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  1. An interesting find about the proposed 1996 Budapest World's Fair. The site was to have been divided between the Buda side of the Danube River and Margitsziget (Margaret's Island). Initial plans called for a joint exhibition in Vienna and Budapest in 1995. When Vienna lost interest, it was rescheduled for 1996 to celebrate the 1,100th anniversary of the founding of the Hungarian state. Sadly, it was never held.
  2. Progressland model up for auction

    This belongs in the Disney Family Museum in San Francisco.
  3. Happiness is...

    I think those are part of the roof of the International Carrefour in La Ronde.
  4. Yugoslavia booklet from '65?

    According to an early map of the NYWF, Yugoslavia had shown interest in participation but I doubt there would have been any publications produced.
  5. World's Fair Diary - TV Guide

    The Spanish Pavilion received wide critical acclaim from architects and designers for its pre-cast concrete walls, its content and its restaurants.
  6. Canon shutters 80-year history of film cameras

    I think the trend is towards mirrorless which, technically, is not a SLR. Nikon and Canon are supposed to introduce models to compete with Sony, Fujifilm, etc. at Photokina this year.
  7. Canon shutters 80-year history of film cameras

    The sad thing is we may even see the disappearance of DSLR cameras in the next ten years.
  8. A different angle on Kodak

    I'm surprised Kodak still maintains a heritage website.
  9. Brisbane Expo 88 - 30 years on

    That might have been Expo 92 in Seville. I know funding was greatly cut resulting in what was, to say the least, a very embarrassing entry. It's possible that what funding materialized may have come from private and or corporate sources. I'm not sure.
  10. Several members, myself included, are still working on perfecting that time machine.
  11. Happy Birthday to the NYWF!!!

    And I'm still waiting for my flying car.
  12. Air Canada!

    Then there was the Maine Pavilion located behind Air Canada; an example of non-oddball architecture.
  13. Great video and interview, Christopher!!
  14. The Streets of Paris

    I think Sally Rand was at her "Nude Ranch" at the GGIE in San Francisco.
  15. Based on the vivid color rendition and the pop of the reds and oranges, I'm betting these were shot on good old reliable Kodachrome. I'm assuming the gazebo with the "We Wire Flowers" sign was the FTD exhibit. This is the first picture I've seen of the building.