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  1. Expo 67 Zoom chat Saturday 5/23

    That was a wonderful and appropriate tribute to the Maine Pavilion.

    Looking closely at the map posted inside the booth, it appears the World of Food has not been removed.
  3. These are great. I remember taking a trip with my Cub Scout troop to Treasure Island around 1963. A few of these statues were still in place and were pointed out to us.
  4. I believe the BIE rules provide for postponement or extension of a world's fair based on Acts of God or labor disputes. I did an article for Ed Orth's publication Expo Info back in the late 60s or early 70s and wrote to the BIE to access information. Based on the data they provided me at the time, the 1937 Paris Exhibition was offered a chance to extend their run beyond the usual 6 month period based on floods and labor strikes that delayed the opening of several pavilions beyond the fair's opening date in May of 1937. The US Pavilion wasn't officially opened until July. The French government wisely decided to decline the offer due to the mounting threat of war.
  5. Sad news - a member has passed away

    So sorry to hear this. I always enjoyed his posts.
  6. Sermons From Science had exhibits at several world's fairs, including Expo 67 and Hemisfair '68, which have been discussed in other threads. Here is a photo of their exhibit at the Golden Gate International Exposition.
  7. The US had huge pavilions of groundbreaking design at Brussels 1958, Montreal 1967, and Osaka 1970. The USSR also had large pavilions the were very flashy but maybe not quite as groundbreaking in their design and construction. The reason for these entries was the Cold War, each country trying to outdo the other. Since the end of the Cold War this has not been the case. At Expo 2000 in Hannover, the US started with a large pavilion and ended up construction nothing. The former USSR had a tiny exhibit located inside one of the vast halls that contained mostly Third World nations.
  8. Considering the current pandemic and the ensuing restrictions on international travel and large public gatherings, I wonder if Expo 2020 will be postponed or even cancelled altogether?
  9. Where was the UN in 1964?

    I noticed the last storefront in this photo is labeled "Monaco." Was this some sort of official exhibit or just a place to sell merchandise from Monaco. Anyone know?
  10. Or the Smithsonian. I know that's where Ed Orth's vast collection of 1939-40 NYWF material went.

  12. I've seen the 1964-65 New York World's Fair referred to as a "trade fair" but never the 1939-40 Fair. Since the 1939 season of the Fair was recognized by the BIE, I think someone didn't do their homework before writing this article.
  13. Since Indonesia was boarded up for most if not all of the 1965 season, did the Fair Corporation pay for demolition?
  14. I'll go for the obvious . . . Better Living Center.
  15. Interesting early concept photos of the Venezuela and Minnesota Pavilions.