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  1. Surprised to see that the Men In Black exhibit at Universal Florida features a small-scale replica of the NYS Towers from the 64-65 NY World's Fair. Strangely, the top tower is missing; only 2 were built.
  2. LAX Theme Building = NYS?

    I've visited both in their heyday. Will the Observation Deck at the LAX Theme Building re-open as before? I've visited many times pre-911. I also visited the NYS Pavilion tower. The yellow capsule has been removed as it was in danger of falling. The 3 towers need lots of rehab but must be saved. I understand the NYS Pavilion was declared a Historic Landmark; whether that means it can be saved and preserved is another story. The old Pan Am Terminal at JFK was demolished recently.
  3. Recognize these panels?

    I visited the Fair over 50 times and never saw either of these before. My guess though would be from one of the nearby African pavilions, such as Guinea which was located near the NYS Pavilion. Fascinating.
  4. "Stamps of the Fair" at nywf64.com

    I have a collection of Fair stamps as well somewhere in my cluttered room. I hope they weren't dumped when my girlfriend "cleaned-up". If I locate them, I will post. I visited the Fair over 50X in my youth.
  5. I will attend the anniversary April 22 but if the line is too long on that day, I will leave. I am now a senior with knee problems so cannot stand on long lines. The map on the floor of NYS I think was sponspored by Texaco and at the info desk, I recall they gave-out folded maps as well. If so, it might be in my collection. One day I will look.
  6. Who else will come?

    I plan to return to the fairgrounds on April 22, the 50th anniversary. I attended exactly on that day 50 years ago and saw LBJ open the Fair at the Singer Bowl. In all, I visited about 52 times and always had fun except for the day I got the migraine due to the heat. A long train trip from Brooklyn and always went alone with no fights over long waiting lines. Anybody else planning on going; let me know; would love to share tales.
  7. NY Daily News article today on the Fair

    The News pull-out was nice but I was disappointed that it had no map showing the areas and pavilions. I foolishly damaged one of my copies which got creased but my sisters' copy is good. It also contained an error, calling the GE Progressland Pavilion the Better Living. I was surprised the IBM "People Wall" was not shown. It claims that part of the GM Futurama City of the Future was saved and is somewhere in Michigan. I had heard that the entire ride was demolished after the Fair.
  8. World's Fair Model

    Watching the fim Iron Man 2, when Robert Downey unveils the new Stark Expo, that model looked almost exactly like the model of the 1964-65 NY World's Fair. I was in shock. Although briefly shown, I noticed the GE Pavilion, the Unisphere and the Fountains all lit-up. Was I dreaming? Did anybody else notice this? There was a real model exhibited at the American Express Pavilion during the Fair but I read that it got demolished. It had tiny lights as well and even the fountains lit-up. The one I saw was probably computer-generated. Nice to know the Fair is remembered.
  9. Happy 49th Anniversary to the NY World's Fair. It opened on April 22,1964. I played hookey from school and went. Had a great time; not crowded but a drizzle. I returned over 50 times more. It was great for a teen who yearned to see the future. RIP.
  10. 48 years ago today

    48 years ago today, I skipped school to attend the opening day of the 1964 NY World's Fair. Unfortunately, I didn't have a ticket for the opening ceremonies nor a camera but I had a memorable time. It was a Wednedsay. The weather was like today, drizzly. Lines were short so I got in attractions quickly. I fell in love with the Fair immediately. My favorite was Progressland with its "Carousel of Progress" which kept breaking-down but was great just the same. There was a 95 cent charge for "It's A Small World" and I had to skip it until I got my allowance. I was in awe when I saw President Johnson arrive. I will never forget it and returned 51 more times.
  11. It was 47 years ago that I attended the opening of the 1964-65 NY World's Fair. It was a cloudy day with some drizzle. I believe it was a Wednesday. I cut school to attend. I was warned to stay away as their were protestors and pickets but they were kept away by police. I had a great time. I saw President Johnson enter the Singer Bowl to open the Fair. Security was tight as his predecessor, John Kennedy was assassinated just months before. I don't recall having to pass through any type of security. I paid $1 using a pre-paid ticket. I had a wonderful time. I was thrilled when the "Carousel of Progress" stalled and we saw each show 2X. There were no lines and you could walk-in without a wait. I felt safe and everything was free except for "It's A Small World" which cost 95 cents for Unicef. Great time. Belgian Village was still under-construction due to construction delays but most attractions were open. I will re-visit the fair grounds tomorrow to remember the good days.
  12. 46 th Anniversary

    I returned to the fairgrounds yesterday on the anniversary. I sat by the Unisphere for several hours telling my friend about the Fair. We stopped where my favorite attraction was, GE Progressland. Sadly, Shea Stadium, which I considered part of the Fair experience, was demolished last year. Now, little remains. We never made it to view the NYS Pavilion, etc as the sky suddenly darkened and it started to pour. Glad I went to pay tribute. I never saw the report on NY1, but it's sad if all they remember is that the Fair lost money.
  13. 46 th Anniversary

    46 years ago today, the 1964 NY World's Fair opened. I was one of the first visitors. It was a chilly, damp morning but the media's prediction of danger due to the protests was unfounded. I had no problems at all but the crowds were small. For some reason, I skipped the GM Futurama as well as the Ford Magic Skyway. I had no 95 cents for Pepsi's "It's A Small World" but I visited Chrysler as well as GE's Progressland. I fell in love with the "Carousel of Progress" which malfunctioned. I had to see each stage presentation 2X before the audience would revolve around the stage. Later, I followed this to Disneyland in California and to Disney World; where the attraction is open seasonally. I had a great time but I foolishly hurried home to watch "The Patty Duke Show" on ABC which was on ABC on Wednesday night at 8 PM. I missed the fireworks and the fountain extravaganza. I regret this even now.
  14. Johnson Wax

    Remember the film, "To Be Alive" at the Johnson Wax Pavilion ? There were always long lines to enter. The short film won several awards, including an Oscar. Where can that film now be seen? It showed the world through the eyes of children from various countries. It was shown on 3-screens. It is not available on DVD. Too bad, it was great. It was made by Alex Hammid and Francis Thompson. It was also screened at Expo 67 at Montreal.
  15. Where Would You Find These?

    You got me on this I and I visited the fair 52 times. I think the Clairol pavilion was the only 1 that men would not be allowed to enter. It was the only pavilion not to admit men I believe. I wonder if any men wore a wig to gain admittance? I entered almost all pavilions except those at the Amusement Area like "Les Poupees de Paris".