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  1. Films by Peter Leavens?

    Peter Leavens did 2 films of the NYWF - one during, and one after (demolition) - the Queens Museum sold both back in the late 80s/early 90s on VHS - I have the one from during the fair (transferred to DVD) but the VHS version didn't "hold up" very well & the tape broke - all gone - the demolition version was very grainy, dark, choppy - looked almost B&W, wasn't very long (maybe 15 min) - couldn't really tell what you were looking at, no signage or clues - I emailed Queens Museum, asking if it were still available (probably not...)
  2. Films by Peter Leavens?

    Have one here that he made of the fair, but don't have the demolition film he also made - any suggestions where to look?
  3. Just looking at some aerials of the Fair & got to wondering: if you worked in the pavilions, where did you park your own car, was there a special "Employees Only" lot with a shuttle? If you were a single woman (hostess, guide, whatever) was it "safe" for you to be out alone at the end of the night walking to your car? Also, where did you live? (assuming you weren't a local resident) - Read somewhere some Disney employees lived at the (then new) LeFrack apartments - where did most everyone else live/rent?
  4. VIP/Executive Lounges at Fair?

    Thanks for that one - but got anything inside the "Big 3 Automakers" pavilions - maybe with a bar?!
  5. I know a lot of the pavillons had them, but are there any interior photos of them? Also any "stories" about being among the "privileged" who were allowed entry?!
  6. Re-Opening Day - 50 years ago today

    Trench coats were very "in" then.....
  7. Do you think they were enjoying themselves?

    At least his wife didn't leave him holding her purse as well....
  8. Anyone want a waffle?

    Nice lederhosen....
  9. adria?

    will there be a show at the adria this year?