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  1. Souvenir of the Day

    It's a shame our officials in Los Angeles couldn't have thought of a similar A-frame monorail to run along the "Los Angeles River!" I'll never understand why Tom Bradley wanted to go with a subway system over a monorail in Los Angeles. I think that was his biggest mistake during his tenure as mayor. Thanks for the link. Love the Flying Banana!
  2. Souvenir of the Day

    Chances are, he does have a copy of this! I had dinner the other night with the editor of the monorail magazine in Vegas. It's a giveaway at the various monorail stations. Trying to talk her into doing historical pieces on monorails for their magazine.
  3. Souvenir of the Day

    Thanks for pointing this AMF report out, Randy. I put in my bid. Don't we have a wonderful AMF guy who posts on PTU? He might like this, as well. By the way, that was just heartbreaking news about the Spanish Pavilion. I hope we can track down that gorgeous window. Denise
  4. Just saw this item listed on E-bay. Denise <a href="http://cgi.ebay.com/ORIGINAL-1964-New-York-Worlds-Fair-Metal-Street-Sign_W0QQitemZ7757395112QQcategoryZ4169QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem" target="_blank">NYWF Street Sign</a>
  5. New York World's Fair Street Sign on E-bay

    I was wondering where this sign was used. You're right, Maverick. The price is getting fairly steep on this one. I'll be interested to see where it closes. Denise
  6. Yummy! Treats from Wisconsin!

    I just bought Favorite Recipes from America's Dairyland last week on E-bay. I was wondering why it was called the World's Fair edition and assumed many companies put out such booklets just as a marketing tie-in to the fair. Were these booklets actually available for purchase at the fairgrounds? Denise
  7. Elektro returns

    I found this very fun game link on the Hello, Robots website on Viking Press. You can paint the robots by numbers using your computer. Hmmmm....maybe I have just a little too much time on my hands! Denise <a href="http://www.segmation.com/SegPlayChoose.asp?cat=bos&ord=theme&ind=11#images" target="_blank">HelloRobots</a> If the above link doesn't work, cut and paste this url. <a href="http://www.segmation.com/SegPlayChoose.asp?cat=bos&ord=theme&ind=11#images" target="_blank">http://www.segmation.com/SegPlayChoose.asp...e&ind=11#images</a>
  8. Bureau of International Expositions

    Thanks Bill, I appreciate the information. I'll read Ms. Jackson's thesis. Denise
  9. Greeting Cards on E-Bay

    There are some fun World's Fair greeting cards up for auction on E-bay. <a href="http://cgi.ebay.com/6-OFFICIAL-1964-NEW-YORK-WORLDS-FAIR-GREETING-CARDS_W0QQitemZ7752672840QQcategoryZ4169QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem" target="_blank">http://cgi.ebay.com/6-OFFICIAL-1964-NEW-YO...1QQcmdZViewItem</a> Denise
  10. Greeting Cards on E-Bay

    What a great connection, Randy! Thanks for hooking me up with the postings. I'm going to bid on the cards now. Denise
  11. Greeting Cards on E-Bay

    I'd love to see that entry from the greeting card writer! I'll do a little searching and see if I can unearth it.
  12. NYC Might Demolish NYS Pavilion

    I understand what you are saying Bill, but I appreciate the dialogue, even when it gets a little, well, uncomfortable. My thought is that if we are really to seek peace through understanding, dialogue must be an important element of that. Of course, we won't agree and that's the beauty of it. On this board we are a microcosm of our nation and the world. We will always find issues on which we differ, but how wonderful to do that on a board like this where we also have so much in common with each other. We are in that makeup very much like any family. Sometimes we agree. Sometimes we fight. Sometimes we play peacemaker. Sometimes we insult. But in the end, we have far more that unites us than divides us. Denise
  13. NYC Might Demolish NYS Pavilion

    Randy, As far as Little Italy is concerned, I can speak as an Italian American with strong ties to the particular community you are speaking of, that the families did want to assimilate in a big way. Most Italian immigrants in America were so ashamed of the Italy/Germany connection at the beginning of WWII, that each family pushed its members to become "more American." Italian-Americans were one of the largest ethnic groups to serve in WWII. In my family alone with had 10 men serving, including my grandfather, my uncles and my cousins. We didn't move away from the food we love, however. That is why you have the grocery stores and the restaurants you do in any Little Italy section of the country including NYC, Baltimore, Chicago. But all my relatives learned to speak English immediately. The majority of Italian immigrants did. They wanted nothing more than to be part of this country. Denise
  14. NYC Might Demolish NYS Pavilion

    Maverick, You're right about http://www.reelradio.com. It's a great site. I really need to become a member. Someone contacted me from the site about a year ago for more air checks on the Real Don Steele (KHJ Boss Radio). I was on the air with him for years when he was on KRLA in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, I lost all my air checks of Don and me in a house fire many years ago. Denise
  15. RCA NBC 1939 Broadcasts

    My favorite RKO mistake is, of course, their failure to renew the copyrite of "It's a Wonderful Life" in 1973, which allowed TV stations to air it for free. We all benefited from that little oversight! Denise
  16. RCA NBC 1939 Broadcasts

    I love the fact that RKO made this film about what would ultimately become a huge audience rival - television. Don't you love the design style of the earliest sets? They looked exactly like radio sets with a screen stuck in the middle. Imagine what the original television designers would think of people watching TV on their cell phones and SUVs with two and three individual TV screens today. Denise
  17. NYC Might Demolish NYS Pavilion

    It was the best radio had to offer. I made a career in radio because of the influence WABC had on me. And, I married a radio station program director/disc jockey! You're right about how light and entertaining it was - all good feeling. Nothing negative. The current state of radio, particularly hate-filled talk radio is something my husband and I despair of often. Ratings reflect just how unpopular talk radio is these days, whether the show is Conservative or Liberal talk. People, by and large, want entertainment on radio that makes them feel uplifted and happy. Ranting radio hosts aren't doing the job. At least, that's my opinion. Got to add an exception to the my last statement - Howard Stern. He clearly is a ranter and people clearly love it.....as long as his ranting is laced with ample portions of sex. That's what makes Stern so smart; people get enough politics after a while, but they never get enough sex. Denise
  18. NYC Might Demolish NYS Pavilion

    [Love the WABC website! I just wish they would add more audio to it. My husband and I just got Sirius radio so we can listen to Cousin Brucie's show. Cousin Brucie, Dan Ingram, Ron Lundy and the whole WABC lineup were a big part of my childhood. I used to go to sleep at night with my transistor practically glued to my ear because I didn't want to turn off WABC. Denise
  19. Bureau of International Expositions

    Thanks, Jim. Look forward to finding the Brock Bower article when I have all the info. When I read the title of your thesis, I immediately, thought what a great book it would make and you should publish. Of course, everyone on this site would say the same! It would be very easy to post your paper if you have it on disk or have a scanner. Denise
  20. Bureau of International Expositions

    Wonderful! Congratulations on the award. Have you ever posted a link to your thesis on this site? Just curious if anyone has read it on our forum. Denise
  21. Bureau of International Expositions

    Thanks for all your excellent information on the topic, Jim. My file o' facts on 39-40 continues to grow! Just curious as to the reason for all your research on 39-40 fair. Is it in conjunction with a particular project? Denise Answers my own question, by rereading through your posts, Jim. Masters thesis. Is your thesis completed? Denise
  22. Bureau of International Expositions

    No apologies needed. I love to ask all sorts of questions about the fair from mechanical to cultural to financial. Just an obsession! Denise
  23. Bureau of International Expositions

    Ouch! I was simply asking a question to open a dialogue on this board. I was, in no way. advocating profit as the only measure of success.
  24. Just curious if anyone remembers when the powers-that-be at NYWF 64-65 became "concerned" about too many teenagers at the fair after it became a big evening hangout? I remember security trying to move along all the teenagers gathering in different sections of the fairgrounds. But it was hopeless once teenagers figured out this was a great place for romantic hookups. I wonder how many of our forum members were part of these roving packs of fair delinquents! Denise
  25. The Horrors of Juvenile Delinquency!

    That's it! Great song.