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  1. The Fair Led Me To Today

    I have a cell phone number (don't ask) for Dominick Tucci Sr., the v.p. of construction guy from Hackensack N.J. Umm.....don't want to call. Anyone else feel brave? If so, just let me know and I'll send you the cell phone number. Denise
  2. Matchbook Image

    I found this image of a book of matches urging people to visit the Cuban Pavilion. Denise
  3. Problems Posting a Photo

    Excellent, Bill! Thanks! Denise
  4. Brussels World's Fair Debate

    To cap the Brussels discussion, the architect of the American Pavilion at the Brussels World's Fair was a guest on "What's My Line" last evening. His name was Edward D. Stone. Everyone was incredibly complimentary about his design. John Daly went so far as to say the pavilion was "...the most beautiful building I have ever seen." So, the uproar was certainly about what was contained inside the structure and not the structure itself. From the images we have on the site, we've all been pretty impressed with the look of the pavilion. Did anyone on PTU attend the Brussels World's Fair? Denise Edward D. Stone Biography Edward Durell Stone 1902–78, American architect, b. Fayetteville, Ark. Stone's first major work, designed in the starkly functional International style in collaboration with Philip L. Goodwin, was the Museum of Modern Art, New York City (1937–39). Stone, whose style became more ornate and embellished in the 1950s, won renown for his design of the U.S. embassy at New Delhi (1958). In this building he introduced traditional Muslim motifs, including lacy grille patterns. Stone subsequently applied grillwork to many of his buildings, including the U.S. pavilion for the Brussels World's Fair (1958) and the Huntington Hartford Museum (1962; now the New York Cultural Center), New York City. Among his later works are the Amarillo Fine Arts Museum (1969); the Univ. of Alabama law school (1970); the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (1971), Washington D.C.; and the Community Hospital of Monterey Peninsula, Carmel, Calif.
  5. Problems Posting a Photo

    Bill, It is an image I have saved on my own computer. Denise
  6. The Fair Led Me To Today

    I did find another Dominick Tucci, who is listed as the Senior VP of Construction at Russo Development in Hackensack, New Jersey. Now, a construction interest could explain a need to spend nearly two weeks hiding out at the fair! This could be our guy.
  7. The Fair Led Me To Today

    The site where I found the Dominick Tucci murder reference is an Onondaga New York legal and historical research site.
  8. The Fair Led Me To Today

    Good grief.... Let's hope it isn't this Dominick Tucci, either! I found this single entry on the Internet. Dominick Tucci - Murder of Ann Renski in Oct. 1983
  9. The Fair Led Me To Today

    Let's hope THIS isn't our Dominick Tucci. Check out the letter he wrote on a Yankee site. Too many expletives to paste it here. Denise <a href="http://www.yankeesnewswire.com/fanmail.html" target="_blank">http://www.yankeesnewswire.com/fanmail.html</a>
  10. The Fair Led Me To Today

    I asked him if anyone in his family was the Dominick Tucci we are looking for, but he never responded to that question. He told me that he wasn't born in 64/65 and that was pretty much the extent of our corrrespondence. D
  11. The Fair Led Me To Today

    I heard back from Mr. Tucci today and he is definitely not our Mr. Tucci. The seach continues. Denise
  12. The Fair Led Me To Today

    I sent him an e-mail as well. I want to interview him for my book. This may actually be his son. I read a brief bio that said he graduated in 1990 from college, I believe.
  13. Amateur Slides On-Line

    Eric, Thanks for the slides! We're getting a big laugh out of Mr. Rabenstein's descriptions. My favorite is the Unisphere slide description: Big globe statue....
  14. Hello from the Road

    Mary Ellen, You were just two blocks from our home when you were at the Petersen! My husband and I drove by the Ambassador the other day and it broke our hearts, as well. Thanks for posting the trip photos. Denise
  15. Brussels World's Fair Debate

    Bill, Thanks for these images. I think the pavilion looks like a fairly sleek, inviting space. I guess the complaints focused on the exhibits.
  16. Brussels World's Fair Debate

    Wow...... That's quite an indictment! Bob, thanks for unearthing this insightful article. If it is true that there were images of humans being roasted on a spit, I can see how this would have ticked a few people off. But, honestly, could this be for real? Who in their right mind would include that in an American Pavilion at a World's Fair? Sort of smacks of a misinterpretation. D
  17. Brussels World's Fair Debate

    The Bamboo Man? Oh, I need to know more about this!
  18. Brussels World's Fair Debate

    Thanks, Bill. It will be interesting to see the photos from Brussels. I'm going to do some online research and see if I can unearth more information about this debate. Randy, are those Benny Goodman records part of your collection?! Denise Oh! Sublime moment on last evening's "What's My Line" - Bennett Cerf has just figured out that the guest does something with pigs. He blurts out - "Are you a pig lady?" Without missing a beat, John Daly responds, "Bennett, how are you punctuating that question?"
  19. Jet Stadium

    I just read the article in the NY Post today regarding this possible move of the Jets. Randy is right. For years we've been waiting to see the promised development of that particular area of the grounds, with no success. Now, this. It's an incredible shame that the city and state do not recognize the amount of revenue lost by not, in the very beginning, attempting to maintain those elements of the park, which would have continued to bring people to it.
  20. The Fair Led Me To Today

    My fellow PTUers will definitely be the first to know when "Fair Child" is published! I'm dying to read Plumbers true story, as well. D
  21. Las Vegas Monorail

    Finally rode the Las Vegas Monorail last weekend. Loved it. We bought day passes for $10 each and managed to hit every casino where the Monorail stopped. The temperature was over 100 degrees, so it felt great to step into the air conditioned cars. The ride is smooth and the view of the Wynn golf course is superb. It is, in fact, the best view you'll ever have of the course, without playing it. You even get to see one of the many waterfalls on the Wynn property. The monorail is the perfect addition to the Strip. I only hope they do finally work out a way to get some funds together to complete the project to Fremont Street. I know there are troubles with that situation. Now I can get to more casinos faster! Slot machines beware! P.S. The sub shop just off the Hilton Sports Book is great. Anyone who misses White House subs from Atlantic City will find this place a decent substitute.
  22. Las Vegas Monorail

    Doug, Thanks! Great tip on the breakfast at Terrible's. We'll eat there on the next trip to Las Vegas in two weeks. You're right! I am surprised to hear there is anything of value inside Circus Circus. I will definitely check it out. One of our favorite steak places is Twin Creeks at the Silverton - another place you wouldn't expect to find a great restaurant. Excellent food, relaxed atmosphere and fabulous prices. Denise
  23. The Fair Led Me To Today

    Well, now that this legend has reared its head in discussion, I should mention that I have been writing a novel about a similar story entitled "Fair Child." That's what led me to this website over a year ago. My story has a young girl as the lead.
  24. Las Vegas Monorail

    I'll check out the Hilton restaurant near the pool. Always looking for a place to eat in Vegas that doesn't have a crowd! I'm wondering if anyone has heard whether or not there are plans to extend the Las Vegas Monorail from State Line to the Strip?
  25. The Fair Led Me To Today

    Tom, Welcome to the site. When I read you description of the feeling you had when you would catch that first glimpse of the Unisphere, it brought tears to my eyes. That's the very same feeling I would get whenever we arrived at the fair. I know that most of the people on this site, share this memory, so you have definitely found the right place! Welcome, Tom. Denise