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  1. Spot the celebrity!

    Hmmmm, doesn't look much like Tallulah to me.
  2. Expo '70 held the record one-day attendance figure until Expo 2010. September 5, 1970, 835,832 visitors were recorded, with several thousand turned away. The following day, the attendance reached 777,098 with officials closing the gates at 3 p.m., turning away thousands.
  3. I second waynebretl; thanks for the like to California Gold. Loved Huell Howser and this program.
  4. Thanks for the information. When I used Kodachrome, it was available in ASA/ISO 25 and 64. I didn't realize the original film stock was that slow.
  5. This wonderful shot, Kodachrome I assume, was posted on one of my aviation-related Facebook pages. Amazing they were able to get a crisp and clear image from one moving aircraft to another.
  6. I wonder what the thought was behind these

    Maybe they were there as a reference point for fairgoers to locate an entry/exit point to the grounds.
  7. A different angle on Chun King

    I'm always up for a 99ยข Chinese dinner.
  8. Bill, I noticed the link for the architect's model of the Hall of Education is bad.
  9. Chrysler star salesmen trip/tour documents

    I thought the same thing about the only single people being women. Actually, I found a couple single men on the list.
  10. An interesting find about the proposed 1996 Budapest World's Fair. The site was to have been divided between the Buda side of the Danube River and Margitsziget (Margaret's Island). Initial plans called for a joint exhibition in Vienna and Budapest in 1995. When Vienna lost interest, it was rescheduled for 1996 to celebrate the 1,100th anniversary of the founding of the Hungarian state. Sadly, it was never held.
  11. Progressland model up for auction

    This belongs in the Disney Family Museum in San Francisco.
  12. Happiness is...

    I think those are part of the roof of the International Carrefour in La Ronde.
  13. Yugoslavia booklet from '65?

    According to an early map of the NYWF, Yugoslavia had shown interest in participation but I doubt there would have been any publications produced.
  14. World's Fair Diary - TV Guide

    The Spanish Pavilion received wide critical acclaim from architects and designers for its pre-cast concrete walls, its content and its restaurants.