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    Mechanical engineer, Scout Master and wanna-be teacher that loves World's Fairs.
    I have been collecting Fair pictures (mostly 1964-65) for years and bought most every CD Bill Cotter has released.

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    Back a few years ago I posted about a Chevrolet engine that my high school had that came from the fair. None of us could place it but I ran into a YouTube video that had the engine in it just the other day. The video is named "What's under the hood (1973)" We only had the cut-away engine and powerglide trans. It was part of a complete chassis display. My guess it that is may have only been there in 1964 due to the "X-frame" that GM stopped using for 1965.
  2. More Street Lights/Luminaires Found

    Yes....The poles are much shorter than when at the fair. I'm sure they had reasons for doing that but to someone that actually saw the lights in original operation, the aspect ratio looks wrong. This is especially noticable on the larger one installed directly in front of the Villa. I'm still glad to see them still in use.
  3. More Street Lights/Luminaires Found

    I did speak with the woman at the front desk and the owners are very proud of their lights from the Fair. There is a blurb on their website about the lights as well. http://villavosilla.com/summer/worldsfair.html
  4. More Street Lights/Luminaires Found

    I just stayed at Villa Vosilla earlier this month (October 2014) and they still have the three Luminaries. One larger one directly in front of the main building and two smaller ones that flank the outdoor pool to the right.
  5. Thunderbirds from the magic skyway

    OK, I'm no expert here but the schedualed build date looks to me like August 1963.....Which would make it a very early 1964 Thunderbird but have to have been held a mighty long time for a fair opening in April of 1964. It would seem unlikely (to me) that Ford would hold a car that long to put on a ride that showcased Mustangs that just about still had wet paint. Still not being an expert, but the lack of DSO and low sequence number would seem to me that the car had a special purpose elsewhere for Ford.....like at a new model debut in a car show sometime (and place) in 1963......but not likely at the NYWF of 1964. Just my opinion and not founded in facts (well not too much).
  6. Kansas Escorter Restored

    Very, VERY, nice. Looks better than new. Engine looks the same as the one on my WWII military generator. ONAN?
  7. Greyhound Escorter Finished

    I was always impressed with the Escorters and watching people get that moving "front row" seat. I have to say though, I'd rather "have" the Cushman Truckster. Much more useable and likely more reliable.
  8. I was 7 when it opened and we went both in 1964 and 1965. Even though we lived out in Suffolk County, my grandfather lived in Queens so we would pass the grounds somewhat often. I glued myself to the window of the car as we went by.....not want to miss a single thing that I might see there. We passed it many times in 1966 and 1967 to watch it being torn down and the parts stacked near the road way. I specificaly remember oll the fair street lights being stood nest to eachother in rows looking like dominos in the process of being knocked down.
  9. I should really read down the new content further before posting. I just mentioned this against another post. :-(
  10. my greyhound escorter

    If you get Hemmings Classic Car magazine, there was an article and pictures of a restored Escorter in the most recent issue.
  11. Anyone know where the Liberty Bell is?

    Hey....Is that a Boy Scout helping out at the Pennsylvania exhibit?
  12. Bragging from a proud father

    Very impressive!
  13. Power to the Skystreak

    Johnny, Didn't I read from you that after the Skystreaks were removed the workers just torched the cables for the counterweights and let them drop?

    BAD NEWS! I finally got into the school shops and specifically the auto shop. I spoke to the teacher who replaced Mr. V and he said the engines are all gone but he has some of his own now. I looked on the lifts and there were two mid-1960's Dodges on them and nothing but lawn mower engines and Mopar stuff. I think a piece of World's Fair history was lost to Detroit iron competition. Mr. V was "a Chevy guy" and the new guy eats and sleeps MOPAR. What a waste :-(.
  15. Graffiti at the Fair

    Thank you for growing up! :D We might have had the federal building a lot longer if it were not for vandals.....and Space Park too. David B.