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  1. I am thrilled to say I just snagged a wonderful piece of nostalgia from the NYWF! It is the cookbook from the Restaurant of the Five Volcanos in the Hawaiian Pavilion. That restaurant experience is one of my favorite food memories of the fair. The cover is bright red with purple volcanos and flowers. The font color is white. The booklet is in fabulous condition. I'd be happy to make a copy for the first couple of people who e-mail me. Book includes recipes for Kulua Pig and Pu Pu Platter appetizers! ....if only someone would invent a time travel machine would could all meet for a cool Planter's Punch in '64...... You can e-mail me at mailto:cluemap@aol.com with your requests for a copy. Denise P.S. I also just bought the charming booklet, "Let's Go to the Fair and Futurama" issued by General Motors.
  2. New Play Involves NYWF 64

    I am attending a play on Friday evening entitled "Two Gentlemen of Corona", which takes place in 1963 and uses the time leading up to the opening of the NYWF for much of the action. I am posting a blurb from the West Coast Ensemble website regarding the play. If you're in the Los Angeles area, this may be a fun event to catch. I'll post a review on Saturday. Denise TWO GENTLEMEN OF CORONA Playing through July 30, 2005. In this world-premiere comedy, it's 1963 and Joey and Carmine are low-level soldiers in the New York mob. Joey services juke boxes and vending machines...Carmine makes two runs a week to South Carolina for illegal cigarettes. But things are looking up for the pair. The 1964 World's Fair is just around the corner and these Two Gentlemen of Corona are plotting to help their boss, John, swindle thousands of foreign tourists. It looks like nothing can stand in their way ... oh, except for the fact that Joey is falling in love with his boss' mistress! TWO GENTLEMEN OF CORONA will open on Friday, June 24 at 8:00 p.m. and will continue for Six weeks through Saturday, July 30. Performances are Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 p.m. and Sundays at 3:00 p.m. Ticket prices are $20 for all performances ($18 Student/Senior discount). Call to receive special rate for groups of 10 or more. There will be three previews: Tuesday, Jun. 21; Wednesday, Jun. 22 and Thursday, Jun. 23 at 8:00 p.m. Preview prices are $10.00. For ticket reservations, please call 323/525-0022. For more information or for press comps, please contact David Elzer/DEMAND PR at 818/508-1754 or at mailto:ElzerD@aol.com.
  3. New Play Involves NYWF 64

    We just got home from seeing the play "Two Gentlemen of Corona." The fair figures into the play primarily in conversation between Mafia members who've worked their way into just about every facet of the day-to-day operations of the New York World's Fair, from construction contracts to concession stands. In the second act, quite a few pieces of NYWF memorabilia are on stage, as Mob members discuss the souvenir business. I had a brief conversation with the author of the play, who told me about his great NYWF Ebay purchases for his set. The author, Jim Geoghan, by the way, worked at the fair selling Belgian Waffles, then working at Top of the Fair. The program for the play included a brief piece by Geoghan about his experience at NYWF entitled, "My Summer Job with the Mafia." The director of the play, Henry Polic II also worked at the fair. He sold guide books at the booth opposite the Vatican Pavilion. Writer, Geoghan, currently works for Disney and is the creator of the Disney show "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody." The through line for the play, repeated by many a Mob member, is "It's a fair - but for the whole world." I sort of liked the play. Wasn't crazy about it. As an East Coast Italian American I get the big yawn at constant portrayals of Italian Americans as nothing but moronic mooks who never do an honest days work. But, hey, that's me. Cranky girl. If anyone else in the Los Angeles area checks it out, let me know what you think. Night. Denise
  4. New Play Involves NYWF 64

    The West Coast Ensemble is on La Brea Avenue between Melrose and Beverly Boulevards.
  5. '39 Fair Related

    Yesterday, my husband and I were walking through the Grove/Farmer's Market in Los Angeles and a gentleman passed us wearing a jacket that really surprised me. It had an emblem on the back, which I didn't make it, with the words New York World's Fair 1939 surrounding the emblem. On the front of the jacket in a circle, like an insignia, were the words Flushing Meadows. By the time my husband convinced me to ask him where he got the jacket, he was gone. Interesting jacket. Has anyone else seen this or know where it is sold? Also, my mother, who is a chef, gave me a little bit of 1939 World's Fair trivia today. She was talking to me about the history of the dish Veal Francese in this country. This led to a discussion of the popularity of French restaurants in America following World War Two. She says the rage for French cooking (which America has always had to some degree) really surged when the French chefs who came here to open the restaurant for the French Pavilion at the 1939 World's Fair became stranded in America because of the war. They decided to take the road destiny had laid out for them and opened Le Pavilion, in Manhattan, which then became our country's most popular French restaurant. The name was, of course, derived from their original reason for being in America - the French Pavilion at the '39 Fair. My mother believes it was Le Pavilion, which introduced Veal Francese and, ultimately, Chicken Francese to America. Denise
  6. '39 Fair Related

    Hmmm....it REALLY is a small world after all..... Groan! Hey, Randy, Please let me know the next time an SiLA get-together is on the calendar! Denise
  7. '39 Fair Related

    Ray, Thanks for the information. I am now extremely sorry that I didn't take the initiative and introduce myself to him! Denise
  8. I'm very curious about the history of AMF and how the company expanded from bowling alleys to monorails. Last evening I ran across a photo of a bowling alley with the AMF symbol; an image I've seen many times before. This time, however, there was a slogan underneath the AMF symbol, which read, Bowl Where You see the "Magic Triangle"! What a great sign. Denise
  9. AMF - From Bowling Alleys to Monorails?

    Randy, I've clearly missed a lot by not bowling! I agree with you that an AMF monorail car, mounted to look like it is crashing through a den wall, would be extremely cool. Once again, thanks for the information. Denise
  10. Legacies and Disneyland

    How many legacies from the NYWF can I find at Disneyland? Were any brought to the park, which no longer exist? Though I've been to the park many, many times, I'd like to spend our next visit looking for legacies of the NYWF. Thanks, Denise
  11. Legacies and Disneyland

    Bill, I saw it at the Museum of Television and Radio in B.H. I searched for "The Wonderful World of Disney" and this Christmas Special was one of the shows that came up on the computer. Since I'd never seen it, I decided to watch it. I was thrilled with it. Loved Walt in it. He was so playful! Denise
  12. Legacies and Disneyland

    Thanks, Bill. By the way, I saw a show the other day, that was the Disney Christmas Special from 1950. According to the records, it aired on Christmas day. Edgar Bergen, the actress who voiced Alice, even Walt's daughters, were on the show. It was, basically, a promotion for the upcoming "Alice in Wonderland." Have you seen this show? Denise
  13. Happy Birthday, Randy!

    Hey, Randy! Sending you grand birthday wishes and hoping 2005 presents you with plenty of NYWF archaeology adventures! All good things! Denise
  14. Moses is the subject of new NY play

    Oh, this is too good. We need to have a class outing to the play! Denise
  15. Whatever happened to the Santa Maria?

    Destroyed by fire..... That just sickens me. Randy, do you happen to know how the fire started? Were tourists allowed to walk on the Santa Maria? Denise
  16. On the Radio

    For those PTUers in the Los Angeles area, you can tune into me on KNX 1070 AM on Friday morning, February 4th, from 5 A.M. to 10 A.M. I'll be working as a traffic reporter on the all news station during those hours. My name on the air is Denise Fondo (my maiden name..) If you see any traffic tie-ups give us a call on the KNX Tipline at 323-467-1070. Unfortunately, KNX is not streaming live online yet, so you won't be able to hear me outside of Southern California. I hear there are plans to do so in the near future. Actually, KNX has such a strong signal you can pick it up in a number of nearby states, including Nevada and Utah. PTUers are everywhere! Denise
  17. On the Radio

    I would absolutely love a monorail system in Los Angeles! No need to worry about traffic reporters. There will always be plenty of cars on the road. Or, I can simply repeat.... "Looking great on our Southern California freeways, thanks to our swell, new monorail system." "Looking great on our Southern California freeways, thanks to our swell, new monorail system." "Looking great on our Southern California freeways, thanks to our swell, new monorail system." "Looking great on our Southern California freeways, thanks to our swell, new monorail system." "Looking great on our Southern California freeways, thanks to our swell, new monorail system." "Looking great on our Southern California freeways, thanks to our swell, new monorail system." Denise
  18. On the Radio

    Thanks for all the words of encouragement! I'll be on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning. The man who has been doing the traffic reports in this time period, is going to stay in it. So, I am filling in for him next week and, hopefully, KNX will use me again very soon. It's been a fun gig. How great would Los Angeles be if AMF's plans to rule the world with monorail service actually became a reality? I'll never forgive the late Mayor Bradley for fighting against a monorail and in favor of our absurd subway system in Los Angeles. The Monorail would have been safer than our Metrolink system, that's a fact. Denise
  19. On the Radio

    Bill, Yes, it is an on-air audition! I was on Thursday morning, as well. Denise
  20. Mystery Flowers

    I also found some information on the internet about a Goodwill Ambassador group from the Bluenose II, that came to the NYWF 64-65 to display the flag of Nova Scotia. The same group also had a Nova Scotia flag display at Expo 67. Denise
  21. Mystery Flowers

    hmmmm...clearly I had a problem turning the page address into a hyperlink.... Denise
  22. Mystery Flowers

    Randy, It probably does spell out the name Nova Scotia. I just looked up their flag and it contains a blue X with a crest in the middle, similar to your mystery flowers photo. See this page for some flag photos. URL=http://web.ask.com/web?q=What+does+the+flag+of+Nova+Scotia+look+like%3F&qsrc=0&o=0]Flags of Nova Scotia Denise
  23. Spin Art

    We have a friend at the Game Show Network, who told us that the network was running a tribute to Johnny Carson on Saturday morning. My husband and I taped it. It was wonderful to watch Johnny on so many old game shows. The big surprise was on "I've Got a Secret". Johnny was on the panel and an artist from Uraguay was a guest. His "secret" was that he had invented a machine to create his paintings! It was spin art. How wonderful to see the inception of the carnival version of this used at the World's Fair. Of course, the always miserable Henry Morgan, was furious with the artist for calling his work "paintings". Morgan went off on a tirade at the artist and the current state of "art" in the world. Did anyone catch this show? Also, I'm guessing many of you have already seen this, but this afternoon at the Museum of Television and Radio I watched the TV special "Opening Night at the World's Fair." Oh, how wonderful to see this show with Carol Channing, Fred MacMurray, Lorne Greene, Henry Fonda and others. Channing sang a really fun song about all the wonders of the fair. Finally, I had a great experience of "When Forums Collide"! On the http://www.lottaliving.com forum someone had a great post about Disney's Carousel of Progress. The website is a great place for people who like Mid-Century Modern life. Check out the Carousel of Progress post at: http://www.lottaliving.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=1587 Denise
  24. Spin Art

    Thanks so much, Randy! Needless to say, I find the information from fellow PTUers, such as yourself, so entertaining and helpful. The PTU website has been a wonderful addition to my life. It's great to know there are others who share my passion for NYWF64-65. Denise
  25. Christian Science pavilion threatened

    I say we put a committee together, find a person with plenty of cash willing to finance a noble endeavor, buy the building, get some land donated and turn it into the Peace Through Understanding Foundation. Well, since we're asking for someone to bankroll this endeavor, we can make it the: Bill Gates Peace Through Understanding Foundation or the George Clooney Peace Through Understanding Foundation or the Barbra Streisand Peace Through Understanding Foundation......... Well, I CAN dream, can't I? Denise