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  1. Judging by the Expo Express elevated track and lagoon in the background, it appears to be next to the West Germany Pavilion.
  2. HMS Bounty: Was it really at the Fair?

    90¢ admission when a ticket to the Fair was $2.00!!!
  3. Anyone experiencing performance issues?

    Was painstakingly slow for me this morning, better now.
  4. The go-karts were a 1965 addition

    The trash pile in the background certainly adds to the ambiance.
  5. Hi, I'm New

    We're a pretty scary bunch.
  6. Hi, I'm New

    Welcome, Lawrence. If you scan the various threads, there is a ton of information regarding the 1964-65 Fair as well as many other past, future and proposed world's fairs. Have fun!
  7. Anyone experiencing performance issues?

    Performance issues? Sounds like a topic for another chat site. ;-) Working fine here
  8. I was promised these . . . And ended up with this . . .
  9. The Probability Machine at IBM

    Did the Probability Machine appear in the final cut? I don't recall seeing it.
  10. What is the barren lot to the lower right of the Meadow Lake Bridge? Site of the proposed American Indian Pavilion?
  11. It's a shame the "birdcage" wasn't kept.
  12. The wait is almost over!

    The choice of cover art really works. Good selection!
  13. Suppose we did get a time machine...

    I have some US proof sets that I've bought over the years starting with my birth year of 1952. Also a few Canadian proof-like sets. My specialty is classic commemorative silver. As you probably know, a few matte proof specimens were struck by Mint Director John Sinnock for his personal collection and now fetch tens of thousands of dollars if and when they come up for auction. You are right about cameo proof coins from the 1936-1968 period. I think the intent was to produce uniformly mirrored proof coins and cameos were the rare exception. Do you remember F.J. Vollmer, a dealer back in the 60s who specialized in cameo or "frosted" proof coins? BTW, beautiful proof Barber dime you had.