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  1. Restaurant of the Five Volcanos

    That's Mr. Button to you!
  2. Restaurant of the Five Volcanos

    Is there some kind of "dirty" word filter on this forum that won't let me use the nickname for Richard? Rhymes with "trick"?? Denise
  3. Restaurant of the Five Volcanos

    No, wait! It was richard Button...not Richard.
  4. Restaurant of the Five Volcanos

    I remember seeing the richard Button Ice Show at one of the pavilions. Was it the New York City Pavilion? Denise
  5. At the Museum of Television and Radio in Beverly Hills yesterday, I watched a short film entitled, "Progress Report on the New York World's Fair". It was narrated by H.V. Kaltenborn and included wonderful footage of the fair's early planning stages, including an interview with Robert Moses and a speech by NY Mayor Robert Wagner. Much was made of the fact that Lincoln Center would be opening in the same general time period as the 64-65 Fair. Included in this film were wonderful photographs of the 39-40 Fair. The film is probably available at the Museum of Television and Radio in Manhattan, as well. I believe the film ran about 40 minutes and those minutes flew by far too quickly, as I enjoyed every minute of this wonderful gem. Has anyone else seen this film? Denise
  6. Restaurant of the Five Volcanos

    I'll keep my eye out for it.
  7. Restaurant of the Five Volcanos

    Thanks for the tip, Bob. I'll look for that booklet. Randy, did you contact the Pineapple Association directly about the pineapple cookbook? Denise
  8. Mole Man Found Living Under Flushing Meadows

    I smell a very good screenplay in this charming story. Even thought of a name already....Guess I'll have to share profits with Mr. Cotter. Toody and Muldoon, in deed! Denise
  9. Wonderful idea, Bill. Denise
  10. Restaurant of the Five Volcanos

    Great thread, Randy. Thanks so much. It's going to be fun tracking down all these cookbooks on wonderful eBay. Denise
  11. Thanks so much for the archive site for films, Bill. What a treasure. My husband and I watched the progress report film (again!) and the film on the construction of the Unisphere on that site last evening. Denise
  12. Do you know if this film is still available for purchase? I'd love to own it, as well. Denise
  13. Restaurant of the Five Volcanos

    Randy, I would love to see the information regarding all the Fair cookbooks. This is my first of the cookbooks and it is my intention to collect them all. I was at the Beverly Hills Library today doing research on the '64 Fair. Didn't take very long. They had no information....... Sigh. They need a copy of Mr. Cotter's and Mr. Young's book. So do I, come to think of it. Denise
  14. qma show

    I would appreciate receiving any information about a get-together in the Los Angeles area. Thanks, Bill. Thank you for the greeting, Rose. I am thrilled to have found this wonderful web site. Denise
  15. qma show

    I live in the Mid-Wilshire section of Los Angeles, between the Los Angeles County Museum and the Grove. I grew up in the east, however, and one of the defining moments of my life, was my first trip to the 64/65 World's Fair. It actually set my taste for my life, with a love for all things Space Age and Mid-Century Modern. I'm a voracious collector of items from the World's Fair. Thank god for Ebay! Often, when I look at the photos, postcards and brochures of the fair, I get a sad feeling that something so wonderful is gone. I'm happy I was able to be a small part of it. Denise
  16. qma show

    I live in Los Angeles and will, probably, not be able to make it to the show at the museum in Queens. Is there a catalog available of the show?