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  1. Today it was 1964

    Beautiful night shots. After all these years, still a very impressive sight.
  2. Advertisements with NYWF tie-ins

    Now that you mention it, she does sorta look like she's thinking "take the picture already so I can get out of here."
  3. It is my understanding that Disney was contacted to assist the planners of the Century 21 Exposition with crowd control based on their experience with Disneyland and did so without public credit. Can anyone verify this?
  4. Advertisements with NYWF tie-ins

    I agree with molassesonnasis; the Old Taylor ad is great. It really gives a feeling for the scope and excitement of the fair. There are lots of good ads with NYWF tie-ins. My favorite pictures Fair President Robert Moses and socialite Jinx Falkenberg dining at the Top of the Fair restaurant. I can't remember what the product was. Does anyone know?
  5. Great find! This is one of my favorite fairs. I'm always astounded at how they were able to incorporate a major exposition in the heart of Paris without disrupting traffic flow. This was done primarily by building a series of tunnels along the Seine and pedestrian bridges over major thoroughfares to allow fairgoers to traverse the site while avoiding vehicular traffic. I think it has been mentioned in here before... one of those tunnels is where Princess Diana met her death.
  6. Unknown mural

    Rockwell Kent's mural is pictured on page 59 of "The New York World's Fair 1939/1940" by Stanley Appelbaum. As a point of comparison the author also includes Kent's original drawing for the mural. Appelbaum notes that in the finished mural as shown in the original post in this thread, the artist included himself in the final rendition... he is the balding man just below the right tube of the generator on the left side of the mural. It is absolutely criminal that this mural survived the demolition of the GE pavilion only to be destroyed 60 years later due to neglect and civic incompetence.
  7. HOW BIG???

    OK, let's complicate things further... The Tower of the Americas is 622' to the roof of the restaurant/observation deck. Is the Space Needle's height measured to the top of the restaurant/observation deck or to the top of the antenna (I'm not sure if it really is an antenna but the pointy thing on top that resembles an antenna)? Just as a matter of observation, the Space Needle has remained a very stunning example of 1960's space age architecture while the Tower of the Americas looks like it was made on-the-cheap. Some of the early architectural renderings of the Tower showed the restaurant/observation deck as a more conical shape... definately more interesting that what was built. My guess is the Tower became the victim of budget cuts at some point. Anybody know the story?
  8. HOW BIG???

    According to the Hemisfair 68 Official Guidebook, the Tower of the Americas is 622', not 750'.
  9. Random World's Fair News Notes

    The website for the French Pavilion is great. The video clips of the runners-up makes for interesting viewing. I think I liked the one with the French tri-color over the entrance best but they are all good. When will there be a website for a US Pavilion? I ain't holding my breath on that one.
  10. Great find!!! I love watching "What's My Line" on GSN at midnight Pacific Time. It is amazing how everyone can have fun and a good laugh while being civil and without profanity. Sure don't see that much nowadays. And the men are wearing coats and ties.
  11. Help Identifying Photos (Old Radio)

    In the photo of the two women on either side of the microphone, the woman in the tweed suit with black trim and floral hat looks a little like Frances Bavier (Aunt Bee on "The Andy Griffith Show").
  12. With the opening of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, there has been lots of coverage in the Los Angeles Times (and other periodicals I'm sure) about the leading edge architecture of the Olympic structures and around Beijing in general. All this coverage and not a single mention of Expo 2010 opening in less than two years. Any conjecture as to why an event as important as Expo 2010 has been ignored?
  13. Amusement Zone photos

    The Pan Pacific Auditorium was another wonderful building allowed to fall into ruin before it was destroyed by fire. In its place now is The Grove shopping center. The facade of the Auditorium was used extensively in the film "Xanadu".
  14. I attended New Orleans towards the end of Expo 84's run, after the fair corporation had declared bankruptcy and employees had gone for several weeks without paychecks. Hotels were desperate for business so rooms were cheap and plentiful. Coupled with all the other great historical sights of the city and surrounding area it turned out to be a great budget vacation. I would, however, have to agree with those who felt New Orlean's Expo was a disappointment. With its reputation as a "party town," I really thought they could stage a great event. I think they only had half a dozen or so foreign participants. The China Pavilion was little more than a huge warehouse of goods for sale. The area where the foreign exhibits were installed was indeed built to be quickly converted to a shopping mall, convention center and, I believe, the New Orleans Aquarium. The shopping mall made the news several years ago when an out-of-control ship rammed a section of shops and a pedestrian concourse. On the positive side, I remember the Louisiana Pavilion was a ride-through exhibit on boats similar to Pepsi at New York in 1964-65 (not the audio-animatronics but a quick and efficient way to move large crowds through the pavilion). Seeing the space shuttle Enterprise parked in front of the Federal Pavilion was also a highlight. I think Expo 70 (maybe Expo 86 and Expo 92 to some extent) was the last world's fair to be built strictly as a world's fair... no plans for post-fair use as a convention center or other civic project. The emphasis, like earlier major fairs, was on ground-breaking architecture and site planning with no real restrictions on the participant's imagination (maybe not completely true; Expo 67 had some major requirements on its participants but I think you get the idea). As stated earlier in this post, any world's fair is better than none at all.
  15. According to the Expo 2010 website, the virtual tour will be available early next year, 2009.
  16. Expo 2000 had an internet tour also. It was fairly comprehensive allowing the user to do aerial fly-overs, ground level tours, etc., but compared to the samples posted on the Expo 2010 website, it was basically stick figures. I plan on attending Expo 2010 but with an online exprience as all-encompassing as the preview looks, I wonder if it will rob the event of some potential visitors who will find themselves satisfied with a "virtual visit"?
  17. Greer Garson NYWF Scene

    Oops... Niagara, not Niagra.
  18. Thanks for the posting. Maybe there is a glimmer of hope?!?!
  19. Greer Garson NYWF Scene

    Was there really a Niagra Falls Building at the 1939-40 NYWF. My copy of the 1939 Guidebook doesn't show one. Anyway, great footage. I'll have to look for the DVD... Greer Garson has always been one of my favorites.
  20. WOW!!!! Some great photos; especially the night shots. However, I find it hard to believe that the Space Needle has NEVER had a professional cleaning of any kind prior to this. It was painted back in the early 70s when the principal color scheme changed from orange (Golden Gate Bridge orange) and white to white and gold. The video clip says it was repainted a decade ago. So at least two paintings since it was built for the 1962 Century 21 Expo with no professional cleaning before the new paint was applied? If that is true, pretty shoddy maintenance for a landmark of such stature.
  21. At least somebody is taking US participation seriously. Unfortunately, it is probably a case of too little too late.
  22. Futurama III

    I plan on attending Expo 2010. Even without a major universal exhibition, Shanghai is a wonderful city. As I and others have pointed out on this site the chances of the US participation are slim to none unless, god forbid, the Feds find some old tent or dome in storage and throw it up (your interpretation here) like they did in Seville. Even so, there will be plenty to see based on the pavilion plans already released by Great Britain, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Australia, etc. I'd like to determine when would be the best time to attend weather- and crowd-wise. As I learned at Expo 2000, you want to avoid local and national holidays of the host country. Even with Hannover's miserable attendance, I found myself waiting in lines up to 2 hours for some exhibits as I unwittingly arrived in Hannover during an extended German holiday. With an expected 70 million visits (and I don't doubt they'll reach that number) there will be some loooooooooong lines. I look forward to visiting Shanghai and Expo 2010!!!
  23. 1956 Disneyland Home Video

    For someone who has been an airline employee for 32 years, lives in Southern California and is a major Disney fan, this is simply spectacular!!! Thanks for posting.
  24. Well dang, I had a major big-time crush on Haley Mills back then. The fair footage was nice also.
  25. Does anyone have a legible copy of Robert Moses' confidential space allocation plan mentioned on page 56 of the book "Remembering the Future" that you'd be willing to scan and post here? My guess is it has been posted here at sometime in the past but before my time. I remember seeing a copy in a pre-opening publication at one time and it showed the original location of the Pavilion of France, USSR, airlines of the world at the base of the Port Authority Heliport, etc. Can anyone help???