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  1. Los Angeles screening of "To Be Alive".

    I think the screening starts at 7:30. I'll recheck on the Academy website. Denise
  2. Los Angeles screening of "To Be Alive".

    Hi Ray, There is no assigned seating at the Academy theater, so we will easily be able to sit together. There are also a number of restaurants near the Academy if we wanted to meet around 6 P.M. and have something to eat or drink before the screenings. If we don't get together beforehand, I'll just meet everyone at the front entrance of the Academy with tickets. I'm staying through the Eleanor Roosevelt doc, then heading home. So, that's three tickets that I'll be picking up tomorrow. Four if my husband Randy decides to join us. By the way, Ray, you can listen to him while driving to the Academy on KABC 790 AM, doing traffic from 3-4 and 6-7 P.M. His name is Randy Fuller. Ray and Trey, e-mail me through PTU and I'll give you my cell phone number, so we we'll be able to find each other that night. Denise
  3. Los Angeles screening of "To Be Alive".

    I'll drop by the Academy tomorrow and see where the ticket sales stand for that particular night. I'll pick up yours and mine while I'm there. I want to see Alive and the Eleanor Roosevelt doc. Denise
  4. Los Angeles screening of "To Be Alive".

    Just wondering if PTU ever put together a group to meet for dinner and the doc "To Be Alive" at the Academy? We live very near the Academy and it would be no problem for me to pick up tickets for everyone. Dropping by their office during the day is no problem. Denise
  5. Since the Bureau of international Expositions refused to officially santion the NYWF 64-65 World's Fair, I was curious if anyone from BIE ever visited the fair and if we have some information on their critique. Also was NYWF 64-65 considered as big an economic failure as 39-40? I know that the fair corporation did file bankruptcy. Denise
  6. Spin Art?

    All the thrill of spin art, um, without the spinning! <a href="http://www.jacksonpollock.org/" target="_blank">Be an artist!</a> Use your left click to change the color of the paint, as you are creating. Denise
  7. Spin Art?

    Love Spirograph! Thanks for the link! Denise Doug! Wow. And - wow! All I could do was make a few dots and squiggles! Denise
  8. Spin Art?

    Not working on my computer. Ah, well. I'll have to keep my spin art masterpiece to myself! Denise
  9. Spin Art?

    That's a beauty, Bunny! I can't figure out how to save my page from the Pollock site. How did you save yours? Denise
  10. Spin Art?

    Ouch, Randy! I wish I knew how to save these designs. Would love to share my spin art masterpiece with everyone.
  11. It's summer 1964! Time for DAN INGRAM on 77WABC!

    I'm so happy that Living Boy in Staten Island reminded me of the WABC archive site. Tonight my husband and I listened to the Saturday night oldies show from the site and it was so wonderful. We also listened to a number of the Dan Ingram audio files. Such great memories flooding back from this site. I'd love to find some WABC audio files that refer to the World's Fair.
  12. What's My Line

    If only Bennett were alive to see this!
  13. What's My Line

    My favorite dialogue on What's My Line was between Cerf, a contestant and John Daly. The female contestant raised some type of animal. Cerf asked, "Are you a pig lady?" Daly's immediate retort was "Bennett, that depends on where you put the comma in that question." I did see the shows with the human cannonball and Peter Gabel. The one with Gabel was great, since Arlene wasn't able to peg her own son. She did have an odd look on her face throughout the questioning, however. She must have sensed a familiarity in his voice that was driving her crazy. By the way, the show that aired just after Dorothy's death is scheduled to run either this month or the very beginning of September.
  14. What's My Line

    Love the story about the lost Frenchman! I remember seeing an "I've Got a Secret" show (and posting about it) on which the guest was the inventor of spin art. I remember doing spin art for the very first time at NYWF 64-65. On the show, crabby Henry Morgan, was so rude to the spin art creator, saying his invention would further degrade art in the world. Sheesh...... Denise
  15. What's My Line

    Eric, That is a great idea. My friend at GSN screens all the game shows in their library and puts together theme-weeks on occasion. I'm going to ask him if he has any information he can share on the number of World's Fair guests on some of the shows. Denise P.S. I'll let him know about this site and, maybe, he can post some for us.
  16. It's summer 1964! Time for DAN INGRAM on 77WABC!

    Yep. He's alive! His Saturday night show on Sirius is a call-in request show and it's great to hear so many of his long time fans call in and talk about their memories of The Cuz!
  17. What's My Line

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Speaking of Joey Bishop, my husband and I have been renting the "Joey Bishop Show." Some great bits in that show.
  18. It's summer 1964! Time for DAN INGRAM on 77WABC!

    I still look back fondly on those hot summer days and nights, listening to WABC as a young girl. It was everything to me. My husband and I recently bought Sirius Radio, so we can listen to Cousin Brucie on Wednesday and Saturday nights. Denise
  19. What's My Line

    Just a heads-up, a friend of mine at Game Show Network, says What's My Line, may be going away in September. I'll let you know more, when he has all the details. Ever wonder why Game Show Network is no longer showing many of the other old game shows? They used to run I've Got a Secret and To Tell the Truth. Apparently, someone complained (rather vocally) about the cigarette sponsorships of the shows and GSN was threatened with legal action. So, Game Show Network had to pull every old show that had cigarette sponsorships. Ever see Gary Moore without a cigarette in his hand! By the way, I'm writing this from Las Vegas where my family and I are celebrating my 50th birthday! I've lost quite enough money for one day, thank you! But we have a gorgeous suite at Treasure Island, on the 28th floor, and I am looking at the most spectacular view of The Strip, while writing this. Last night we had dinner at Piero's, which is as classic Vegas as you can get. My dad (who lives in Vegas and is as Rat Pack as they come) tells me Jerry Lewis eats there once or twice a week. The Monkey Bar at Piero's is reason enough to check the place out. Denise
  20. Pressed Pennies

    Just curious, Does anyone collect pressed pennies from either of the NYWFs? Denise
  21. Dominic Tucci

    I hope we hear back from Dominic's sister. I think I called every Dominic Tucci in America, trying to unearth this guy! Having his side of the story would be spectacular!
  22. Welcome back, Ray! Gald to hear you are on the road to recovery. The folks at Desert Sands are pretty extraordinary. My father had a stroke a couple of years ago, while in Vegas, which required immediate surgery. There were severe complications during the surgery, but the doctors at Desert Sands saved his life. We are forever grateful to them. Thank goodness, they did the same for you. Denise
  23. Mystery Department Store

    Did you actually audition for the Japanese soap opera??!! I think it ran across the country and locally on Channel 56 in Orange County. I can't even remember the name of the production company, but what a great building. I'm glad Mark Mothersbaugh took it over. I know for a short time it went thorugh a series of uses, including a chiropractic school.
  24. Mystery Department Store

    In the early 80s I had an audition in this circular, lime green building on Sunset Boulevard to loop a Japanese soap opera (in English!). So, even then it was being used for production. It was painted white then. I always loved this building. Denise
  25. Pressed Pennies

    I checked out E-bay and found a couple of coins from 39/40. Thanks for the link, Randy! Denise P.S. Would loooovvveee that dollar collection!