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  1. NYSP Paint Volunteers

    Hi folks I been out of the loop with the band, travel and work. Can somboys send Queens Crapper info, some people want to help queenscrapper@gmail.com but dont know how to contact Cheers, -Joe
  2. NYSP paint day

    US Open is about to hit town. The fencing is the City's way of kicking the vagrants out for 2 weeks wile preventing Bloombergs precious tourists from seeing the neglect. Sorry to say it but I went to the time capsule back in May, vagrants were using it a a toilet the cement benches were all stained with urine and feces. A man was passed out, it all smelled horrible. Look at the bright side, the Unisphere fountains will be turned on and cops in the park for the US Open duration. Important Note: If you take the LIRR to the park do not throw away your punched ticket stub when you exit the train. The MTA places a checkpoint pens upstairs and will make you pay the full fair plus a service charge as if you didn't have a ticket on the train.
  3. Power to the Skystreak

  4. Power to the Skystreak

    Best thing to do its look inside one of the cars and note the color codes on the control switch box then try and find them at some breakout point on the outside of the car. I'm guessing this would be a thick umbilical consisting of many #14 gauge stranded wire (different solid colors along with solids & stripes) for low voltage signaling and control along with some very heavy feeders for AC powered door motors, air and illumination. Those sure look like Insulators for a heavy cable in the 2nd photo Johnny. Hmmm...Perhaps the main high current AC power was fed via a heavy copper cable on insulators & shoe like the AMF Monorail along with a flexible thin low voltage control cable to drop inside in some kind of troth or channel. I'm around weekdays 10 minutes away (Manhasset). I can likely "Buzz" out a car in 20 minutes with my Fluke meter but it would take 2 people on the long test leads. An old schematic would help also (I can read them) The system Otis used here used here appears to be very "weird" and unique for its time. There is another like it someplace still in use -Joe
  5. Yep that what I saw. I have a suitcase of projector "bricks" of 1/2 frame 35mm slides my father took of the 1964WF. Included are much of the NYSP at night (that was practically the only time you could get up there without waiting in a 2 hour line) I been looking around the house for it for years, So far I found the "Dino's"
  6. Power to the Skystreak

    Im 99% positive the cars had to receive power and sent commands via a tethered cable that simply slid in a track and dropped onto some kind of bucket in the basement. I already noted the use of teflon jacketed wire in 1964 on the control panels so it was available, extremely tough, rugged and reliable to be used in this matter These wires likely had extra backup strands and were changed every X amount of cycles (there may even be a counter on that panal someplace), it was a seasonal amusement setup. They cars had AC ? I just see a door motor and no compressor condenser equipment
  7. More great shots from Happyarm

    Wow the old LIRR Whitestone branch (single track) can be seen just to the right of the arch (top left) traveling north
  8. Power to the Skystreak

    Hey, I just noted that looks like military grade blue plenium Teflon jacketed wire in photo #1 We had that in 1964 ?
  9. Power to the Skystreak

    Johnny From what I understand is was an Amusement Elevator, Single 220 volt motor and received its power from a panel inside the theater. The cabs had to have a multi conductor cable running 12 or 24 volt for the relays and 110VAC ? for the door motor. What are the operating voltage of the lights in the cabs headliner & control buttons ? (Likely 12 or 24 volt) The whole system didn't require much voltage, most those relays are 12 or 24 volt passive "logic" for lights, safety switches, proximity sensors, alarms the up-down-brake clutches on the transmission. My guess is the motor didn't get any power threw those switching panels, the fuse buses look to small clip in. The main motor likely was likely on a 200-400 amp dedicated service wired to stay on spinning one single speed & direction. This was then coupled to some kind of double electric automatic transmission that gave the independent up/down/stop. The output shafts likely then went to reduction gears and cable spools I will look at the photo more this week. Is the transmission and cable spool still there ? Look around there some cables leaving that switch board going to solenoids that work the up-down clutches or bands
  10. Power to the Skystreak

    Yes Charlie threw a switch from a panel inside the theater and parked one pod mid flight and the another was in the the pit. The reason was to keep them away from vandals
  11. Video of the Day

    Im pretty sure that's a Chiclets gum machine. They held miniature boxes of gum and candy cigarettes (5 cents) Yes you pulled one of the 10 or so the "cookie" like knobs on rods below the windows and the gum dropped into a metal tray slot on the bottom. There was one just like it at the M train booth where I grew up (Dekalb & Central ave in Bushwick)
  12. The Wiz cables?

    Those are standard theatrical lighting connectors that have been used since the mid 50s. They can still be found in any theater or lighting dimmer packs, rack-rail & cables today. I was a Bass & FOH sound engineer for both The WHo and Ritchie Blackmore a couple years with See Factor in LIC
  13. The Wiz cables?

    Those are standard theatrical connectors that have been used since the mid 50s. They can still be found in any theater or lighting dimmer packs, rack-rail & cables today. I was a Bass & FOH sound engineer for both The WHo and Ritchie Blackmore a couple years with See Factor in LIC
  14. Some people did get up there...

    From what I remember during peak crowds they worked it like a one way traffic theme. The elevator dropped people off on the top deck and picked them up on the one below it. I distantly remember walking down that staircase with my father it was pretty scarey, then into this roped "pen" to get the elevator back down. I was around 5 or 6 I think the bottom had a split 2 traffic theme going on as well, you exited via a cement tunnel. --its been a LONG time -Joe