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  1. New Luminaries at FMCP

    These are very interesting. Too bad they can't be installed permanently throughout the park.
  2. Unbuilt Pavilions

    Expo '70 was probably the best example of combing the best of New York and Montreal. Great corporate pavilions by Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Panasonic, etc. balanced with national pavilions of the US, USSR, Britain, etc.
  3. Mexico #1: On the Outside

    They did perform at the Pepsi Cola Pavilion at Hemisfair '68.
  4. '64-65 Health Code

    More sleep-inducing than a bottle of Sominex.
  5. New York State

    As usual, wonderful shots. Thanks, Ralph.
  6. Walter's International Wax Museum #2

    These are by far the best pictures I've seen of Madame Tussaud's. It almost, but not quite, makes me think I would have spent the money for admission.
  7. Got your detective skills ready?

    What are the "crazy mirrors"??
  8. Long Beach, California was the proposed site for the Southern California World's Fair (sometimes referred to as The Planet Of Man Exposition) scheduled to run for 184 days in 1966 and 184 days in 1967 (later changed to 1967 and 1968) with an estimated attendance of 36,000,000. Attached are some site plans and pavilion designs that were assembled in 1962, which might account for the potential overlap with Expo 67 in Montréal (which originally had been scheduled for Moscow but was ultimately awarded to Montréal in 1963) and HemisFair '68 in San Antonio. The fair was to be held on the newly constructed Pier J in the Los Angeles Harbor with plans for many of the structures to be used as port facilities at the fair's close. This is the fair's logo, emphasizing Southern California and Long Beach as a hub for rail, shipping and the aircraft industry. The fair's theme was to have been "World Peace Through World Trade." McDonnell Douglas was a major employer in Long Beach at the time and the final assembly plant for the DC-8 and DC-9 commercial airplanes was located in the north part of the city.
  9. International Quickies

    Hi-balls, 90¢. I'll take a couple. Great pictures, thanks for posting.
  10. Ford #2: International Villages

    I've never quite understood the connection between these model villages and Ford.
  11. blueexpo, what time of year did you attend Expo 2015? I went the second week and experienced as you did; most pavilions you could just walk right in. I had friends who visited later and said it was quite different.
  12. Westinghouse: Time Flies

    I hope they included some film for that Polaroid Land camera.
  13. Are you going?
  14. House(s) of Good Taste

    I wonder if the room dedicated to Anita Bryant was painted orange? ;-)
  15. Better Living Center #2: Animal House

    The woman sitting on the sofa wearing the blue jacket resembles Judy Garland.
  16. Hello Operator

    I hope these booths were air conditioned.
  17. A peek at Eastern Airlines

    icedstitch, the reason for Eastern's limited route structure had to do with airline regulations in place until 1978. The industry was heavily regulated by the long defunct Civil Aeronautics Board. Everything from route awards, fares, inflight service, reservations systems, etc., was strictly controlled by the government. Airlines were not allowed to fail. If an airline faced severe financial difficulty and/or bankruptcy, the CAB encouraged or even forced mergers. The acquisition of Northeast Airlines by Delta Air Lines in 1972 was a prime example of such an "arranged marriage." If you look at the route maps of the three existing predominate carriers, American, Delta and United, in the late 60s and early 70s, their reach was very limited compared to today. Basically, the CAB purposely limited the operations of airlines to particular geographic regions to maintain a financially healthy and, as it was viewed at the time, safe industry. It was only during the years leading up to deregulation that the CAB granted route authority to carriers that fell outside their traditional reach. An example was Western Airlines being awarded LAX-MIA service in the mid-70s. With the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978, airlines were free to enter and exit domestic routes at will and fares were determined by free market competition.
  18. The Beautiful Fountains of the Fair (3 Pics)

    Ralph, these are wonderful! This type of feature has been sorely missing from the last several world expos. What type/brand of equipment were you using when you took these shots?
  19. It sort of reminds me of the Norway Pavilion at Expo 2010. I think its purpose was the same as The Pavilion that Bill mentioned; an assembly hall and venue for smaller events like concerts and the Olympic trials.
  20. These were the second version of the restroom signage. The initial ones did not distinguish the male and female figures adequately and lots of embarrassment ensued.
  21. Kodak reintroducing Ektachrome

    Not to mention immediate access to results and the ability to shift ISO at will.
  22. Japan Pavilion brochure and exhibit list

    The exhibit list is particularly interesting. In 1964, most of those companies were unknown to Americans. Now, most of us have several of their products in our homes or garages.
  23. Imagine how many rolls of film this place sold

    I wonder how much of a premium they charged for the convenience of buying film on the fairgrounds as opposed to buying it elsewhere?
  24. Time Machine Test

    LOL, Jim. I agree. The incredible vista would be evident to even the least talented photographer.