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  1. Just returned from Shanghai and Expo 2010

    Thank you all for keeping us updated on this amazing Expo. These posts are very interesting to me. Please keep us all informed with everything that is happening there. Thank you.
  2. Waffle Vendor Awaits City Permit To Serve World'S Fair Fave

    SIP theme, Belgium Waffles. That would be a great day in thee park.
  3. The World's Fair Podcast, Episode 6: Vancouver's Expo 86 with Bill Cotter

    I really enjoyed the Podcast, Thank you.
  4. The New York State Pavilion -==- State Landmark

    That's how I always felt Greg. By preserving history and a work of art we can improve the City and feel great in the process. Now if we can only get the money to do this now not later.
  5. Can anyone tell me what this looks like?

    I wonder if anything from the past Fair's would be used in 2010 in China. I would guess not. But there is a possibility.
  6. Robert Moses Interview

    The sound quality to this link is bad. But because Robert Moses talks about the World's fair I will post this here. If you people just want to hear about the fair and skip the rest it's about three quarters through the clip. http://wiredforbooks.org/mp3/RobertMoses1973.mp3
  7. Robert Moses Interview

    That was great. Since it was on PBS it was unedited. All the language was intact. No correctness there. Even in his 80's his brain was sharp.
  8. Robert Moses Interview

    Thank you Jim. Looking forward to listening to the interview later on today as well.
  9. Greyhound and Coca-Cola are new Features...

    Thanks for letting us know Bill. I love your site.
  10. Video of '64 World's Fair

    Sort of like Citifield will be this year Randy. A lot of us are not gonna bother to go.
  11. Jet's

    Regarding this football team for me I feel some nostalgia. For they are doing something special that has not happened in a very long time. Like winning the Superbowl back when they were in Flushing. It is exciting for many of us. GO JET's JET's JET"S
  12. Extra Ordinary Extraordinary 1964 NYWF Footage!

    Funtastic, Thanks.
  13. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year everyone.
  14. Happy Holidays to Everybody

    Merry Christmas, happy holiday's to all. Keep up the great work at thee Park. I think this has been the greatest year for this board, because of all the hands on work everyone has been doing. Let 2010 be even better. Regards Wally.
  15. World's Fair legacy found

    LOL. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.