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  1. Undeveloped film from 1964

    I can understand the dilemma, as I recently inherited the family photos, two giant boxes of them. I plan on sending them off to be digitized and put on CDs, but still need to pick through them to decide which ones. Family ones, yes, but what about the ones of people that I don't have any idea who they are? And then what? Keep the photos and negatives or trash them? The next generation has shown no interest in them. Being the family archivist is an awesome responsibility.
  2. Carver S&L WF calendar

    I wish banks would bring back Christmas and vacation club accounts.
  3. I think I would have lost the mustache

    The minute I saw the picture, I immediately thought of this character in the Pink Panther cartoons:
  4. For fans of the New York State Pavilion

    Randy, Thanks for that info. Guess the tower canopies suffered the same fate as the TOT roof: falling panels? It seems fitting that, after so much use at the Fair, that they were used for the Hall of Science expansion.
  5. For fans of the New York State Pavilion

    Were the canopies of the tower platforms made from the same fiberglass panels that made up the roof of the TOT?
  6. A better than average view of a Brass Rail

    Interesting that American Motors planned on participating. I take it they had no presence at all?
  7. Molderama film

    The fairgrounds must have been quite dark with the luminaires "de-energized" for the off-season. I wonder if they had a problem with trespassing/vandalism/theft.
  8. From the outside looking in

    It appears as though most of the buildings in the Belgian Village had more than one floor. Were the other floors finished out? If so, what were they used for?
  9. Moses' plans for the park

    Were the pavillion owners responsible for the demos on their pavillions or was the fair? I know the 64-65 fair ended up having to demo several pavillions on their dime and I was wondering if this was the case for the 39-40 fair.
  10. Article on the Panorama

    Kenner's: http://cryptofwrestling.tumblr.com/post/9450374111/lightning-bug-glow-juice-paint-that-glows-in-the
  11. The Fair after hours

    Ah, the smell of freshly printed dittos...
  12. Expo 67 - Then and now 5

    I find it interesting that they tore out all the embankments and how shallow and sediment-filled the canals appear now. In the before pictures, the canals appear quite deep.
  13. Something else you don't see every day

    A Chun King souvenir stand? I wonder what they sold.
  14. Worth Waiting For

    It seems like most of the buildings were multi-story. Were all the floors open to the public, or were the upper floors used for storage/etc.?