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  1. That first link seems to be dead, but here's another one showing "EAT"'s location now
  2. I scanned some photos for a friend whose dad was a Pinkerton.
  3. I have the entire 633 series scanned at 6400 dpi and color-corrected.
  4. There's also a mini one at 59th and Columbus in Manhattan.
  5. I'd be very interested in the key fob, licence plate and the Futurama and Ford badges!
  6. If you find it, could you just private message me with what you think is a "Fair" price? That goes for either operable or no!
  7. Maybe he didn't forget and wanted to save the view for posteriorirty.
  8. You got that right, I got some NYWF Stationary and a bunch of slides from them and they turned out better than advertized!
  9. I swear I remember having a battery operated lantern from the Belgian Village. I've never seen another on eBay or anywhere else, but I remember it having orang plastic where the light shone through. I'd love to have another.
  10. I posted these elsewhere, but my parents took my brother and me to Man and His World in 1968. Here are the four pictures I have from then:
  11. I found one more.
  12. I'll share a couple taken on our visit in 1968:
  13. The one that's eluded me all these years has been the battery operated light from the Belgian Village. I'd cheerfully give up every slide I have for either a street sign or a garbage can in good condition.
  14. Give me a day or two to see what I have doubles on.
  15. They could plan one for 2039, but you'd have a bear of a time wresting all those soccer fields from the locals.