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  1. Mad Men Season 3 - 1963

    Mary Ellen, I was pretty happy to hear NYWF 64-65 come up in this week's Mad Men episode. I get the feeling creator Matt Weiner must be a big fan of NYWF. Wonder if there will be a Robert Moses portrayal and meeting with him at Sterling Cooper. Looking forward to how this all unfolds. I can absolutely picture Betty at the fair, kids in tow, wearing sunglasses with a cigarette dangling from her fingers. Denise
  2. Safari Not Displaying Correctly

    No. My pages are fine. So far!
  3. Post-It Note Art

    A friend just sent me information about an art show in Queens this weekend that includes sketches on Post-It Notes by a local artist named Jack Maiorino. Sounds like someone to keep an eye on for possible Flushing Meadows Corona Park sketches. I'm going to contact him to see if he has any sketches of the park, Unisphere, more. Post It Note Art of Queens By the way, there is an interesting newsletter from Queens called the Q Note, Life in the Borough of Queens. My friend Alia Akkam is the writer and she usually has a lot of interesting events listed in the newsletter. You can subscribe by contacting Alia at info@theqnote.com. Denise
  4. Vanishing Los Angeles

    Ah, nightmare traffic! The reason I will always have a job. You can listen to my traffic reports on KNX 1070 Newsradio in Los Angeles. I'm on the air from 2P to 7P, Monday through Friday. Also listen online at www.knx1070.com. Also, on AOL Radio. Will be more than happy to give my fellow forum members traffic info to help you out on the road. If you contact me through the forum, I'll give you my studio extension, so you can get right to me when traveling. Just bought the 5 CD set Walt Disney and the World's Fair at Disneyland on Sunday. Fun listening. Brings back so many memories. Denise
  5. Disneyland Monorail

    Finally had the opportunity to ride the new Mark VII Monorail at Disneyland. What a stunning bit of design. Really love the route it takes through California Adventure, taking you over the Golden Gate Bridge. Check out this wonderful podcast from Disney on the park's monorail. The podcast includes an interview with the designer of the original Disney monorail, Bob Gurr. The Disney link includes all the other current Disney podcasts. Denise
  6. Been A While

    A Brown Derby in Albany! Amazing. I'm guessing the Cobb Salad will be on the menu! Mary Ellen, if your interest is historical Hollywood, I was reading an article recently that may be of interest to you. It was regarding, for lack of a better term, film location archaeology. People are now going to locations of old films and searching for memorabilia or artifacts that may have been left behind. This particular article was about the Pismo Beach film site of the silent film The Ten Commandments. I'll see if I can track it down online. Denise
  7. World's Fare Restaurant

    I remember reading a news item a couple years ago about a family who had the food concession for Ellis Island, had for generations, and were about to lose it. Perhaps this is the family that also had the PA concession license for Worlds Fare. Does anyone else remember this story? There was a bit of an uproar over ousting of this family and some sort of government chicanery was indicated. Denise
  8. Been A While

    Been some time since I've been able to check in on regular basis. I started working at a radio station in Los Angeles doing traffic and news (KNX 1070 AM) and that's been keeping me busy. I'm also editing a new general lifestyle magazine for the Santa Clarita Valley, in Southern California. The new site design looks wonderful and it seems that our East Coast friends are going to have quite a get-together this summer. Wish I could make it to the East Coast event! Any chance there will be another West Coast get-together one day? Have we been talking about the "renovation" of the Small World ride at Disneyland? I was just there the other day and had to contemplate just what these changes will do to the ride I've known and loved since 1964. Denise
  9. Monorail Footage

    I'm sure many of you have already seen this bit of monorail film. It's fun. Denise [url:sh8joect] [/url:sh8joect]
  10. Bob and Ray World's Fair Skit

    Love the Slow Talkers of America bit! Thank you! Denise
  11. Bob and Ray World's Fair Skit

    This is Quick Time audio of a Bob and Ray World's Fair skit. [url:17gsw61y]http://ia311502.us.archive.org/0/items/otr_bobandray/bray.1963.xx.xx_Postcard_Pavillion_at_the_Worlds.mp3[/url:17gsw61y]
  12. New Shea Stadium

    My husband and I went to one of the Mets games in LA in June. Luckily, we were surrounded by rows of Mets fans at Dodger Stadium. Poor Jerry Seinfeld got roundly booed by Dodger fans when he was shown on the Diamond Vision screen. Denise
  13. Out of this World

    I never get tired of watching this one! [url:883d0]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQEzzE8KNP0[/url:883d0]
  14. Wonderful and Kitschy

    I thought you all might enjoy this, fantastically kitschy, site from my friends Elizabeth Stanley and Joe Dante. Enjoy! [url:e5d6a]http://www.trailersfromhell.com[/url:e5d6a]
  15. Neo-Retro Television Sets

    You're right, Randy. The Unisphere image was the first thing to catch my eye on the Predicta Web site.