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  1. NYC Building

    Good heavens !! Robert Moses would roll over in his grave. This new type of design may look good on the plans for the new Penn Station but not here. It's taking way too much away from the original building design.
  2. From me to p-t-U...(Open before Christmas!)

    John, Supposedly there is a stone marker in Newfoundland commemorating that first transatlantic communication.
  3. From me to p-t-U...(Open before Christmas!)

    You're 100% correct on all. The strength is actually measured in a scale of 1-9 (I'll give you some room on this one) . BTW, you were right about the SX equipment being Hallicrafters. I've seen these at many Ham flea markets
  4. From me to p-t-U...(Open before Christmas!)

    Sorry I meant SX-117
  5. From me to p-t-U...(Open before Christmas!)

    Guys, HT-44 and SX-44, I recall are Heathkit transmitter and receiver model numbers back in the 60's. I've seen some of these old units at Ham Radio flea markets. I've hunched over a hot soldering iron myself tinkering so I know some of their history.
  6. From me to p-t-U...(Open before Christmas!)

    I just checked and K2US is still listed as an active call sign (or possibly re-issued--the FCC has been known to do that).
  7. From me to p-t-U...(Open before Christmas!)

    From another Ham Radio operator----Thank You
  8. Anyone see Shrek?? If you have, in the beginning Shrek and the Donkey visit the castle to see Lord Farquahr. Upon their visit they encounter an automatic information area. Shrek pushes a button and suddenly music begins playing and little characters begin singing. For those who saw the movie-----Did this look familiar ??
  9. Redbirds Scrapped

    There is an interesting photo on page 32 of the December issue of Trains Magazine. It is of the first of the 400 redbird cars from the NYC Subway being dumped off Delaware Bay for a man made reef. I think they restored one for the Transit Museum in the original 1964 Aqua/White two tone color scheme didn't they ? Dave
  10. In the news today

    Supposedly the psychedelic bus is rusting in the mountains somewhere. The Smithsonian was after Kesey to donate it. Maybe someone will drag it out of the woods to a restoration shop
  11. RCA Video Tape...

    You want to find if that tape exists. Contact the archives at NBC c/o 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Given that RCA owned NBC or vice-versa, they would probably have them. I checked my framed Time-Life WF map and that photo was definitely in New Amsterdam Plaza at the Pool of the Tri-Centennial. The buildings were the Republic of China and Indonesia.
  12. Walt Disney Goes to the World's Fair

    They also made it a point to show the Ford Pavilion on the background. They also got in a slight plug for NBC (which I believe carried Walt's show). when they showed off the RCA Pavilion. As most of you recall, RCA owned NBC back then.
  13. Jerry Lewis Movie

    Well I saw on Spin City that Michael J. Fox had a pillow on his couch made with (a copy mind you) a flag of the 64 fair.
  14. Unisphere Photos

    Mike Yes you can use a 1:1 duplicator however the zoom type of slide copier will let you crop and/or frame it the way you like. As I said this works well with the old square 126 Instamatic slides (ah ! I forgot that was another product showcased at the 64 fair). The pharmacy I mentioned is an old Mom and Pop type of drug store (no soda fountain) that is likely to sell left field stuff like Kodachrome 64 (unlike Brooks or CVS--and we have those in town too). Dave
  15. Unisphere Photos

    Mike and everyone else, Sorry I didn't mean any disrespect You are 100% correct. Camera stores are the prime outlet for slide film (although the local pharmacy in my town has Kodachrome 64 in its film rack--strange). On the subject of old slides. I'd like to share a tip. You can create negatives and prints without the benefit of a photo lab. All it takes is a slide duplicator attachment for your SLR camera(The zoom type work best for this especially with the old 126 type slides). All you do is shoot the original slide with color print film rather than slide film and take it to be developed as usual. It comes out great.