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  1. SIP Sunday, June 22, 2008

    10 years sure does fly!! I now live in Manhattan and am a licensed sightseeing guide with a star. (the star means you got 120 or more correct out of a difficult 150 question exam). I do tours everywhere now, majority of them in Coney Island. I was the host and face on television for the Coney Island Museum from 2012-2016, but that wore out after a while and I always liked working outdoors the most. Coney Island, it's very far removed from the Coney I first came home to 10 years ago. We gave old Coney Island a New Orleans Jazz funeral in 2011, and a year later Frankenstorm Sandy put everything underwater. The Coney that rebuilt is just not the Coney I knew before. The World's Fair is forever though. I've been to the park many times since the 2008 tour and was involved at makerfair 2015 at the Hall of Science, which was really something else because the setup I helped host was Fred Kahl's (The Great Fredini) 3d printed model of the original Luna Park. The setup was right underneath the spiral stairs, and we had the Mercury capsule suspended above. Got to see the Great Hall again for the first time in decades, blew me away seeing that blue light coming in through the glass blocks again after such a long time. The last time I went, I had a hallucination that the Singer Bowl was destroyed, leveled, gone, kaput. But I'm sure I was hallucinating. 10 years!!!! Can you believe it? Anyone down for a reunion? Golf and barbeque?
  2. Hi folks! It's been a while since I've been on here. I've been deep researching the 1893 Expo for a little over a year now, as part of my much larger project on the history of Coney Island. Once I learned that this fair was more important to Coney Island than either of the 2 NY fairs, I had to learn everything about it. Already obtained reference materials are as follows- 1. World's Columbian Expositon by Bolotin and Laing 2. The Chicago World's Fair of 1893 by Stanley Applebaum. 3. Wonders of Machinery Hall. 4."Ultra massive photo adventure" by Mark Bussler. And of course I have the beloved Gene Wilder film, also done by Mark Bussler. I also found online 15 exhibit catalogues,(!!!)and a visit to the Reference room at NY Library rewarded me with an original 1893 book of color drawings, which I photographed every page. So, now comes the question for you'se all. ("you'se all" yeah he's not from Brooklyn) There are two other photo books available that I am considering buying. One is the smaller, earlier Applebaum book, and the second one is the Arcadia book on the 1893 World's Fair. Do I need these too? All of the covers are copied below, for recognition conveniences. Here is why I ask. It is common knowledge that the 1893 fair did not allow anyone to take pictures unless they purchased a permit, and the Columbian Guard enforced that very strongly. Plus, cameras were large and heavy on tripods. There were smaller hand held cameras but not developed enough yet to offer quality images due to long exposure etc. Thus, there aren't nearly as many images of this expo out there as there are in later fairs. I have a LOT, more than I even would have thought existed, but I am obsessed. I want them all. So with all the books that I have thus far, (and Gene Wilder) and the knowledge that there is such a small catalogue of existing images, I'm wondering if the smaller second Applebaum book is going to be a truncated version of the one I already have... And the Arcadian Book, which does look appealing on it's cover, gives me a gut feeling that every image in the book is already in the other books I own. The cover image alone is in both the Applebaum and Bussler books already) I don't want to pass up either of these books based on speculation, so that is why I am reaching out here. I know there are a fair share of 1893 fans here, so hopefully someone who knows more than me can help me out here. Does anyone with a familiarity of the below collection , own either of these two books (Arcadia or smaller Applebaum) and can offer insight as to whether I have the whole gamut of existing, high quality images of the fair, or if there is stuff in these two books not published elsewhere? Most of the Arcadia books are great, and my favorites are Bill Cotter's World's Fair books and Chas. Denson's Coney Island and Astroland book, because nearly all if not completely all of the images belong to the authors private collections and were not seen elsewhere. The 1893 Arcadia book literally impossible for the images to be the author's private collection, so naturally, I'm skeptical on buying it due to concern of nothing but repeats. Any insights are much appreciated!! Thank you for reading my post, and Peace Through Understanding to all. ~ ConeyEyeJ owned owned owned owned owned 1 or 2 books in question 2 of 2 books in question
  3. They thought they would be able to sail around the storm but miscalculated. I got to see the Bounty in St Petersburg in 2009 right before I moved back up to NY. Have a great picture of it from that day, but I've wasted a half hour already trying to post it on this message and aparantly I cannot post pictures here. Sorry people.
  4. The crew had to abandon ship off North Carolina after the ship lost power and the pumps failed. Coast guard rescued the crew. Ship was still upright at time of this story, not sure if CG can save her or if she will go down to the bottom. http://news.sky.com/story/1004141/hms-bounty-crew-abandon-ship-in-hurricane
  5. Photo of the Day for Monday

    Ahh, never mind. :ph34r: http://www.life.com/news-pictures/3226480/magic-skyway-ride
  6. Photo of the Day for Monday

    Can someone please either restore this picture or provide a hot link to it? Today is MLK day, it would be nice to share it. Thanks.
  7. A complete guide and exhibit manifest. Not sure why the text appears in this manner, but make sure you scroll all the way down so as not to miss anything~ NY Crystal Palace guide
  8. NYSP in danger?

    Apparantly there was some damage to the outer mezzanine wall near the Astral Fountain. (not sure if it's related to the storm orif it was man made. Those cinderblocks can be taken out pretty easy with a chisel) Someone posted about it on Facebook, you can now see inside what was once the Restaurant area. (junk, lampstands, and dead pigeons) Sad sad sad.
  9. Mapping the Belgian Village

    Wood, stucco, and belgian block. Also some of the roofs appear to have slate shingles. They never would have survived the 1970's when the park had no security. If you think the vandals had a field day with the Federal Pavilion, imagine what they would have done to this?
  10. I'm trying to restore my pics that got cut off when I moved my photobucket album. I hope these are the right ones!
  11. Inside the TENT OF TOMORROW

    Image restored! I didn't realize that when I moved my photobucket pics all of my images here were erased from existence. Anyone still have the little cards I gave out with this picture at the SIP? I actually have a little stack of them buried in a miniature time capsule in FMCP in a secret location. It is scheduled to be extracted on June 22, 2108. See ya all there!
  12. Tent of Tomorrow dot com

    Thank you Marc that is very kind. I gave it some thought and decided to make TOT.com a sub domain with my redux of GLCI.com instead. It should be up sometime later in the winter because I need to focus on GLCI first. I really do appreciate the offer though, thats very sweet. Happy Holidays! BTW folks, check out the new site- it's my first ever attempt at a flash video intro. Not bad for a beginner, eh? Gotta Love Coney Island

    Oh My Gawwwwd!! I completely forgot about this conversation from 2 years ago. The Club Swanky's orgy! The pigeon dropping coated deviled eggs! Comedy I love it! Anyone ever discover how that group actually got up there?
  14. New York State Pavilion - new book

    WOW! Congrats Chris, this looks outstanding! I am so glad someone finally wrote a book about our NYSP, so long overdue. Can't wait to have a copy. This is the best thing to come along since the BBQ video, I love it! J