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  1. Doris Day

    Doris was, for a brief time, part of my family tree. She married cousin Barry in the 1970s, but the marriage only lasted 4 years. I never met either Doris or Barry but occasionally visited with Barry's sister. She did not have any contact with them either - so there was no family advantage in meeting Doris.
  2. In the 70s I belonged to a club that occasionally would meet in the picture phone room - a room with several picture phones that AT&T would rent out for business meetings. We would get to "play" with the picture phones calling each other in the same room. On the models we used, there was a little mirror that would pop out from the camera lens and point to the table. This would allow you to show printed documents to the other callers. The television image would flip when the mirror was engaged. I thought this little add-on had great potential.
  3. The NBC Opening Night Broadcast

    Cantiflas is today's Google Doodle. Thanks to the World's Fair Community, I have an idea who he is!
  4. The (non) saga of Maryland

    Hi Bill, It was the back page to a 4 page publication featuring an article about my grandfather, Les Rounds, who was organizing Coffee Day. Here's pages 1 to 3. Enjoy! Mark
  5. The (non) saga of Maryland

    Maryland is right across the street from Missouri, just to the left of Arkansas according to this map.
  6. I'm seeing red spots in front of my eyes

    The vending machines look like the rogue keep left signs from a Monty Python skit.
  7. Silliness at the AMF Monorail station

    My avatar approves of this topic.
  8. Sorry for the quality - these are screen grabs from home movies I'm currently re-scanning. Here are two upstate NY guys hanging out with their first palm trees at the Venezuela pavilion. We did much better in the polar regions. Australia and the chairs that got me in trouble. Potsdam NY's 4th of July parade! (not really). I thought folks would like the gas station in the background.
  9. My third grade class took a field trip there, many kids had not been away from Potsdam NY and most certainly not to a big city. Our class, less than 20 in size, had one adult chaperone per two or three kids. We each had dog tags with our name, the phone number for lost children and a dime taped on the back. Other schools visiting had the kids hold onto a clothesline to keep the group together. My mother was a chaperone for myself and my best friend. We were at the Australian pavilion where you would sit in the big chairs with speakers that looked like big black eggs so it was hard to see who was in there, if anyone. I sat in one that spoke French so I got up and moved to one speaking English which were very popular so I was sitting much farther away from my original seat. My mother freaked out not being able to find me. Since we lived less than 100 miles away, we would attend every other weekend. Our favorite pavilion, and the first one we would always go to was the Polar Regions. From the entrance to the pavilion, a snow cave presented in layers of flat panels, to the film, a movie that starts in the normal aspect ratio and slowly the screen expands to a panorama flying over the arctic circle always got us in the mood of what's to come that day. My mother was an old classmate of Jim Dine who had a piece of art at the US Pavilion. It was a 20 foot high tall skinny painting in which one half was painted red and the other half was painted... red. I was very unimpressed as a 9 year old artist.
  10. You supply the caption

    Smallest pavilion ever.
  11. Grateful Dead

    This week's radio program (October 24, 2016) of the Grateful Dead Hour includes the 1969 concert at the NY State Pavillion. Here's the link: http://www.gdhour.com/
  12. Thanks Jim. I learned that the metro ran on rubber wheels. Always thought that was a problem in colder climates. It was one of the negatives that kept the Skybus in Pittsburgh from being nothing more than a ride at the county fair.
  13. Anone want to do some shopping?

    Here's my license plate.
  14. Anone want to do some shopping?

    Perhaps personalized bicycle license plates.
  15. I have a very vivid memory of walking through a grass hut in a jungle onto a deck ship. Not sure why this sticks out in my mind. Maybe the abrupt change of scenery.