before Oldsmobile grabbed the name, Chevrolet introduced its own Toronado. It was this one-off show car, built especially for display at the New York World's Fair. It was one of 21 special cars and trucks that Chevrolet had at the fair. The car was simply a highly customized and heated version of the Impala convertible." I learned this from the GM Media Archive who in addition, provided me with a few other names of cars which I don't think were previously known to have been displayed. Here's the list: 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix Coupe Cutaway, aka 'The Clam'- "The one of a kind show car splits in half horizontally." This is probably not an actual show car, but more of a fancy display. 1963 Chevrolet Corvair Monza GT. 1964 Chevrolet 'Super Nova', aka 'Shark'. 1964 Oldsmobile 4-4-2 Convertible. 1964 Buick Wildcat Sprint Convertible. 1965 Chevrolet 'Turbo Titan III' Tractor/Trailer Show Truck. 1965 Chevrolet Concours Convertible Custom Show Car- The Chevrolet Concours was shown at auto shows in 1965. It had hideaway headlights, bucket seats, subdued bumpers, special wheels, and a Mark IV 396-CID V-8 engine, offered for the first time in its big cars in 1965. and this one we alread knew of: 1965 Chevrolet Surfer I- An El Camino pulling a modified 17' Gaylord ski boat with a 396 V-8 Mark IV Turbo Jet engine. The photo of the Tornado is rare, as it portrays the show car in color. All the other photos of the car that I've seen have been in black and white. WorldsFairEnthusiast
  11. Some views not seen before

    We know what this is.... http://news.webshots.com/photo/2586718110035656070FJKDqt
  12. General Motors Pavilion

    Randy, You are thinking about the Delco exhibit. I meant the exhibit with the gigantic spark plug. I understand why you thought of there though (AC and Delco merged to become AC Delco). WorldsFairEnthusiast
  13. General Motors Pavilion

    What was in the AC Spark Plug exhibit? Looks like in the few photos that I've seen there were a lot of neon colors! WorldsFairEnthusiast
  14. 1964 Corvette

    Guys, Did we ever figure out if that cutaway "transmission" or Corvette were from the NYWF? Could the "candy apple red" corvette have been the Chevrolet Corvette World's Fair Design Study? WorldsFairEnthusiast P.S. Another PTU member said that allegedly after the fair, General Motors donated a cutaway transmission or engine (I can't remember which) to the body shop at the high school that he attended. Sadly though, over the years the cutaway has vanished into obscurity.
  15. A great day at the fair

    Bob, Cindy, That's one really nice car! Did we ever figure out if that T-bird was from the Magic Skyway? WorldsFairEnthusiast